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5 Free YouTube Subscriber Hack Generator 100% Work - Real & Quick in 2022

Here come 5 best free YouTube subscribers generators that can increase your YouTube channel organically & freely. Get free subscribers & likes safely with the YouTube generator app.

Updated 2022-03-25 14:00:42 | by Julian

YouTube has more than 2 billion users up to February 2021 and how many subscribers are there for your channel? Everybody wants to build their own empire on YouTube but it is not an easy task for most of them, to be honest. It could be a time-consuming process and needs a lot of hard work to go that far without help. But no worries, the article has selected the 5 best YouTube subscriber generators for users to get subscribers on YouTube - real, easy, and fast.

How to Get More YouTube Subscribers with YouTube Subscribers Hack Generator

Here is what you are going to learn about YouTube Subscriber Generators:

Title List

Dedicated Comparison of 5 Best YouTube Subscriber Generators

Here is a comparison chart for the 5 best & free YouTube subscriber hack generators, you can choose the one that is suitable for you to get YouTube Subscribers free.

Generators Price Subscribers Get Views Get Likes Delivery
SubPals Free & Paid Y Y Y Every 12 Hours
WeBooster Free N Y Y Instant
SoNuker Paid Y Y Y 24 - 72 Hours
YTpals Free & Paid Y Y Y 24 - 72 Hours
VidIQ Free & Paid Y Y Y Every 12 Hours

SubPals - YouTube Subscribers Hack Generator Free

SubPals, the free YouTube subscriber hack generator, is indeed a platform that offers promotional services on multiple social media channels that include Facebook, Spotify, Pinterest, Soundcloud, and YouTube. A very easy-to-use website hosts SubPals. The price plans are well laid out. The packages are extensive and comprehensible. On the YouTube platform, they offer free subscribers so users could try first.

SubPals Free YouTube Subscribers Generator No Human Verification


  • Get subscribers daily and organically.

  • Cancel the task anytime if the user does not like that.

  • No need to subscribe & like any others.


  • A secure website hosts the platform that means payment information is safe.

  • An FAQ page is present on their website so users know all the confusing information.

  • SubPals provides a very transparent pricing system.


  • No on-site review is available.

  • There are a few complaints about low-quality subscribers.

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WeBooster - YouTube Subscriber Generator [Hack]

Youtube Sub Hack Generator WeBooster is a traffic exchange platform for Youtube content creators who want to improve video statistics or channels quickly and safely. What is more? It is a Chrome extension that means easy-to-use. And no other confusing things.

WeBooster YouTube Subscriber Generator Free No Survey


  • Get the Youtube Sub Hack Generator for free instantly to your Chrome.

  • YouTubers will immediately get views on their video once adding videos to the Campaign menu.


  • No password & no survey.

  • 100% free to get YouTube subscribers and views.


  • WeBooster is a Chrome extension with limited functions.

  • It will make users subscribe or like others. [traffic exchange]

Check this article about posting videos on YouTube so you could use a YouTube subscriber generator to start your YouTube career more smoothly.

SoNuker - YouTube Subscriber Hack Generator No Human Verification

SoNuker for YouTube says that it is a free YouTube subscribers generator with no human verification, and it did what it says for real. Users could boost their YouTube channel with a free trial that you have to take a couple of minutes each day to activate a plan, and then you can get up to 10 free subscribers instantly.

SoNuker Free YouTube Subscribers Generator No Human Verification


  • Encourages others to join your subscriber base.

  • Results continue daily until over 100% complete.

  • Your subscriber count must be public during delivery.


  • Free YouTube subscribers & likes and not expensive plans if you want to get more subscribers and likes.

  • Individual community with high-quality subscribers and likes.


  • Lack of disadvantages.

YTpals - YouTube Sub Generator No Survey

YTpals is a YouTube subscriber generator for free and no survey. It is now a leading social media marketing solution for YouTube channels no matter they are business and personal. YTpals helps users to get more subscribers, views, likes, and comments for free and no survey. 100% safe and no password.

YouTube Subscriber Generator Free No Survey


  • YTpals provides various plans for users to boost YouTube subscribers in the way they like.

  • It values the privacy policy of YouTube and helps users get subscribers no survey.


  • It has a website with free & paid options, and easy to use.

  • Easy to contact their helpful customer service.

  • Relaxed refund policy in case users does not like the services.


  • Free members must put in lots of work to receive subscribers back.

VidIQ - YouTube Subscribers Generator [Pro]

This is a YouTube sub generator that helps to figure out how do you get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube instantly. And for views & likes, as you have to do is sign up to start using it and get more subscribers & views on YouTube for free as they said.

Free YouTube Subscribers Hack Generator No Human Verification


  • Easy implementation, connects to your existing YouTube channel instantly. 

  • VidIQ provides an end-to-end solution that assists YouTubers at every step of their workflow.

  • It is the perfect app for beginning YouTubers with zero subscribers, and also includes a suite of easy-to-use tools.


  • VidIQ YouTube tags feature works for free users in a free VidIQ Chrome extension.

  • VidIQ app syncs across all devices so you'll be able to continue where you left off.


  • Limited features on the VidIQ mobile app.

  • Features such as keyword research need pro plans.

YouTube Subscriber Generator: Why Need It & The Benefits

Getting YouTube subscribers will help ensure your channel appears at the top of the list in searches, and that your content outshines the competition. But getting massive subscribers could be a challenge that takes a long time so users might need a YouTube subscriber generator, no survey, and no password to save them.

YouTube Subscriber Generator App

The Benefits that YouTube Subscriber Generator Brings:

Saving the Time to Develop YouTube

It takes a long time to start a YouTube channel but with the help of YouTube subscriber generators, users are able to save time and skip the very beginning.

Extra Source of Traffic

YouTube subscriber generators bring users organic growth. During the process, YouTubers will be receiving extra sources of traffic and get more attention.

3 Tips to Get More YouTube Subscribers Using YouTube Subscribers Hack Generators

Even though these YouTube subscribers generator apps are very important for you to amass new subscribers, the success you’ll have using them will depend entirely on how you set these generators up. To help you out, we have 3 important tips below for you to make the most of them:

YouTube Subscribers Generator

Follow the YouTube Sub Generator Offered Training

Many of these YouTube subscribers generators have videos and ebooks with training about how to configure your channel properly in order to have the best results. Use that.

Respect the Speeds the Generators Recommend

If you are new to starting a YouTube channel, it is recommended that you start using these generators slowly and get subscribers at a smaller pace. If you already have many subscribers, feel free to increase the speed freely.

Don’t Use More Than One Generator at Once

Using more than one of these generators at once might cause issues with your channel. So, it is really recommended that you only try one at a time!

The Bottom Line

YouTube subscribers generators are a great way to get new subscribers on your channel, but they must be used alongside some other strategies, mainly always keeping a steady amount of relevant and interesting videos [5 best video editors are there to help to make greater video] to not lose the subscribers you already have.

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