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11 Reasons “Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down?”

Why do my Instagram followers keep going up and down? This blog analyzes 11 reasons and offers 20 solutions for you.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

On Quora and Reddit, people often ask Why do my Instagram followers keep going up and down?”  for a good reason. Wonder if you are puzzled by followers going up and down on Instagram, too. Don't worry. This blog is going to break all the situations down, trying to explain why your follower counts on Instagram fluctuate.

Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down

Instagram Followers Going Up and Down Slightly Doesn’t Hurt

Only if the upward trend remains, it does little to no harm when your Instagram followers fluctuate. In other words, you still up followers on Instagram despite losing. Therefore, such a slight increase and decrease should be far from making you feel bothered, much less frustrated, or self-doubting. Their leaving has nothing to do with you but other reasons.

  • Reason 1: Some of them realize that they have followed you accidentally. So they decide to unfollow you now.

  • Reason 2: Some of them are deactivating and reactivating their Instagram accounts. But they still care about what you are doing.

  • Reason 3: Some of them are stingy with their “follow” when you don’t give them the same attention back. Let him/she go. They don’t deserve to be your followers. For example, the effect of using geotags brings local brands to follow you. But they unfollow you when you are not interested.


In terms of such subtle changes, there is no need to waste time on “Why does my Instagram followers keep going up and down?” You don’t even need a solution to that. You are doing great on Instagram. Stick to it!

Make Some Changes When Instagram Followers Fluctuate Badly

Unfortunately, some of you find the upward trend disappeared. You are losing Instagram followers increasingly after a slight rise. Thus, it is at this time that a close look at your Instagram becomes urgently necessary. Ask yourself and seek help from others about “Why do I keep losing Instagram followers?” Well, according to the analysis of this blog, these 5 reasons can explain why you are losing more Instagram followers than gaining.

You Fail to Provide Enough Value

Too indulged in your selfies, achievements, or emotions, you neglect the tastes of your followers. They are tired of your self-obsession, so they decide to unfollow you. After all, not all your followers are your family members and friends who love you all the time. Instead, they come here with the expectation to be inspired and entertained.

 Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down Badly - 1


1. Remember: Instagram is more than a place to show off how great your life is.

2. You can conduct Instagram story polls or quiz to ask what your followers want to see or know.

3. Use your Insights to find the post with the highest engagement rate, so you know what kind of content your followers like.

4. Make full use of your Instagram caption ideas to share interesting stories, universally shared experience, or related sentiments. For example: share your secrets to success, skills to make life easier, how you get through your mental issue, etc.

You Post Too Many Commercials

Contrary to the first cause that you are addicted to expressing yourself, the second cause is that you post too many commercials. Though it can be regarded as a way to provide values to your followers, too many of them only bring the opposite effect. When your audiences feel you are insincere and snobbish, there is no wonder why does your Instagram followers keep going up and down badly.


1. Reduce the frequency of posting commercials.

2. Integrate your sale promotion into your content creation, so you give less attention to commercial products.

3. Write less sales-y captions but smarter calls-to-cation.

 Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down Badly? - 2

You Are Too Inactive or You Post Too Frequently

It is easy to understand that you lose Instagram followers if you have been inactive for too long. But some of you doubt “Why do my Instagram followers keep going up and down even though I build my social media presence every day?” 

Do you really have so much to share with your followers? Or you just push yourself to post every day? Stop it! We all know how difficult it is to keep creating high-quality posts. If you strain yourself too much, you may end up being a mediocre content creator. Besides, posting too frequently makes your followers annoyed. That’s the reason why your Instagram followers fluctuate severely.


1. Keep an eye on every post’s engagement rate if you post frequently. When it becomes lower and lower, resting yourself for a while is also a good idea.

2. Use your Insights to find out your best time to post on Instagram.

3. Post consistently instead of posting too much or too less irregularly.

Your Content Creation Lacks Cohesiveness

Charmed by some of your posts, visitors may follow you instantly. In your future content creation, however, you lose them with mismatched colors or unstable image quality. The matter seems more serious when visitors click into your profile, where all your posts are displayed together in small grids. If you lack a consistent aesthetic style, your feeds will look messy, inharmonious, and even unpleasant.

Aside from that, the theme of posts should be taken into consideration too. When you try to tip your toes into different fields, your followers won’t feel inspired by you. Instead, they only see you as a person who gets caught up in the craze of learning something for only three days, then gives up.

 Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down Badly? - 4


1. Find some of your best-performing posts with the help of Insights or other Instagram engagement rate calculators. Then, analyze the aesthetic styles, for example, the colors, the patterns, or the moods.

2. You can also create a mood board by using Pinterest after you have decided on your aesthetic style.

3. Not only your posts but also your Instagram stories, story fonts, videos, etc. should be aligned with the same aesthetic style.

4. Be an expert in some field or strive to be one if you are not right now. So you can inspire your followers.

You Post Controversial Contents

It is both trending and risky to post controversial content. At some point your speech about a topic, such as politics, race, gender, sexuality, democracy, etc., may differ from a number of your followers, resulting in a huge loss and gain at the same time. You don’t even need to ask “Why does my Instagram followers keep going up and down?” At the bottom of your heart, you understand what’s going on - some people support you, while some people are against you.


Honestly, you should be proud of speaking your minds out regardless of Instagram followers up and down. However,

1. Think before you leap. Before making a sound, check the source of the information, think critically, and don’t do it because everybody else is doing it, you have to feel it and sympathize with it.

2. Do it with sense rather than anger, hate, or evil intention to provoke.

Why Does My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down Drastically?

In the morning, when you get up to check how many followers you have, to your horror, you find hundreds and thousands of them missing. You can not help but think “Why does my Instagram followers keep going up and down so drastically?” There must be something wrong. Yes, probably, but it might also have something to do with your methods to boost Instagram followers.

You Used a Wrong Instagram Followers Booster

A wrong app that provides bot followers on Instagram leads to your Instagram followers fluctuating drastically. In recent years, Instagram third-party tools have thrived to meet Instagrammers’ all kinds of needs. But not all of them are legit to use. Otherwise, Instagram would not shock millions of Instagrammers with the decision to purge bot followers on the platform in 2019.  Overnight, millions of Instagrammers find a lot of followers disappeared. And Instagram continues to do it today.

 Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down Drastically - 1


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Instagram Glitch Leads to Massive Followers Drop

Back in February 2019, shortly after Instagram’s purge, again, many Instagrammers were terrified by the sudden massive number of followers drop. But this time, thankfully, it was an Instagram glitch that deprived Instagrammers of millions of followers. After the bug was repaired, everything went back to normal. Well, when facing this kind of situation, no one can help you. You can only count on Instagram.

 Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down Drastically - 2

You Are Using “Follow for Follow”

“Follow for Follow” once prevailed in the Instagram community. It is one of the fastest ways to grow free Instagram followers. But this method only works in the beginning. As time goes by, you gradually lose those followers. Out of 100 followers, you probably only remain 10 at last. This is another reason that explains “Why does my Instagram followers keep going up and down drastically?”



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The Bottom Line:

To sum up, there are 11 causes  “Why does my Instagram followers keep going up and down?” Besides, you can find solutions to every situation in this blog. After learning all of them, you’ll know how to retain Instagram followers. And with the help of GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, your followers no longer fluctuate but keep increasing!

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