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Randomly Losing Followers on Instagram 2021: 7 Reasons & Fixes

Are you randomly losing followers on Instagram in 2021? Why am I losing followers on Instagram? Check the 7 reasons and solved fixes. 100% work!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Joy

“Why am I randomly losing followers on Instagram in 2021?” “My Instagram followers are decreasing automatically. How to fix it?” Recently, many people have asked these questions on forums like Quora or Reddit. Have you ever spent days, weeks, and even months on posting amazing content, interacting with the Instagram audience, getting 100 new followers?  But you wake up the next morning to find that you’ve ended up losing 150 IG followers. Don’t worry. Just see the 7 main reasons and fixes. They are 100% working for you.

Losing Followers on Instagram

1. Randomly Losing Followers on Instagram Is the Result of Buying Bot Fans

Why am I losing followers on Instagram in 2021? There is no doubt that buying fake or bot Instagram followers can dramatically decrease the number of followers in a short period of time. You may also often be advised to get real IG fans rather than bots. Instagram will regularly clean up the bot and fake accounts. If it happens, your Instagram account might lose thousands of followers quickly. You may have seen a few examples of automated robot accounts leaving some completely irrelevant comments, spam messages, or even leaving no comments at all. They'll also mass follow others and then unfollow you. 

In particular, losing followers on Instagram is not a big deal, but you may be at risk of password theft and virus infection, and your account may be temporarily blocked or permanently banned. Therefore, be sure to buy real Instagram followers instead of fake ones.

How to Fix:

Case in point: For nearly half a year in 2020, our team first searched the Internet for some robot tools to increase the number of followers on Instagram. But it didn't take long before our accounts were blocked. Later, we tried some apps that promise to sell real followers to users, but we still got some fake users, then our Instagram followers are decreasing day by day. Actually, gaining real IG followers instantly isn't as easy as adding pictures or videos to your profile. After a lot of trial and error, we found a free auto IG follower app that provides users with 100% active and real followers. That's GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita.

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How to Stop Losing Followers on Instagram with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita

Step 1. Free download and install the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita app on your Android or Windows device. Then simply sign up for a free account with your email address. After login, you will get some coins that can be used to directly buy free Instagram followers or likes.

Step 2. Follow others or like others’ posts to make more coins for free. For example, you will get 10000 coins after following 100 users. 

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Step 3. Get unlimited free and real followers on Instagram with your coins. You are allowed to get 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes. Sounds great, right? 

As for removing bot followers of ghost followers, we also recommend you use the best IG followers tracker app.

2. Use the "Black Hat" Method and Get "Shadow Banned"

Why do I keep losing followers on Instagram 2020 & 2021? Then, it is time to check out whether you use some automated tools that violate the rules of Instagram or perpetuate spammy practices, such as copying and pasting the same general comments over and over again. If yes, your account will be noticed by Instagram and get limited. 

Even if you're not completely shut down and caught, there are a few things Instagram can do to limit your access and visibility. For instance, it will put you under a "shadow ban," which is all well and good in theory but doesn't actually see your posts in the eyes of your followers, your images aren't categorized by subject tags, and you're virtually invisible on the platform. If your followers can't see your content, then it's not hard to explain why your IG followers are decreasing rapidly.

Get Shadow Banned

How to Fix:

If you want to be the fastest to reach 1 million IG followers and stop losing followers, you must avoid using these tools and focus on providing value and interacting with your followers in an authentic manner. Remember to only use social media management software that complies with the policies and rules of Instagram. A major indicator of a non-compiled platform is whether you are required to provide login information. Don’t provide your password to anyone or any company.

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3. Oversell Products Will Cause to Instagram Followers Glitch 

If you're running an Instagram account for your business, you definitely need to promote your product or service to audiences. Actually, no one will lose Instagram followers for no reason, but if each post looks like a desperate sales ad or if you're constantly promoting a product without providing any value, your audience will quickly become bored, and then you might lose Instagram followers daily.

Cause Instagram Followers Glitch

How to Fix: 

Remember to play down the promotion and focus on the beauty, value, performance, and excitement of the service or product. We recommend you provide text-based images of the promotion and intersperse with your product photos to give your audience a "backstage pass" for your business. You can show yourself or your employees at the front desk offering service or smile if you sell service on Instagram. Shortly, keeping your posts interesting and entertaining can be one of the most effective ways to increase IG followers daily and steadily.

4. Publish Low-quality Images 

Why my Instagram followers are decreasing? Instagram is about visuals and photography is everything. If you post dark, fuzzy, or blurry images to Instagram, how will your audience react? People on Instagram want to be inspired by a new design idea or something that makes them laugh,  but these images will overshadow everything. Therefore, if you are a professional Instagram user, take the time to select, edit, and post all of your content carefully. See the solutions below to stop losing followers on Instagram.

Publish Low-quality Images

How to Fix: 

There are many excellent editing tools you can use to keep your images accurate. Here are some tips from professional photographers.

  • Use a high-quality camera or smartphone to take photos and videos

  • Pay attention to lighting direction

  • Take pictures from different angles and choose the best angle

  • If underexposed, lighten them in editing as needed

  • Notice the composition. What's in the picture? Give the eye an immediate focus

  • Select a palette

  • Ask for your friends to check your photo

5. Your Post or Product is No Longer Relevant to Followers

Why am I losing followers on Instagram every day? The truth is that the valid content you posted last year or even last month may no longer be relevant to your followers at this moment. Are you selling products that your audience doesn't want but are dumping? This is terribly bad for your brand in the long run. Your post or product should be consistent and follow the plan, but also remember what you post daily should align with current industry and consumer trends. 

For example, if you're still talking about yesterday's news through the pictures, you will lose lots of your potential Instagram followers as they always look for someone who is consistent with their industrial customers.

How to Fix:

  • Interact more with your followers and know about their interests & changes

  • Notice what your phone number tells you

  • Learn more about Instagram accounts that are similar to yours

  • Listen to what influential people in your industry are talking about

  • Look for industry trends or news you can take advantage of

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6. Incorrect Post Frequency: Too Many or Too Few Posts

If you haven't interacted with your Instagram audience or released a post for a long time, the ranking of the algorithm will drop. Also, your followers might think they're following a defunct account and can't get the latest inspiration or news from your account. What your followers need is a steady stream of great and high-quality content. However, it doesn't mean you need to post on Instagram every hour. For example, if you post more than five times in one day, you will quickly and easily annoy your users, leading them to click the unfollow button.

Because each account has different audiences and brand styles, you need to check Instagram analysis to see how frequency affects your participation rate and net follower gains or losses.

How to Fix:

  • If you know you're going to have a busy time in your business and you won't be able to spend more time on social media, schedule your posts well in advance.

  • Use a batch CSV file to import up to 100 images, then configure them to be published directly or to be added to the publication queue.

  • If you've been busy all week, be sure to avoid posting 20 or more "catch up" photos and videos on the weekend. Otherwise, a large number of followers will unfollow you.

  • Don't cut your image into a big grid, because your followers don't want to see 9 small parts of the image, it's boring and frustrating.

  • Analyze the effects of your previous posts to find the best time to publish your new posts.

  • It is recommended to post 1 to 3 times a day.

7. Randomly Losing Followers on Instagram Is Caused by Using Hashtags Unproperly

For any good Instagram strategy, Hashtag is essential. Instagram followers wonder if you really know the target audience for this post, and the Hashtag can put your content in front of a new audience all day long. But note that the more hashtags you have, the less relevant the post seems. If you use tags incorrectly all the time, such as using irrelevant tags, exactly duplicating competitors' tags, etc., then you will be randomly losing followers on Instagram and will not gain any new followers on Instagram.

How to Fix:

  • Don't select a hashtag based on a single photo, and don't use a new tag for each photo.

  • Don't use hashtags that contain jargon or industry keywords. It is a way to attract your competitors rather than your target market.

  • Remember to use related hashtags. The loosely related tags generate views with low engagement for your account.

  • Consider how to use topic tags. Some of them may seem relevant, but are directly related to other fields. Avoid making some embarrassing mistakes.

  • Use the same ones between your platform and your posts. It will increase the chance that the same person will see you again and again in different environments.

Bottom Line:

While losing followers is a normal part of how Instagram works, you may still want to minimize the loss of Instagram followers as much as possible to maximize the growth of your account. Remember to review the 7 reasons regularly and continue to improve your Instagram posts with the solutions mentioned. Hopefully, you'll stop asking yourself the question "why am I randomly losing followers on Instagram in 2021?" 

One last tip: If you want to grow quickly on Instagram and not lose followers, try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita now, which is a 100% reliable and fast tool for gaining real and free followers.

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