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How to Add White Border for Instagram Photos

If you don't like the square format of photos that Instagram offers and therefore look for a way to touch up the borders, here are 3 ways to add a white border for Instagram photos.

Updated 2022-06-27 14:29:29 | by Cody

Previously, Instagram requires you to crop all your photos into squares before posting. Nowadays, you can upload non-square photos to Instagram directly, but you may still need to crop the photos.

If you don't like the square format of photos that Instagram offers or you don’t crop your photos before posting on Instagram, you can add while border for Instagram photos. There are a few ways to add a while color or any color frame to Instagram photos. Whether you use Android or iOS, you can find at least one method to do it.

Upload Non-Square Photos to Instagram Through Its Platform

As mentioned, Instagram has offered the possibility to change the borders through its platform. It is very simple. Within the Instagram app, choose the photo you want to upload and before pressing on the item Next, you can change the border via a small icon at the bottom left. Just tap on it to change the border.

White Border for Instagram

You can also pinch to zoom out with you two fingers, so you can expand the edge of the image. Of course, you can also pinch to reduce the edge. However, if you like to post multiple photos, you will have to do it one by one. Some photos will not be able to display in full. To display the full images of different sizes, you may want to check the other methods. There are a few free apps that can help you edit the edges of your photos and make yourself comfortable.

Instagram Photo Borders

The first application is called Instagram photo borders, which is available for IOS and for Android. It allows you to edit and color the edges of your photos..

Step 1. Free download the application, then enter the app and select the import icon on the top left.

App with White Border Instagram

Step 2. Now select the import source. If your photo is already on your phone, you will find it in your Albums. 

Step 3. After selecting the photo from your camera roll, the screen should look like this:

White Border on Instagram

Step 4. To add white frame on the sides of your photo, select the bottom center option as indicated by the red arrow. This automatically works the edges on two sides of the photo, without adding any margin for the other two sides.

 How to Make White Border for Instagram

If you wish to add additional spaces on the four sides of the image, select the next option as shown below. This button allows you to choose between three different margin widths. Press this button several times to adjust the width of the margins.

Step 5. Once you've edited your photo, click on the export icon at the top right. Here you can save your photo in your gallery or share it immediately on Instagram.

There are other functions in the app, such as changing the background color.

InstaFrame Shortcuts for iOS

The Shortcuts for iOS is a very powerful automation app that you can use it to add white frames to multiple photos before posting to Instagram, so you can post the entire photos on Instagram without losing any details.

If you are using iOS 13, the Shortcuts app is pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad. If you are using previous versions of iOS, you can free download it from AppStore. Once you get the app, you can get this shortcut by opening this link in Safari.

White Border Instagram App Android

When you run this shortcut, it will allow you to select one or multiple photos that you want to edit. Then you can specify the color. You can choose from white, black, Hex, or Custom. That’s it. All the edited photos will be saved to Photos app automatically. You can also edit this shortcut to make it post the edited photos to Instagram.

How to Get White Border on Instagram Post

If you choose Hex, you need to enter the Hex color code to specify the frame color you prefer. If you have a custom frame, you can select the Custom option to select a photo frame from the photo library.

Photo Studio for More Advanced Editing

With Photo Studio application, you can not only edit and edit the edges of your photos, Photo Studio is a very powerful photo editor for your smartphone. With this app you will have many functions available including: Filters and photo effects, automatic corrections and color balance, red-eye correction, adding text on a photo, drawing functionality on the photo, perfection and removal of skin impurities and many others.

 Best App for White Border on Instagram

The only flaw is that this app is only available for the IOS operating system. If you have an iPhone then you can download the app by clicking here.

To get started, go to the download page and download the application. Once downloaded, enter and you will immediately notice a screen similar to your gallery. Enter your camera roll and choose the photo to edit.

At this point another page will open with the photo you have chosen where you can start editing it. As I have listed before, this app offers a lot of functions but in this guide I will only show you how to change the edges of the photos. The other functions, like the one I'm about to show you, are all very simple and intuitive.

To change the borders of the photos, go back to the main page of the editor and scroll with the finger the functions at the bottom of the screen until you find the Frames function. Once found it works, clicks and enters. Here you will find many types of frames that will allow you to change the edges of your photo as you wish.

To confirm the change, press on the Apply item at the top right. Once this is done, you will return to the main menu where you can continue editing your photo. Once you 've finished making changes, click Always Done in the upper right. At this point, another page will open where you will have the opportunity to save your photo directly to your camera roll or share it on social media or send it by message.


This is how you can add a white border for Instagram photos using different apps. If you don’t lose the important part of the photos using the pinch method, then the Instagram app is all your need.

The other methods certainly can make your post more attractive and hopefully help you grow more Instagram followers and likes. If you are interested in increasing your Instagram followers, be sure to check the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita app.


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