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What Happens When Someone Blocks You On Instagram

If you wonder what happens when someone blocks you on Instagram, here is everything you need to know. You can also block the person back to prevent seeing your content anymore.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Cody

If you irritate someone a lot with their comments on Instagram or mention one on a lot of irrelevant posts, you may get blocked by him or her. What happens when someone blocks you on Instagram

If you were to be blocked, you would suddenly no longer see access to the content of the person who blocked you, but that is not all. Unfortunately, Instagram does not inform you if someone blocks you on Instagram. A few signs may be visible to determine whether a person has blocked you or not. Keep reading to know everything about it and find out if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Title List

You Cannot Find the Account

If a user whose profile is private has blocked you on Instagram, you cannot find one’s username through app's search bar.

If this account has simply been closed temporarily or permanently, you cannot find his username through search either.

If the profile of this account is public, you will be able to see it appear in your search, but when you go to enter the account to see the photos posted, you will find the mention "not yet photos or videos. "

Cannot Find the Account

You can then try to follow the targeted person. If you have already followed her in the past it is possible that the possibility of following is always present, but if you are blocked, when you click on it you will not be able to follow this person. Even by clicking on the "follow" button nothing will happen. However, the person who blocks you find and view your Instagram profile. 

Your Direct Messages Are Gone

In the event that you are blocked, you can still see the profile when you check the direct ibox, but it will appear without messages. If you try to send a message to the person who blocked you, he or she won’t be able to receive it. The messages won’t be delivered when the one unblock you in the future. If your profile is public, the one who blocked you can see all the messages in the past.

Likes and Comments

All your previous comments and “likes” (before you were blocked) on that person’s posts will still be present. Once your are blocked, you cannot comment on or like one’s messages, and will no longer be able to see them. If the profile is set to public, you can see comments the person make in other users' photos. If the profile is private, you will completely disappear from your Instagram circle.

How about Messages in a Common Group?

If you're in the group with someone who has blocked you, you both can see each other’s messages. However, the one who really doesn’t want to see your messages will probably leave the group that you are in. When someone blocks you, one will get a dialog asking whether he or she wants to stay in the group or leave. 

What If You Have Common Friends?

If you have a few common friends with the person who blocked you on Instagram, the one’s profiles is still not visible to you. If that account is a public account, he or she will be able to see the comments you made on other users' photos or the likes you gave to the other photos. If your common friend shares the person’s post, who blocked you, then you will see that person’s post. 

If the profile is private, the one who blocked you simply cease to exist for you. 

Can You Still Mention His Or Her Name?

You can still mention the name of someone who blocked you, but this mention won’t appear in his or her activity. However, if that person changes the username, you won't be able to mention him or her unless you somehow know the new username.

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Can You Block Someone Who Already Blocked You?

That depends. If the profile is set to private, you cannot because his profile ceases to exist to you. If the profile who blocked you is set to public, you can. As mentioned, you can find the profile of who has already blocked you through the Instagram feed search bar and then you can block him or her.  Once you find the profile through the Instagram feed search bar, you can tap on three dots icon on the top right and select “Block”. Once blocked, you will see the unblock bottom when the user is blocked. 

What Happens When Someone Blocks You on Instagram

If you cannot find the profile through search feed, you can also block someone on Instagram Direct Message if you had a conversation with the one who blocked you in the past. As mentioned, you can still see the username on Direct Message (only the messages are gone). From there, you can tap on exclamation mark on the top right and select “block” to block the user who already blocked you.

What Happens If You Block Someone on Instagram And Then Unblock Them?

As I mentioned above, you can unblock a user whenever you want. To do this, visit the profile of the person you have blocked and press Follow. This user will be automatically unlocked. In the case, you do not want to follow him and just want to unblock, press 3 points on his profile and select Unblock user.

After you unlock them, here's what will happen.

1. All notifications from this user will start to arrive again in your profile notification area.

2. Likewise, notifications from your profile will also start arriving at this person as soon as you unblock this user.

3. You can like, comment again the profiles if you followed each other.

4. You and the other user can use Instagram Direct to send you private messages.

That was all I had to share regarding what happens when someone blocks on Instagram. If you have any doubts or questions do not hesitate to leave a comment! Share if you find it useful.

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