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How to View Instagram without Account [Profiles, Posts, Stories, Followers]

Can't view Instagram without account? Here it answers how to view Instagram without an account, to browse profiles, posts, stories, followers anonymously.

Updated 2022-04-24 10:50:20 | by Cody

Instagram hadn't allowed you to view Instagram without account since the new update in 2021. That is to say, you will be directed to the login page, completely supplanting that earlier awful popup, everytime when you try to see public profiles, posts or stories on Instagram.

Yes, the methods for blocking Instagram login popup no longer work. If you're seeking for a new available way of how to view Instagram without an account, here we will lead you to see Instagram profiles, posts, stories and followers anonymously without logging in.

Background Story of Viewing Instagram Without Account

Before the update, it's a possibility to view public profile and posts without asking to log in when you search for someone's Instagram on Google. Then, Instagram made the change asking visitors to enter credentials in order to get access to any Instagram content. Also, if you have VPN turned on, Instagram will ask to log in before you can view any Instagram profile or post.

Instagram is the best platform for users to share life and any information. Once you create an account, you can view profiles, posts, stories and any other content of your friends, celebrites and so on.Moreover, your can get free Instagram followers to boost your influence on the platform. But if you just want to view Instagram without login, input an Instagram username below to do Instagram search without an account.

On the one hand, it makes sense for Instagram to block its platform that way. Facebook also greatly limits the content that people can see by performing login. As the social network grows, reaching more than a billion people, tactics like this can help that number increase. In addition, forcing people to log into their accounts can be a good strategy for Instagram to profit from ads.

If you want to check out others' Instagram info without logging in, regardless of viewing Instagram posts, stories, profiles, followers, etc., the following guide can give you a hand. By the way, if you're looking for ideas to grow your own Instagram followers by analyzing other people's Instagram accounts, Instagram followers app that can help you make it immediately. Reliable free Instagram followers apps, like InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita, enables you to get free Instagram followers and likes without payment; while, Followers Gallery helps get auto followers daily, and InstaBox can not only get auto followers but also gain more useful tools for editing your post, and more.

Just give a try with those Instagram followers app, you’ll be constantly notified by Instagram that XXX is following your account and surprised by the changing of your Instagram account.

How to View Public Instagram Without an Account

Since you cannot view Instagram public profiles without logging in from Instagram for the web, you can use a third-party web app to and search and view public Instagram profiles without account. Actually, there are a few services available, which are totally free to use.

ImgInn is a good example. Take a look at how it helps you view Instagram without account.

Step 1. Open your Web browser on your PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device. Go to the ImgInn website.

Step 2. Input the Instagram profile name or hashtag that you want to view in the search box and press Enter.

ImgInn Search - View Instagram Without Account

Step 3. On the next page, you will see all the Instagram profiles related to the name that you searched for. You can also click on Hashtag to see the related Hashtags. Just click on the Profile to view all of its content. 

View Instagram Posts without Account

Step 4. In the profile page, just like the original Instagram profile page, you can see all the posts published by this user. As you can see from the screenshot, there is also a download button that allows you to download all Instagram photos or videos to your PC in one click. Besides, you can also view all Instagram stories including those from a few months ago.

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How to View Private Instagram Without an Account?

A security breach on Instagram allows anyone to have access to private publications on the social network. To do this, it is sufficient for the user with access to the content to have reasonably basic knowledge of the HTML programming language, to use a browser to inspect and obtain the direct address of the image or video - of the feed or stories - that he would like to distribute to other people.

An interesting point is that the method also works for images and video stories that have expired after 24 hours or have been deleted by the user who posted them. According to BuzzFeed, once the user has access to the direct addresses of the images and videos, the content can still be accessed for a few days.

If you don’t know anything about HTML, there are online tools that claim to be able to view Private Instagram profiles without following, but you need to complete some surveys to proceed. There are also tweaked app that can help you view Instagram private profiles, but you cannot download it from iOS App Store or Google Play Store. 

How to View Instagram Stories Without Login

For Instagram stories, you can also use the Online tool StoriesIg to view any stories without logging in to your Instagram account. From the StoriesIG website, you just enter the Instagram username and search for all the stories available.

StoriesIg will bring you all the stories available published by these users within 24 hours. Besides viewing the stories, you can also click the Download button to download the Instagram story whether it is a video or photo.

View Instagram Stories without Account

Tip: You can also use this method to view Instagram Stories anonymously.

How to Do Instagram Search Without Account

Typically, to see someone’s followers, you need to sign in with your Instagram account online or on the app, and then visit the one that you want to check followers. Well, how to see Instagram followers without an account? 

To view Instagram followers without an account, you can make use of some Instagram count tools. In most cases, they are free of charge. Here is one that enables you to perform an Instagram search without account and see Instagram followers as well.

Step 1. Go to this page and click the button “Get Free Followers”.

Step 2. Input the username of the Instagram account you want to see and click “Next”. Then you will see how many followers this account has, how many accounts it follows, and how many posts it published.

How to View Instagram Without an Account.png

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Wrap up

That’s how to view Instagram without an account. For most parts, the first method is the best way available for viewing Instagram content without logging in, doing Instagram search without account, etc. Before you go, you may also want to learn how to hack Instagram followers and grows like magic. Now, it is your turn. Which method would you like to try first? 

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