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Before Getting Vanish Mode Instagram: All You Should Know

Highly anticipated, vanish mode on Instagram comes out recently. Read this guide to know what is vanish mode on Instagram, how to get it, and dotted circle Instagram DM.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Neal

Privacy online draws more attention, with the swift increase in kinds of social media users. To protect this privacy, recently, Instagram has updated the DM to New Message and published vanish mode on Instagram at the end of 2020. Although Instagram is not the opening platform that publishes this function, as the social media that owns the third large number of users, Instagram can still have great influences on the change of daily chat among most users. If you want to know more about what is vanish mode on Instagram, please reading the following.

Vanish Mode Instagram

Title List

What Is Vanish Mode Instagram Meaning?

As the name suggests, vanish mode on Instagram allows people to make messages vanish. Under the vanish mode on Instagram, all messages (words, images, or videos) will disappear after being seen. It will look like a blank chat interface. But in fact, both of you may have sent a lot of messages.

It is noteworthy that vanish mode on Instagram is a two-way function that if you turn on vanish mode, the other party will be the same. And if someone switches off it, both of you will leave vanish mode. 

What Is Dotted Circle on Instagram DM?

Especially, once someone turns on vanish mode for your chatting, you will easily see dotted circle Instagram DM. If you see the dotted circle on the interface, it shows he/she has turned on vanish mode.

Dotted Circle Instagram DM

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How to Get Vanish Mode Instagram [Easy Steps]

It is not hard to find the way to turn on vanish mode Instagram. Here I use an iOS device to show you the easy steps to make it:

Step 1. Launch Instagram APP on your mobile.

Step 2. Find the Settings on your profile page and choose to “Update Messaging”.

Update Vanish Mode Instagram

Step 3. Open the chat page with someone. Tap the screen for seconds and pull up the screen. You will see “Turn on Vanish Mode”. After you make it, you will see the change in the chat interface. 

 Turn on Vanish Mode Instagram

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If you want to turn off the vanish mode, you could replay the steps or click the “Turn Off Vanish Mode”. Both of them work. 

How to Make One Single Image Vanish [View Once]

Sometimes, we don’t need all information that will vanish after seen. Instead, some images or videos in the chat need to be deleted. Vanish mode on Instagram seems a little over and works not so well. Thus, we need another way to make it. Here I show you how to make it.

Step 1. Go to the message interface and click the image of camera on the right of one username (the one you want to talk with). Or open the message interface with someone and find the “camera” on the bottom left.

Step 2. You could choose to take a photo right now or select one photo from the camera roll. This way works for both of them.

Make Single Image Vanish

Step 3. In the further interface before sending, you will see three selections at the bottom. “VIEW ONCE”, ALLOW REPLAY, and KEEP IN CHAT:

  • VIEW ONCE –The other party can see the image for tens of seconds

  • ALLOW REPLAY –The other party can see the image until he or she closes it.

  • KEEP IN CHAT – The image can leave in the chat all the time unless you “Unsend” it.

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More Tips After Vanish Mode on Instagram

It is equally important to know how to use vanish mode Instagram, which contributes to your user experience. Here are some tips you need to care for after turning on vanish on mode Instagram.

Sign of Vanish Mode Instagram

As I mentioned before, it is worth noting that you will see a dotted circle on the right of the username on the DM interface. Sometimes you could refer to this to know if someone turns your chat into vanish mode on Instagram. It will give a sign.

Sign of Vanish Mode Instagram

Notice of Taking Screenshots

When people chat in vanish mode on Instagram, it may become a little offensive to take a screenshot of the images. Under this circumstance, Instagram will show “Xx took a screenshot ” for both of you. Thus, before doing that, please know this.

Notice of Taking Screenshots When Vanish More Instagram

Report Works Too

Although vanish mode Instagram can hide the message to a certain extent, it doesn’t mean anyone could send illegal messages. Once you find that, please tap the messages for seconds to report. It works too.

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Sum up

Although vanish mode Instagram seems not a very special function online, it still means a lot to most Instagram users. Besides allowing the basic function of deleting messages, Instagram makes the functions to guarantee safety and privacy when people use it. Believe with continuous optimization, Instagram will build the function better for users.

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