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How to Get Top Instagram Hashtags for PUBG - 3 Actionable Ways and An IG Tool Help Boost Followers

Search for top Instagram hashtags for PUBG? How to get more views, likes, and followers via hashtags for PUBG videos on Instagram? Take answers here.

Updated 2022-06-30 14:24:47 | by Ann

Instagram users add hashtags to their posts to identify the content as concerning a specific topic. So when you search “top Instagram hashtags for PUBG” on Google, you want to find a way to push your PUBG gaming video clips to more target audience with the help of the best PUBG hashtags on Instagram. But what exactly can you benefit from the Instagram hashtags for PUBG? And how do you find effective PUBG hashtags?

Best Hashtags for Instagram

This article will tell you 3 advantages of PUBG gaming hashtags for Instagram. In addition, 3 methods to find the best hashtags for PUBG Instagram are also offered. Whether you want to find gaming friends, gain fame, boost free Instagram followers, or make money, adding suitable PUBG hashtags will be your solution. 

What Can You Benefit from Top Instagram Hashtags for PUBG?

PUBG Hashtags benefit both normal users and commercial users on Instagram. As a normal PUBG player, you can use Instagram hashtags for gamers to explore content that you are interested in within a few clicks. For users with a commercial purpose, you can reach your final goal of increasing exposure and gain followers as many as possible.

Simply the Searching Process

Over 500 million active users access the Instagram app globally every day. Searching for the information you want about PUBG must be a big undertaking on Instagram. However, things will become easier after you adding a hash sign(#) in front of the word such as “PUBG” or the phrase “PUBGvideos”.

After adding a hashtag, you’ll get more specific and more relevant suggestions about the topic you are searching for PUBG. Because to simply your searching process, Instagram filters the information with PUBG hashtags. Beneath each hashtag is a post count on that topic, so you can find a lot of useful information without breaking a finger.

Reach Target Audience

What’s the difference when you add a #pubg or #pubgfunnymoments?

Following the upper example, you observed that though there are more posts under #pubg, the posts under #pubgfunnymoments are higher engaged. How could this happen? Because compare to #pubg, #pubgfunnymoments is more specific and more niche. Users who search for it have the same interests as you who hashtag it. You both like to review the funny moments in PUBG gaming, which is the same as a part of people who are fond of comedy rather than an action film. So the audience is more likely to view and like your posts, start conversations about your PUBG video content, and follow your account. 

In this way, you can utilize the top Instagram hashtags for PUBG to make your PUBG video clips be seen by a large group of the target audience. You can even be friends with them, invite them to see your live gaming, or playing PUBG together. 

Boost Instagram Followers

According to the second point, we explained why recommend more niche and more specific hashtags rather than those with a large base?

Let’s go back to the reason that because the more niche hashtag can reach a more precise target audience. So if you use a lot of such hashtags for PUBG videos on Instagram, you can imagine how much exposure your post will reach. In other words, What percentage of your target audience is likely to become your Instagram followers? 

It’s a valid approach to boost followers with the Best hashtags for PUBG Instagram. But remember it’s better to limit your hashtag to 10. And not always add the same hashtags for all posts, or you may be shadow-banned by the Instagram official, which will result in lost followers for Instagram.

How to Find Best Hashtags for PUBG on Instagram?

Based on the above 3 advantages, we can find that adding top Instagram hashtags for PUBG can not only make your posts reach a wider target audience to a greater extent, but also hack Instagram followers. But how to find great PUBG gaming hashtags for Instagram?

3 ways you can try:

  • Follow Niche Competitor&Influencer

Make note of what PUBG gaming hashtags that the capable competitor and influencers within your niche often use on their videos and reels, and you have to pay attention to how many they usually use. Then you’ll have a general idea that what hashtags your audience using and what kind of content can get the targeted audience more engaged.

  • Research Related Suggestions 

As we mentioned before, you’ll get a crowd of suggestions after typing PUBG or something else in the search bar. You can swipe down to get some related suggestions or you can also swipe right to specify information what you want from “Top”, “Account”, “Tag”, or “Place”.

  • Use a Third-party App

There are also some apps out there that will help collect hashtag suggestions depending on the ones you used before. they keep an eye on the Instagram trending, and then automatically generate related PUBG hashtags for you. If you don’t want to spend much time digging out top Instagram hashtags for PUBG, a third-party app can be a good assistant on your way to growing Instagram followers.

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4 Featured Sets of Top Instagram Hashtags for PUBG 

Group 1: #pubgmobile #freefireindonesia #pubgmemes #pubgmobileindia #pubgindia #pubgmobileindonesia #pubgclips #pubgmoments #pubgfunny #pubgbattlegrounds

Group 2: #pubgxbox #pubgm #pubgmeme #pubgindonesia #pubghighlights #pubgandroid #callofdutymobile #pubgfunnymoments #pubgwtf #pubglover 

Group 3: #pubgmobiletürkiye #playerunknownsbattlegrounds #pubggame #pubgpc #pubgmobilemalaysia #pubgmalaysia #pubg #traumapubg #pubgmobilemalaysia #pubgmalaysia  

Group 4:  #traumapubg #pubgmobiletips #pubgmobiletipsandtricks #pubgmobileinfo #pubgmobiledata #infopubgmobilesniping #pubgmomentskansei #pubglite #pubgcocak #pubgmontage

The Bottom Line

To sum up this article in several sentences. First, if you use top Instagram hashtags for PUBG, you’ll enjoy a simple searching process, find friends, post, or targeted audience quickly, and even unlimited followers. Second, there are 3 manual ways to find PUBG hashtags and an auto IG tool to gain permanently free Instagram followers on Android or iOS. Last but not the least, trying makes success!

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