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How to Increase IG Performance: Top Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2021

We will learn about how you can increase your Instagram performance by taking some hints from the top Instagram accounts.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Kevin

With the shift of the world towards digital marketing, Instagram accounts have been growing more than ever. Moreover, the pandemic adds even more chance for the boom in Instagram accounts. A report showed that accounts with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers now could make around $200 per post. This just goes on to show the importance of Instagram marketing. With that being said, an increasing number of influencers around the globe are joining this more than ever-growing platform. Nevertheless, they face some problems. Although, as scary as the word “problem” may sound, rest assured they are nowhere as big as the new start-ups face. You just need to find your niche and be creative. But for that, you need some second-hand experience. Now, you might have a hint of where we are headed with our article. Consequently, we will be discussing the Top Instagram Accounts that might give you a hint on the type of content that is desired. So, without further ado lets see for ourselves the Top Instagram Accounts.

 Top Instagram Accounts to Follow

Top 10 New Instagram Accounts to Follow for Better Instagram Performance

First, we will give you a sight of the top Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration.

Inspirational/ Artistic Instagram accounts to follow:

Top Instagram Accounts to Follow - esty

The first one on the list is @etsy. Etsy is one of those accounts that pretty much combines entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, and design into one hub. Basically, Etsy provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers that is focused on vintage or household items. Additionally, if you are someone who has expertise in product designing and has an idea for the next big household item, you must follow Etsy for some inspiration.

After that, @cameronjhenderson is another one in the list of top Instagram accounts whose content is mostly funny. With over 1.1 Million followers, @cameronjhenderson posts some funny original skits on his account, and some of them have over 100k likes. So, if you are planning your content to be funny, you might as well follow him.

 Top Instagram Accounts to Follow - paperboytheprince

Then, we have @paperboytheprince, an artist from NY, whose main content includes spreading positivity and highlighting daily life activities. With over 43k followers on his account, he is also running for NYC Mayor 2021. So, any New York Instagrammers might want to check his account out.

At last, but not least in the inspirational section, @rollettes_la is yet another one of the top Instagram accounts you would want to check. With over 66.1k followers, @rollettes_la is a wheelchair dance team and their content is hugely based on women empowerment. Through their shorts, they are breathing in confidence in women and the disabled ones around the globe.

Best Meme Instagram accounts to follow:

Next up, in the top Instagram accounts, we have the most frequently viewed section, Instagram memes. Meme culture on Instagram has been a growing trend ever since. Additionally, the pandemic has just brought more to the table. For your benefit, we will be mentioning some top Instagram accounts in 2021 focusing solely on the meme category. First off, we have @what_frog_you_are. However, as silly as the username might sound, the account has over 159k followers. To clarify, this account’s content includes frogs. Yes, you heard us right, frogs. Basically, every post includes a picture of a frog funnily along with the name of some random follower. That is to say, the higher a follower’s engagement with the account, the higher the chance for them to be featured in the next post. So, if you have a rather peculiar idea for your content, check them out.

Secondly, in this list we have @themorganletters. Before we get any further than this, we would like to mention the fact that this Instagram account started this year and still managed to reach almost 2k followers. The reason for that is in their constant generation of content that is relevant and funny to an audience at large. Also, they have a shop on Etsy, as mentioned before, and through their content, they also sort of advertise it. Additionally, this serves as a huge tip for those who want to market their brand along with engaging audience.

 Top Instagram Accounts to Follow - shitheadsteve

Next, we have @shitheadsteve. This one should be a no-brainer. With over 6.3 Million followers and 8,765 posts, this Instagram account keeps its content funny and relevant. Like previous accounts, @shitheadsteve also has a website mentioned in their bio where they sell their merch on.

Then we have @girlyzar. Self-proclaimed meme account for girls, this is one of the top Instagram accounts with over 2.9 Million followers. They post content such as quotes, videos that are funny and relatable, and memes that specifically appeal to a female audience.

At last, we have @subwaycreatures, yet another peculiar Instagram account with over 2.2 Million followers. To clarify briefly, the content system works on submission from followers. So, if you are looking for a submission-based Instagram account, you need to check them out.

How to Make Your Instagram Account Become One of Them

Now, you have an idea of which Instagram accounts to look at to sort of get your motivation going. However, starting an Instagram account and making it reach the first 10k followers still is slightly hectic. With the current Instagram market and users, you might want an extra hand. That is to say, to keep the competitors at bay, you would want to get legit followers. This will aid in the growth of your Instagram account not just in the short run but long run too. This is where GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita comes into play. Once you decide the niche for your content and get the posts ready, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Download the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita application on your respective iOS or Android device.

Step 2. Launch the application and create an account. By the way, you can also create an account online on the website.

 How to make your Instagram account become one of them – Step 2

Step 3. After that, just add in the Instagram account you want followers for. And no, you don’t need a password. Contrary to any other applications, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita puts up a huge emphasis on user security.

At last, just publish the follower task and you will start getting followers instantly. For newcomers, you will get 50 free Instagram likes or followers once you log in for the first time into the application.

 How to make your Instagram account become one of them – Step 3

The competition on Instagram is on the rise amidst pandemic and you don’t want to stay back. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita provides a platform where you can get legit followers and likes for your posts. Subsequently, it will help you boost user engagement and you might as well become one of the top Instagram accounts.


To simply conclude everything, the reason for our article was to shed light on what the top Instagram accounts’ content includes. Additionally, we listed some top Instagram accounts 2021 for you to follow and get inspiration from. So, you might have a hint of what you are getting yourself into. Furthermore, we know that with daily new users, the competition is growing at an immense rate. That is why we mentioned GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita application so you might have a boost into the world of Instagram marketing. Lastly, we would also emphasize hugely on selecting your niche. That is to say, all the above-mentioned Instagram accounts had their target audience jotted in mind from the start. With that being said, best of luck on your new account and happy Instagram marketing.

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