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[2 Ways] How to Make and Post Time Lapse for Instagram

What is time lapse for Instagram? How to make time lapse video on Instagram? Follow us to get the best ways to post time lapse video for Instagram.

Updated 2022-12-30 13:18:55 | by Jane

Brands have been aware of video marketing on Instagram. Stats says that video is audience’s favorite content type on Instagram and receives 49% higher engagement than photos. What’s better, customer survey discovers that branding videos bring increase in purchases year over year. Thus, brands continue to post various video footages to attract followers, engage viewers and drive sales. Well, time lapse is one of the most competitive video types.

Time Lapse for Instagram

Here, we will give a full introduction of time lapse for Instagram and list 2 efficient way to make Instagram time lapse videos to greatly grow Instagram followers free as well as views, likes etc.


How to Make Time Lapse for Instagram

What Is Time Lapse for Instagram?

Beyond everything, you need to have a brief knowledge of time lapse and requirements of posting Instagram time lapse video.

What Does Time Lapse Mean?

Time lapse is a technique of photography. Theoretically, the frame rate of a time lapse video is much slower than normal rate, at 1/30 fps (1 frame every 30 seconds) instead of 24 fps (24 frames per second) or 30 fps (30 frames per second) commonly for movies, videos. Visually, it features fast-motion playback drive you to feel time moving faster than in reality. To shoot a time lapse video, you need to assemble a series of footages in a quite long period of time. Thus, time lapse is usually used to capture motions in nature (blossom of flowers, sunrise and sunset, clouds moving), city (crowds, traffic) and more.

Time Lapse Video

About Time Lapse for Instagram

Brands give a big focus on creative video advertisements aiming to drive more purchases. Time lapse is a perfect idea to promote business. It can tell a long story in several minutes full of highlights and present changes obviously. Instagram is the best platform for brands to post their time lapse works. More and more photographers also would like to show off their fantastic footages of time lapse for Instagram.

You can post time lapse video on Instagram feed, stories, reels and IGTV but should make sure that the video can meet technical specs.

Format: MP4 for all types


  • Feed: 3 to 60 seconds

  • Stories: 1 to 15 seconds

  • Reels: 15 to 30 seconds

  • IGTV: 15 seconds to 10 minutes for small accounts; 15 seconds to 60 minutes for verified accounts


  • Feed: under 50MB

  • Stories: under 30MB

  • Reels: under 15MB

  • IGTV: 650MB for videos less than 10 minutes; 3.6GB for videos up to 60 minutes


  • Feed: 1080 x 608; 1080 x 1350; 1080 x 1080

  • Stories: 1080 x 1920

  • Reels: 1080 x 1920

  • IGTV: 1080 x 1920

Aspect Ratio:

  • Feed: 1.91:1[minimum]; 4:5 [maximum]

  • Stories: 1.91:1 [minimum]; 9:16/4:5 [maximum]

  • Reels: 9:16

  • IGTV: 9:16 [vertical]; 16:9 [horizontal]

How to Make Time Lapse for Instagram

It is not a difficult task to create an Instagram time lapse video. You can choose to make an original time lapse for Instagram directly or upload a footage recorded by phones, cameras to Instagram.

Way 1. Make Time Lapse for Instagram with Hyperlapse on iOS

Instagram developed Hyperlapse – a standalone app – to shoot stable time lapse videos. It boasts the stabilization engine which helps you create high-quality footage even while moving. It is powerful yet easy to use. Compared with pro cameras, it offers a more efficient and convenient way for everyone (even the rookies) to make an awesome time lapse video without hassle.

Below, let’s take a look at how to make time lapse video on Instagram with the app.

Notice: Hyperlapse is now only available for iOS. If you are an Android user, please switch to way 2.

Step 1. Download and this Instagram time lapse app on your iOS devices.

Step 2. It required an access to your camera and microphone once you launch it. Give the permission and begin recording.

Step 3. Tap the record button to start capturing. Two timers appear under the record button. The left one shows how many seconds you’ve recorded and the right one is the length of time lapse will be once it has been sped up. And, please don’t forget the length limits of Instagram video.

Step 4. Tap the record button again to stop the shooting. Then, you can find the slide bar to adjust speed from 1x to 12x. Pick an appropriate speed for you video and click the green check icon to save it to cameral roll.

Make Instagram Time Lapse Video with Hyperlapse

Now, you can share the finished time lapse video to Instagram feed, Stories, Reels or IGTV.

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Way 2. Upload Time Lapse to Instagram from Smartphone, Camera, GoPro or More

Hyperlapse is not a pro time lapse video capturing tool. Some brands or photography lovers prefer to share cinema-looking time lapse for Instagram to tell a more attractive story for boosting engagement or gaining more followers. So, it is suggested to upload a well-edited time lapse footage to Instagram instead of shooting with Hyperlapse. Also, this way enables you to post time lapse on Instagram across platforms, including iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

As a matter of fact, many devices, like smartphones, cameras and GoPro, build in the function to capture time lapse video. They can help make higher image quality and better visual effects. If you have gotten a time lapse video and try to share it to Instagram, there are 2 methods.

Method 1. Upload Local Time Lapse Video to Instagram

Upload from mobiles: Open Instagram > Tap on “+” button on the bottom of the screen > select a video from gallery/camera roll > edit the time lapse video if necessary (apply filter, trim and set a cover) > write caption > share.

Post Time Lapse on Instagram from Mobile

Upload from computer: Visit on Chrome > Press F12 to get access to Developer Tools > click “Toggle Device Toolbar” on the right panel > Select one device and refresh the page to get mobile interface of Instagram > click + button to upload the time please video > edit and share.

Upload Time Lapse Video to Instagram from Computer

Notice: Instagram usually automatically crop, cut and resize videos to meet the uploading requirements. It is recommended to edit time lapse for Instagram before uploading to keep the contents well.

Method 2. Share Time Lapse Video to Instagram via App

Most video editing apps embeds the share function helping you directly share the edited time lapse video to Instagram. Also, videos saved in camera roll/gallery can be uploaded to Instagram through the share button. If you don’t have well edited the time lapse video, it is the easiest way to upload through apps.

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The Bottom Line

Time lapse for Instagram brings lots of benefit. For audiences, an amazing time lapse video demonstrates wonderful scenes in a certain period and drive them to enjoy better visuals. For brands, a great time lapse video not only attract large traffic on views, likes, comments, but helps grow followers to further boost influence. Besides using time lapse video on Instagram, there’re some more great ways to get free followers for Instagram, for example, using Instagram followers app. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is the expert tool to increase real followers on Instagram free. It is 100% safe and easy to use. If you want to fast get a large number of followers to stand out in the Instagram market, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita can lead you to have 10K or more followers instantly.

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