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Get Millions of IG Followers Overnight as Squid Game Actress Jung Ho-yeon

The Squid Game actress Jung Ho-yeon proved to be the final winner attributed to her 21 million Instagram followers. Check this passage for fast Instagram success!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:08 | by Dale

No. 456 won the Squid Game and took his 45.6 billion won ($38 million), but after the game, the actress Jung Ho-yeon turns out to be the last winner. With her 21 million IG new followers, the Squid Game actress Jung Ho-yeon has successfully become the most followed South Korean actress on Instagram. While the leading role, No. 456, ended up with 4 million Instagram followers. As a major hub for actors and singers around the world, Instagram, in a sense, can directly reflect their popularity and future business opportunities.

Squid Game Actress Jung Ho-yeon Wins 21 Million New IG Followers

Check out the current situation of those Squid Game stars and dive deep into why is Squid Game popular and what the Squid Game actress Jung Ho-yeon won with this passage. After that, choose to be one of the followers of those Squid Game Instagram accounts, or, follow their pace and reap your own millions of Instagram followers!

What Did the Squid Game Actress Jung Ho-yeon Win

Before the Squid Game actress Jung Ho-yeon, she was a 27-year-old model with only about 0.4 million Instagram followers (Instagram: @hoooooyeony ). Then, she quickly become the most followed Instagram account of South Korean actress with her 21.6 million Instagram followers.

Far more than that, huge followers bring her enormous business opportunities. Louis Vuitton has just announced Jung as their global house ambassador for fashion. And she also stars in the Originals’ latest Adicolor campaign of Adidas.

Squid Game Actress Jung Ho-yeon

These are just a few of her achievements. It is said that this model-turned-actress is currently booked by multiple companies and busy doesn't even begin to describe it. Popularity comes to the other actors, too.

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Current Situation of Squid Game Instagram Accounts

Released in mid-September 2021, the Squid Game has caused a stir in every market. The dalgona candy stalls are doing their brisk business and some related stocks rose as much as nearly 90%. In addition to these, the lives of the main cast, also get earth-shaking changes. 

-Wi Ha-jun (Detective, Instagram: @wi__wi__wi)

The followers of Wi Ha-jun on September 17, the day Squid Game Netflix launched worldwide, were around 0.3 million. Now, he has around 8.6 million Instagram followers. The end of this character seems an underlay for a potential Season 2, will his Instagram followers go even more at that time?

Squid Game Instagram Account - Wi Ha-jun

-Lee Jung-jae (No. 456, Instagram: @from_jjlee)

One of the best South Korean actors of his generation, Lee Jung-jae has created many excellent film and television characters. As a new account launched on Oct. 2, he’s got over 2 million new solid fans on Instagram.

Squid Game Instagram Account - Lee Jung-jae

-Park Hae-soo (No. 218, Instagram:@haesoopark_official )

Similar to Lee Jung-jae mentioned above, Park Hae-soo got a lot of acting experience, and the new Instagram account launched before TV started, gained 2.4 million new followers.

Squid Game Instagram Account - Park Hae-joo

-Lee Yoo-mi (No. 240, Instagram: @leeyoum262)

Lee Yoo-mi’s Instagram following skyrocketed less than 40,000 to over 6 million upon the premiere of Squid Game. Funny thing is, this character was a boy 10 years ago when the script was written.“But I thought a bond between women would make more sense.” The director said.

Squid Game Instagram Account - Lee Yoo-ji

-Anupam Tripathi (No. 199, Instagram: @sangipaiya)

Similar to Lee Yoo-mi, this only non-Korean boy has only 2976 Instagram followers before the game, and this lovely character has brought him over 3.8 million followers.

Squid Game Instagram Account - Anupam Tripathi

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Are there any commons of those huge successes? We can not ignore that, they all have a solid follower base. In today’s Internet age, follower base is the only gate to Instagram success. Keep reading for how to gather your Instagram followers and become the most followed person on Instagram of your professions.

Shortcut to Become the Most Followed Person on Instagram

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3 Steps to Win Followers as the Squid Game Actress Jung Ho-yeon

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The Bottom Line

Making a huge Instagram success like the Squid Game actress Jung Ho-yeon can be quite hard, but the burden could be much released with the help of some professional IG tools like the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. For most professions nowadays, social media success is helpful. But be careful when choosing tools, bot followers, and unsafe platforms do nothing help to your success. Since the top followers app GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita has the highest security system, cheap and even free packages, why not have a try and become the most followed person on Instagram of your professions.

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