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How to Write Killer Short Instagram Captions That Increase Engagement

Don't know how to write short captions for Instagram? Here are 5 simple & effective tips to help you write short Instagram captions to increase engagement!

Updated 2022-12-29 13:52:43 | by Albert

Short captions for Instagram post are more powerful than you might think. You certainly can't deny that a resonant Instagram caption increases user engagement. Still, you may not have thought about the fact that engagement is one of the three key points that Instagram's algorithm considers when subscribing to content in a user's feed. That means you can have opportunities to gain a lot of followers and likes for your Instagram account with powerful and short Instagram captions!

How to Write Short Instagram Captions That Increase Engagement

Before you start the process of editing your Instagram captions and come up with tons of ideas, ask yourself: Do you really know how to write Instagram captions? If you don’t spend some time trying to understand and study how to write the caption of the picture, wouldn’t it be a waste of the good opportunity for increasing engagement on Instagram? Never mind. It's easy to generate killer short Instagram captions that increase engagement. So just follow the guide and your short captions for Instagram post will have higher chances to get followers and likes!

Why Short Captions for Instagram Matter?

One thing to keep in mind is that it's best to have short captions for Instagram. The flow of information on the Internet is changing rapidly, and people's attention spans are shrinking. As a result, it would be great to assist users in simplifying reading and understanding captions to increase engagement on Instagram. Therefore, it is often a smarter choice to shorten the word count of your captions. Here are some reasons why captions should be kept short:

  • More efficient. Short Instagram captions allow users to quickly grasp the concept you're trying to convey with this photo or video, ensuring it resonates and actively engages with you. In many cases, shorter ones can be more effective.

  • Complete reading. The user is more likely to read the caption all the way through if it is shorter. We've all seen captions that appear to be large, intimidating blocks of text. In this case, we are dazzled and are very likely to abandon our reading before finishing it. This can be avoided by using shorter captions.

  • Easy to write. Yes, writing shorter, more concise sentences is easier than writing those nice, long ones. This is especially beneficial for marketers, as shorter Instagram captions can take less time to write.

  • Post more. In a given period of time, posting short Instagram captions can generate more posts than lengthy Instagram captions. That is to say, you can post more attractive content with Instagram captions to get followers and likes.

What is the Best Length for Short Instagram Captions?

Given that short Instagram captions generally result in a better user experience, you may be wondering what the best length of captions is. Here's the answer: According to Sprout Social, for organic Instagram captions, the best length is between 138 and 150 characters; for ad Instagram captions, the best length is 125 characters. 

Best Length for Short Instagram Captions

Limit your captions to 138-150 characters if you want to increase engagement on your Instagram posts. Also, keep captions to 125 characters or less to make Instagram post ads work best. While the photo or video is the focus of your Instagram post, the caption adds context that may entice people to interact with you. As a result, you should do everything possible to make your short Instagram captions in 138-150 or 125 characters as good as possible.

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How to Write Better Instagram Short Captions?

So, how should you write good short Instagram captions to get engagement skyrocketing? Are there any useful Instagram caption ideas? This quote could be useful: “A great Instagram caption will add context, show off your brand’s personality, entertain the audience, and compel people to take action.” said Michael Aynsley, manager of Hootsuite's inbound marketing team.

How to Write Better Instagram Short Captions

If we pay attention to some basic methods when editing captions, it's not difficult to achieve what he says. Here are 5 effective tips about short captions for Instagram to increase interaction, and they will help you to increase Instagram likes and followers.

  • Decide What Your Caption Will Convey. In order to drive engagement, it's important to take the time to consider what do you want to convey in your captions. To do this, you must look for the key elements in the photos or videos you post that resonate most with users and then reflect them in the caption.

  • Abstract the Important Points. I don't know if you've noticed that in user feedback, Instagram captions get cut off after a few lines of text, so you need to express your key points or calls to action as soon as possible.

  • Use @ mention. Why tagging a person or a brand on Instagram captions can increase engagement? It's because mentioning them and grabbing their attention increases the likelihood that they will like or comment on your image.

  • Use Emojis. According to one report, emojis can increase Instagram engagement by 48%. Emojis are an important part of interacting textually with your audience, especially in Instagram captions. Emojis help you build relationships, bonds, and a sense of community with your readers.

  • Use Hashtags. Hashtags are essentially Instagram's categorization system. Using specific, relevant and trending Instagram hashtags in captions allows you to reach out to your target audience and even helps them find you!

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The Bottom Line

Having a great caption on Instagram is crucial. However, if your caption is a long paragraph, your audience is less likely to read it and therefore, their engagement with you will be minimal. So, keep your Instagram captions short and strong, and it's even cooler if you can incorporate 5 tips to write better short Instagram captions. Finally, if you want to increase your Instagram followers and likes more quickly and easily than writing good captions, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita can be a great way to get more engagement. If you think this is a good suggestion, go ahead and download it and give it a try!

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