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[Cross-Post Instruction] Facebook Post & Story Sharing to Instagram

Can I share a Facebook post to the Instagram account without copy and paste? And what about the cross-posting of stories? Here is the answer and how to do that.

Updated 2022-12-01 10:04:11 | by Tom

Although both Instagram and Facebook are used in a very high proportion globally, no one can do both. Most people only use one of them as the main social platform. However, in terms of the current situation, FB and INS have a very obvious age stratification: 25 years old and above is the FB group; the 25 and less are mostly IG groups (this data will change over time).

The huge group difference has led to the split of users of the two platforms. To aggregate users of the two social tools, many users will tend to cross-post between Instagram and FB: share Facebook post to Instagram or vice versa.

Facebook Stories Cross-Post To Instagram

Beyond all doubt, the first idea you may think of is to create separate posts to sync Facebook posts with Instagram. While this seems like it would take a lot of time, it is valid.

In fact, in response to the above problem, Facebook officials have already provided a more humane approach and some third-party tools can help users to achieve this goal. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how to cross-post from Facebook to Instagram.

Can I Share Facebook Post to Instagram in 2023?

Although the cross-posting feature of Facebook and Instagram has been developed for some time, due to the technical differences between the two platforms, the function has not been fully linked the two social media together, so there are still many doubts. The following are the most frequently asked questions by users.

Can I share a post from Facebook to Instagram?

Partly yes, but this functionality is still being rolled out.

Now Facebook offers cross-post functionality with Instagram – however, this feature has not been universally rolled out yet and is still only available to some business users. That means not everyone has it yet, but that time is likely coming soon. If you can do this on your Facebook Page, then congratulations!!

Share Facebook Post to Instagram

But one thing is certain, all the users can create posts that can be published on Instagram and Facebook Page synchronously on Facebook Business Suite, which means you can only share the post from Facebook Page to Instagram.

Can I share a story from Facebook to Instagram?

Yes, this feature is available for everyone. But there is one thing you need to note: if you want to delete or remove your story, you need to cancel it respectively.

Can I share a post or a story from Instagram to Facebook?

Yes, you can share your post and story from Instagram to Facebook. It can be seen that the sharing from Ins to FB is more advanced than the sharing from FB to Ins.

In summary, concerning the cross-posting feature between FB and Instagram, the functions that have been completely implemented are: share Facebook story to Instagram, partially share Facebook post to Instagram, and share Instagram post & story to Facebook. In addition, the automatic cross-posting between FB and Ins can be unlocked and locked through the setting of the two platforms, the following parts will present the clear steps.

Link FB and INS Mutually

First things first, regardless of sharing Facebook story & post to Instagram or sharing Instagram post & story to Facebook, you have to link your FB/FB Page to IG or link your IG account to your Facebook, which can bring you free Instagram likes daily.

1. Link Facebook Page with your Instagram on Facebook Business Suite

IF you want to publish the FB Page post on both your FB Page and Ins feed on Facebook Business Suite simultaneously, you need to link your Facebook Page with your Instagram account.

Step 1:  Launch the Facebook website and enter the Facebook page you want to link with your Ins.

Step 2:  On the page, click on Settings.

Share FB Post to Ins Settings

Step 3:  From the left sidebar, click on Instagram.

Step 4:  Hit the Connect Account button and sign in with your Instagram credentials.

Share FB Post to Ins Connect Account.png

After the connection is done, your Instagram information will show on your website.

Steps 2 & 3 can be done on your FB mobile app as well.

Step 1:  Go to your Facebook menu on the bottom right bar and enter your Page you want to connect with.

Step 2:  Tap Settings (gear) on the top right of your Page.

Step 3:  Click Instagram in the settings.

Step 4:  Tap Connect Account before logging into your Ins account.

Link Facebook Page with Instagram

Also, you can connect the two from Instagram: Log into your Instagram and go to your profile, tap Edit Profile before hitting Page in the Profile Information, then Connect Existing Page to your Instagram, if you don’t have one yet, tap Create Facebook page.

Once you connect your Facebook Page with your Instagram account, you can monitor the insights of both FB and Ins on your Facebook Business Suite.

Besides, linking the two platforms can maximize the reach and impression of your posts, while also bringing in a large number of Instagram and Facebook auto followers. In addition, you can achieve this goal through GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita as well.

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2. Link the Facebook account with the Instagram account on mobile

If you want to synchronously share your Facebook story to your Instagram story or share your Ins post and story to your Facebook feed, then you need to link the two accounts in Accounts Center on either one of them.

Form Instagram:

Step 1:  Go to the profile and tap the three lines in the top right.

Step 2:  Hit Settings and swipe to the bottom to find the Accounts Center.

Link Instagram with Facebook

Step 3:  Enter the center to Set Up the Accounts Center.

Step 4:  Enter your Facebook credentials to enable the connection.

From Facebook:

Step 1:  Go to the profile menu and roll down the page to find Settings under Settings & Privacy.

Step 2:  Tap Settings and swipe down to find Accounts Center.

Step 3:  Enter the Accounts Center to set up your Accounts & Profile.

Step 4:  Tap Add Accounts to add your Instagram accounts.

Connect Facebook with Instagram

The link between the FB account and the Ins account is mutual, so you only need to connect them on one of the platforms.

[Automatically Posting] Share Facebook Story & Post to Instagram

You can automatically post from Facebook to Instagram or vice versa. But if there are individual posts and stories you don’t want to crosspost, you’ll need to exclude them before posting.

1. Share the Facebook post to Instagram

If you are lucky enough to have the right to share Facebook posts to your Instagram directly, then you can check Instagram to cross-post when creating your Facebook post.

Share Facebook Post to Instagram

2. Automatically share a Facebook story to Instagram

You don’t have to check Instagram every time if your content is a video story. You can make it automatically.

Step 1:  Enter the Facebook Accounts Center from the profile menu.

Step 2:  Tap Story & Post Sharing.

Step 3:  Choose Share From Facebook.

Step 4:  Then turn on the Automatically Share button.

Set Up Facebook Accounts Center

Step 5:  Create a Facebook story.

Step 6:  You can always share your Facebook story to Instagram by change and save your privacy setting on the story-creating page.

In this way, you can sync to your Instagram story every time you post a story on Facebook. And you will see a Facebook & Instagram logo on the bottom right corner of your Facebook story once you finish the sharing story. And you can find a Facebook logo on your Instagram story as well.

3. Share a Facebook Page post to Instagram Feed

When it comes to the Facebook Page post sharing to Instagram feed, Facebook Business Suite is more professional than other tools. Facebook Business Suite offers a variety of tools to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts in one place. Except for the cross-posting between Facebook Page and Instagram, you can also check messages, create posts, view Instagram followers insights, and much more for both in one place.

Since you have followed the instruction mentioned in the previous part and linked Facebook Page with your Instagram account. Now, you can share your Facebook Page post to your Instagram in Facebook Business Suite.

Step 1:  Open Select the Facebook page if you own multiple Pages.

Step 2:  Click on the Create Post button.

Share Facebook Page Post to Instagram

Step 3:  Check both Facebook Page and Instagram on the Placement.

Step 4:  Create a caption for the post. After this step, your post still cannot be published, photos or videos are necessary.

Step 5:  Add a Photo or Video in the post, then Publish or Schedule your post by tapping the button on the right corner.

Remember, Instagram posts can't exceed 10 photos, so the photo number in step 5 is.

You can preview the FB Desktop News Feed, FB Mobile News Feed, and Instagram Feed effect before the publication.

Given that the accounts connection between FB and Instagram is mutual, and you can share the post and story from Instagram to Facebook, but in turn, you can only share the Facebook story to Instagram, although you can also share the Facebook Page post to Instagram, this operation can only be done on the computer, so the best way to cross-posting between Facebook and Instagram is to choose Instagram as the primary cross-posting tool so that you can achieve an easy cross-posting of almost all content between the two platforms and as long as your Instagram followers are large enough, then you can refer your Instagram followers to your Facebook, then the next question you may face is how to get Instagram followers fast free.

To solve the problem in a short time, you can use GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to hack followers. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita provides free & unlimited followers, non-drop protection, and insights with the users.

Tips and Suggestions on Cross-posting

The basic rule on cross-posting FB and Ins is: seek common ground while reserving differences. This rule is defined based on the compliance difference between FB and Ins.

In the meantime, here are some tips and reminders for upping your cross-posting game:

  • Hashtag use: it’s wise to use a few hashtags in the cross-posting that apply to both Facebook and Instagram; but if you want to use more hashtags to spread your reach, you’d better add them as a comment after the cross-posting or edit your Instagram post alone.

  • Limitations: there are currently a few notable limitations when you post from Facebook to Instagram. For example, the cross-posting feature can only be performed via a computer web – the feature is not accessible from the Facebook mobile app yet. Keep in mind that this feature is still in its infancy and will likely be updated in the coming days.

  • Business use only: you can post from Instagram to Facebook on your account though, you can’t yet do it from Facebook to Instagram. This new feature is for business use only.

Final Words

In summary, in view of the current asymmetry of cross-posting features on Facebook and Instagram platforms, the best solution is to choose Instagram as the primary tool as you possibly can and hack Instagram followers by GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita as the primary task.

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