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How to Scrape Instagram Followers Over 1000 Easily & Without API

Do you know how to scrape Instagram followers? You can get the username, emails, bio, phone number, etc. by Instagram followers scraping.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Wen

Did you ever think that your followers or other’s followers are helpful for tracking and hacking? If not, you should think of it now. The function of followers can be improving the engagement of your Ins, but it also can be the crucial method to achieve a certain purpose, such as growing followers and fins another influencer. 

Base on the above, this article will talk about Instagram followers scraping, including what is it, what we can scrape from followers, and how to scrape Instagram followers

 Scrap Instagram Followers

What is Instagram Scraping?

Instagram scraping is to collect Instagram information from public accounts. It can be divided into two types, manual and automatic. Literally, manual scraping means people collect the information one by one, while automatic scarping means applying tools to bulk followers’ data at one time. Apparently, the automatic one is more convenient when we want to scrape Instagram followers list. 

What Information Does the Instagram Followers Scraper Get?

Based on the above statement, automatic scraping is the most-used way to collect Instagram followers’ data. But what is the information that Instagram Followers Scrapers will get? Check the list below. 

#1 Username

#2 User’s ID

#3 Bio

#4 Followers’ number

#5 Scrape Instagram followers’ emails 

#6 Phone numbers

#7 Photos, videos, stories, and comments

#8 Locations


The items that can be scraped depend on the functions of the scrapers. Some scrapers can only hack Instagram followers, but others can distill useful information from the bio and analyze the account. With the scraped data, we can easily find the group that shares the same ideas on Instagram.

The Common Purposes to Scrape Instagram Followers

Having known the information that scrapers can get, do you ever question about what the purposes of scraping Instagram followers? The purposes can be divided into two parts.

1. The Commercial Purpose.

Social media is not only the place for entertainment but also the place of business for promotion. Usually, there are two kinds of promotions, online promotions and offline promotions. Instagram is one of the platforms for online promotions. To find Instagram influencers to do the product’s promotions, companies have to apply tools to fast scrape Instagram followers and accurately collect their contacting information, which will greatly save time cost. Besides, compared to get followers’ information from the middleman, the scraper tools are the top choice for companies. 

Also, by scraping a certain group of followers, companies will know where the targeted audiences are and then put relevant ads to those people.

 The Commercial Purpose of Instagram Followers Scraping

2. The Individual Purpose

The other purpose of scraping followers is from the individual side. Firstly, you can easily find who follow the same people with you, for example, you can scrap the followers of your boyfriend.

Secondly, you can find the followers in the same niches and then follow them to increase Instagram followers with high engagement. In other words, scraping Instagram followers can, in a sense, grow your followers, though this way can’t increase Instagram followers fast. 

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Is Instagram Scraping Legal?

It depends on what’s your purpose of scraping. Instagram scraping is a grey-area as there’re no specific laws to prohibit it in most counties. But we can judge it from the perspective of ethics. 

It can be legal as long as not to public followers’ information. On the other hand, it also can be illegal if you utilize the information to do illegal things. For business companies, Instagram scraping is a powerful way to find the targeted audience. On the one hand, Instagram says “we prohibit crawling, scraping, caching or otherwise accessing any content on the Service via automated means, including but not limited to, user profiles and photos”. On the other side, Instagram also provides APIs for scraping.

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How to Scrape Instagram Followers without API?

There are many ways of scraping Instagram followers, but some of them will need API, for example, scraping by Python and by certain codes in Google sheets. It sounds difficult for some of us, not to mention really use it. Let’s see how to scrape Instagram followers fast and without API. 

Instagrow & ProfileBud- Scrape Instagram followers chrome extension

Instagrow and ProfileBud are both powerful chrome extension help you to scrape Instagram followers. They can extract data that includes emails, follower count, following count, phone, address, etc. Instagrow won’t ask for your Instagram account and password, and ProfileBud will need your Instagram account.

First of all, lets’ see how to use Instagrow chrome to scrape Instagram followers. After adding Instagrow to your chrome, you can click to open it and input an Instagram username. Then, you have to set the extracted number and choose where you want to extract from, extract followers or extract followings. Finally, by clicking “go” to activate the process, you will get a list of information of followers. You are also allowed to export the data to XLSX. Moreover, Instagrow is free to use.

 Scrape Instagram Followers Chrome Extension

Next, the below video is the specific tutorial for ProfileBud. You will know how to use it.

GrowMeOrganic - Scrape Instagram followers on Windows & Mac

The second Instagram followers scraper is GrowMeOrganic. With it, you can scrape unlimited emails, phone numbers, websites, business details, and so forth. The scraper is free to try and it’s compatible with Windows and Mac. You are allowed to scrape users by followers, followings, hashtags, etc. Let’s see how to use it to scrape Instagram followers. 

 How to Scrape Instagram Followers on Windows & Mac

Alt: How to Scrape Instagram Followers on Windows & Mac

First, download the scraper on your Windows or Mac. 

Second, click on “Fetch User Followers”. Input a username, and set the user number. 

Third, choose another 5 scraping conditions to decide whether you want to scape “exclude private accounts”, “only business accounts”, “must have email”, “must have phone”, “must have website”. 

Forth, click “extract followers” to activate the procedure. 

Fifth, export the followers’ list into excels. 

 How to Scrape Instagram Followers’ Emails

Now It’s Your Turn!

The scrapers provided above don’t require API. They are served on the table, and all you have to do is enjoying using them. Of course, many other tools can help you scrape Instagram followers. So, don’t worry that you can’t scrape them. Attention! Do not sell the followers’ information to anyone for illegal usage!

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