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[Ultimate] How to Remove Instagram Ads in Simple Steps - 100% Working

Are you still searching for some methods to remove Instagram ads? We got you covered. Check this article to remove ads on Instagram easily.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Albert

Just like all the other social media platforms, Instagram also comes with Instagram ads. Specific algorithms are running at the backend of the ads to customize those ads for you. However, sometimes the ads can be distracting, annoying or frustrating, especially when the content is not relevant to your topics of interest.

In that case, you have a good enough reason to remove Instagram ads or block ads on Instagram. It’s not a complicated process. However, some people still do not know the right way to get rid of these Instagram ads PERMANENTLY. So, here is all you need to know.

How to Remove Instagram Ads

3 General Methods to Remove Instagram Ads Easily

It’s a nice moment spending your free time browsing Instagram feed and watching content from your favorite accounts. However, one thing that may intrude your comfort and least acceptable here is the Instagram ads. While sometimes the ads are good(which rarely happens), most of the time you get annoyed by seeing the same ad again and again. So, it's time to learn how to permanently get rid of ads on Instagram.

#1 Hiding the ads on Instagram

So, the first and most basic thing you can do to remove Instagram ads is by hiding them. There is an option in Instagram where you can hide posts and ads, which is very easy to do. Here is how to go about it.

Right above the post, you will see the name of the Instagram account on the left and the right, and there will be three dots.

Step 1: Click on the three dots present on the top right of the post.

Step 2: Select the “Hide Ad” option.

Hide Ads on Instagram

Step 3: Select the “It’s inappropriate” option from the given choices.

Why Did You Hide the Ad?

After following these steps, your Instagram account ads algorithm will know that the post is inappropriate for you, so it will never show that ad again. In this way, you can remove ads on Instagram with ease. The downside is repeating this process for every ad may take some time. But you will notice a significant change.

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#2 Report to remove ads on Instagram

So, you are do hide the ads but there are still some new ads in your feed. Well, it means that you can move to the next step to remove Instagram ads. The process is somewhat similar and straightforward, but the results will be even better. So, here is all that you need to do.

Step 1: Look for the same three dots that you used in the previous method.

Step 2: Click on those three dots.

Step 3: Select “Report Ad”

Report Ads on Instagram

This method to remove ads on Instagram may not seem as unique or different from the older ones. However, when you do this process, Instagram will ensure that you will never see any ad from the same account. In this way, if one page was constantly showing irrelevant and inappropriate ads, you can easily get rid of those ads and the whole account.

#3 Block ads on Instagram

If you think that things are still not working out in your case, then you can block ads on Instagram. It is something that takes you to the next level of reporting ads on Instagram. So, here is all you need to do.

When you see an Instagram ad, you need to go to the user's account. For doing this, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: When you see an add there will be a name of an account on the top left side of the ad. Click on that. Now Instagram will take you to a new page that will be the complete profile of that account.

Step 2: In the top right corner of the screen, you will see three dots. Click on them.

Step 3: The menu that comes up on the screen will have an option to block the account. Click on that.

Block Ads on Instagram

Step 4: Now, another screen will ask you to block that account only or the accounts they follow. Here you can select either of the options. However, the option to block other accounts as well is better.

Step 5: Finally, you only need to click on the “Block” button below and you will be done with the process.

By following the given steps, you can easily block ads on Instagram by blocking the main account that sends those ads. So, it will be sure that you will never have to see any ad from that account whatsoever. 

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Remove Instagram Ads by Depriving Them [2 Methods]

From the above three methods, you can see that Instagram ads are ineradicable. You will still see new ads in your feed. The reason is simple: Instagram is a free app to use.  Ads are its major income source which can support constant upgrades and maintenance of the app. So, if you want to remove ads on Instagram, you can choose other versions of Instagram that are ads-free.

#1 Use Instagram Lite 

Instagram launched its lightweight version of the app in 2018. But only for Android users. You can free download it from Google Play. Although it leaves out things such as ads, Live, Reels, Shopping and so on, you can still create photos, videos, and stories. Most importantly, you can browse posts and stories without unnecessary and annoying ads.

#2 Use the web version

Another method is to use the Instagram web version on your phone, PC or Mac to remove ads on Instagram completely. You can use it to simply view and like posts, follow other users, send DMs, but it doesn’t support creating new content like posts, Stories and Reels. 

If you prefer to use Instagram on your PC or Mac. Here is good news! You can download the extension in the chrome web store. After the installation, you will access useful features like using the app on your phone. You can upload Stories, IGTV, make screen shorts and more.

Here are 3 steps to install the extension:

Step 1: Go to the chrome web store.

Step 2: Enter “Instagram” in the search box.

Search Instagram Web in Chrome Web Store

Step 3: Click “Web for Instagram with Direct” and then click “Add to Chrome”

Step 4: After adding it, you will see an icon at the top right of the screen. Then login into your IG account online and click the icon button. It will switch to mobile mode. It’s 100% advertising-free.

Web for Instagram - Extension Icon

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The Bottom Line

In conclusion, most users probably hate ads in their Instagram feed. This article suggests 3 general methods and 2 clever methods to help you remove Instagram ads and bring you a better user experience. 

By the way, although you may hate ads, you can’t deny that you can make money from them. The more followers you have, the higher chances that you can get sponsored by brands. Using a free Instagram followers app is one of the best ways to improve your account quickly. Let’s download it to make you stand out on Instagram.

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