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Boost Your Engagement with Questions to Ask Instagram Followers - 15 Ideas from Big Brands

Many big brands use questions to ask Instagram followers and they win over massive views, likes, comments and followers. Read the 15 examples in this blog and apply them to your Instagram campaign.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

Unique and relevant questions to ask followers are extremely useful to drive traffic, boost engagement, and strengthen the ties in your community. Many brands use this technique and reap a good harvest. 

If you also want to energize your community on Instagram with questions to engage with your followers, this blog is surely what you are looking for. It collects 15 examples from real brands and sums up the secret to raise good questions on Instagram that'll beat the algorithm. Let's dive in.

Questions to Ask Instagram Followers

 What Questions to Ask Your Followers on Instagram?

In this section, we’ll walk through the living examples of 15 excellent questions to ask Instagram followers. See how these brands and influencers make the most of the power of asking.  

1. Share Your Brand's Value to Inspire

Successful brands are selling more than just products. They establish values to tell their stories.

When a sense of belonging is conveyed, there is no need to chase loyalty anymore. You get free Instagram followers every 24 hours without pursuing.

In addition, followers who feel represented become more loyal, active and engaged in your community.

Questions to Ask Instagram Followers - Share Your Brand’s Value

Here are the real examples from 5 big brands:

  • How far would you travel for the game you love? - Nike

  • What possibilities do you see? - Adidas

  • We got Beyond Meatballs, what about you? - BeyondMeat

  • What are you grateful for? - Starbucks

  • It’s brave to exist in a larger body, to have acne or birthmarks, to exist with a disability, to be true to yourself? - Dove

2. Offer Help in the Disguise of Asking 

Accounts that rack up an astonishing followers count always care about what is holding their targeted Instagram followers back. 

So they can offer immediate help to create some value, such as a piece of suggestion, a recipe or an inspiring story to tell.

Questions to Ask Instagram Followers - Offer Some Help

You’re also advised to use questions to ask your Instagram followers directly, so you know their biggest concerns, struggles and complaints. 

Then help them immediately to strengthen the ties between you and your followers.

Here are the real examples from 5 big brands:

  • Did you know? Kids who drink water build healthier habits! - Nestlé

  • Want a fresh perspective on all things art and design? - IKEA

  • How is American reckoning its past today? - National Geographic

  • Do you want to reduce your hot water consumption? - L’Oreal

  • If you are caring for yourself or a loved one at home, how can you keep everyone safe? - WHO

3. Survey Followers to Understand Them

One of the benefits of Instagram marketing is that brands can start a conversation easily. Whether it is through a post or an Instagram story, talks on social media are much more engaged, bold and expressive. You can fully leverage this advantage to survey your followers.

Questions to Ask Your Followers - Survey Your Followers

In addition, Instagram is made to help you achieve that. Instagram story stickers, Instagram quiz and Instagram polls have always been everybody’s favorite since rolling out.

Here are the real examples from 5 big brands:

  • What are your biggest avocado questions? - Avo Bacon

  • What’s Your Bra-Top Style? - Victoria’s Secret

  • How important is your coffee to you? - Starbucks

  • QUIZ TIME! Which Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Should You Date? - Ben & Jerry’s

  • What is your favorite M·A·C Red? - M·A·C Cosmetics

The Key to Ask Great Questions on Instagram

As you can see, many big brands like to interact with their followers by asking questions. You can do the same to boost your engagement and strength the connection in your community.

But before you take actions, have a look at these three principles that are helpful to raise good questions to ask Instagram followers.

1. Keep it always simple

The chance on social media is actually slim if you consider Instagrammers’ habit of scrolling. You have only few seconds to grab their attention.

Apart from being creative, please make sure your questions to ask Instagram followers easy to read. Choose simple over specialized words less than 7 letters, use as few words as possible, and make complete sentences.

2. It doesn’t have to be related to your products

Every question to ask Instagram followers has an aim. And you should diversify the aim to make your followers feel fresh, creative and valued.

That said, instead of limiting the questions to “How do you like our products?” or likewise, you can go further to ask something different with little relation to your commodities, so your followers feel there is more than money between them and you.

3. Try to provoke shared experiences

Good questions should also bring the spotlight to people’s shared experiences. It can be the opinions about a trending event or you are just curious about their secrets on how to start Mondays in a good mood.

Surely, followers tend to talk more when they feel resonated, one proof is the massive engagement of Instagram memes

Before You Go

After learning about how big brands take advantage of questions to ask Instagram followers, do you feel inspired to do the same? So you can have a higher engagement rate, understand your followers better, and spread your brand image further.

Except for the three points guiding you to ask good questions on Instagram, the power of asking, however, demands your relentless spirit of trial and error.

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