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4 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apk - Free, Legal & Efficient [2022]

Want to use Instagram unlock private account apk? 4 best Instagram viewer apk including instagram++ apk here to unlock the private account.

Updated 2022-04-15 10:31:05 | by Sydny

Instagram developed the function of setting for privacy, so many Instagram users can't view private Instagram accounts except they are permitted. But for some purposes, many people still desire to view Instagram accounts without limits. To meet their needs, many companies developed tools for helping them. 

Some are available on iOS devices, they serve for the iPhone or iPad. Many users use android devices, private Instagram viewer apk is designed for android devices only. In this article, there are 4 best-selected private Instagram viewer apk for you, hope you'll view private Instagram without limits.

Private Instagram Viewer Apk

Title List

What Is Private Instagram Viewer Apk?

You should understand it in 2 parts, firstly, you should understand the private Instagram viewer. Private Instagram viewer is a tool that can be used to help Instagram users view private Instagram accounts without following and permits. Some of these tools can not only view private Instagram accounts but also can help users download Instagram pictures and videos. These functions help them a lot. After you have the first understanding of this tool, you may be confused about apk. Apk is an android application package, so private Instagram viewer apk is designed for android devices, that'll be more convenient for android device customer.

Best 4 Private Instagram Viewer Apk: Free, Safe & Efficient

Top 4. Postegro & Lili

Private Instagram Viewer Free Apk-4

With KidsGuard Pro, you can view one's private Instagram account secretly without following. Also, if you are interested in some private Instagram videos and pictures, just need one click, and then you can save them. You can repost these interesting Instagram pictures to attract more free followers for Instagram. What's more, Postegro & Lili supports multiple Instagram accounts, so it is convenient for you to switch your Instagram accounts on Postegro & Lili.


  • A legal and safe private Instagram viewer apk.

  • Privacy & data protection.

  • 100% safe.

  • Instagram photos and videos reposting.

How to use

1. Download this apk and install it.

2. Login with your Instagram account.

3. Search private Instagram usernames to view their profiles.

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Top 3. Feedsta

Instagram Private Profile Photo Viewer Apk-3

Feedsta is the Instagram private profile photo viewer apk, which allows you to view hidden Instagram profiles. What's more, Feedsta has the same functions as Instagram, you can use it to follow or unfollow Instagram accounts, also, Feedsta has other functions that Instagram doesn't have, such as downloading profile pictures, viewing videos in fullscreen, downloading posts. With Feedsta, you will have a better user experience.


  • No advertising & 100% privacy.

  • Multiple functions that give users a better experience.

  • View profile photos from public and private profiles.

How to use:

1. Download & install Feedsta.

2. Login with your Instagram accounts.

3. View private Instagram profile photos.

Top 2. IG Saver

Instagram Private Profile Photo Viewer Apk-2

IG Saver is an apk used for the Instagram private view. With IG Saver, you can visit the private Instagram profiles to view all the account information without following them. Besides, it is the most popular Instagram media downloader, and you can download Instagram videos, posts, stories, and reels. It's one apk that contains lots of functions, and Instagram users will benefit from it and have a better user experience. IG Saver is the one that has some functions that Instagram doesn't have.


  • View private Instagram account without following.

  • A great tool for downloading information on both private and public Instagram accounts.

  • Easy to use for Instagram users.

  • Riskless and safe

How to use:

1. Download IG Saver.

2. Login with a 100% safety guarantee.

3. Paste URL to download public posts.

4. Paste private Instagram username to download private videos and posts.

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Top 1. InStory

Instagram Private Profile Photo Viewer Apk-1

InStory is a private Instagram viewer free apk, it is one of the best private Instagram viewer tools. InStory is used for helping Instagram users view private Instagram accounts. Also, it is designed professionally for people to download Instagram stories. It has gained lots of good reviews since it started, and now it is available in Google Play. 


  • View Instagram stories that are hidden.

  • Download videos and stories on Instagram.

  • Riskless & safe to use.

  • Totally free.

How to use

1. Download InStory.

2. Search for the person whose story you want to see.

3. View their private Instagram stories.

4. Press 'Download'' to download the stories if you want.

What You'll Get after Use Private Instagram Viewer Apk?

Get Information of Someone You Care for

Almost everyone has one Instagram account. Instagram has become one platform in which users can express their feelings. they often show some pictures of their daily lives or some posts to describe the things that happened around them. But if they set their account as a private one, you can't view their Instagram posts. With private Instagram viewers, you can get the information of someone you care for, and know what she/he is interested in quickly. It will save you much time and also, they won't know you have viewed their Instagram accounts.

Learn How to Get 10k Free Instagram Followers

Some Instagram accounts have got 10k Instagram followers quickly, you want to view their Instagram accounts and see how to achieve this goal. However, you find that they set their accounts to private Instagram accounts. Why? The possible reason is that they don't want other Instagram users to imitate their post style and copy their photos and videos, then repost on Instagram. So if you want to learn how to get 10k free Instagram followers quickly like these private Instagram accounts, you can use a private Instagram viewer to see their Instagram posts and download their pictures and posts. With this tool, getting 1k Instagram followers in 5 minutes will be successful easily.

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The Bottom Line

This article has offered 4 best-tested private Instagram viewer apks for you, all of them are 100% safe and riskless. Hope you can view Instagram accounts without limits. 

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