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5 Ways To Post To Instagram From PC [2021]

You don’t need to download any apps or extensions to post to Instagram from PC. Here are 5 ways you can use to post videos or multiple photos to Instagram.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Cody

For those who like to edit photos on their computer before posting on Instagram, it would be quite convenient to post to Instagram from PC. Actually, it is very easy to post a photo to Instagram on your PC without installing any programs or paying for any services. 

As you may know that Instagram allows you to post photos directly from a browser on your mobile phone without having the application installed, so you can use a feature on your PC as well with a simple trick. In this article, I will show you 5 different ways to post photos to Instagram from your computer for free. Depending on your preference, choose the method that suits you. 

Method 1: Post Photos to Instagram with Web Browser Only

No matter which web browser you use, you can simulate a mobile browser in your computer browser. We recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser as shown in the following tutorial. You can also refer to the steps below if you use Firefox, Safari, Edge, which are quite similar. 

Post photos on PC

Step 1. In the browser, go to Instagram and log in with your account. 

Step 2. When the site opens, press the "F12" key on Windows or press “Option + Command + I” shortcuts keys on macOS. A new window will appear on the right with codes. In the top bar, select the mobile icon as shown in the screen below.

Post to Instagram from PC

Step 3. Now the screen will simulate that of a mobile phone, so that the look of the social network will be similar to the mobile app version. Just reload the page, then you can click the "+" icon in the bottom bar of the window to post a photo on Instagram. 

Step 4. Choose the photo you want to post, and from there, just follow the same steps as posting a photo on your phone.

In this way, you can also see the Camera Icon on the top. From there, you can also post Instagram stories. You can even read and send direct messages on your desktop. Now you know how to post photos straight from your PC and without any program.

Post Video on Computer

You cannot use the method to post a video on an Instagram post, but you can post videos on PC to IGTV. And it is very easy and is present in the common version of Instagram for PC.

Step 1: Open the Instagram site in your browser. Then click the person icon to open your profile.

Step 2: After that, look for the tab “IGTV”, which is in the middle of the screen, just below your profile information.

Step 3: Click and then select “Upload”.  In the left-hand corner you will see a large “+” sign. Click on it and choose from your library the video you want to post.

Step 4: Once your video is selected, fill in the details of your post, such as title, description, and cover choice.

Step 5: Click “Publish” and you're done. Your video will be available.

Method 2: Post to Instagram with Chrome Extension

If you need to post to Instagram on your computer constantly, it is a good choice to install the Desktop for Instagram Chrome extension. Whenever you want to post to Instagram, just click on the extension icon to access the Instagram™ mobile website. 

Besides all the features in method 1, this Chrome Extension allows you to quickly post videos to IGTV. As you can see from the screenshot below, there are options to show Full format photo link and Download photo button. Once enabled, you can download any photo or video from Instagram with one simple click. 

Post to Instagram from PC-2

However, this extension is pretty much the same as method 1. You can only add one photo to your Instagram post with it. If you want to post multiple photos to Instagram on PC, you can check the following methods

Method 3: Instagram App for Windows

If you are running Windows 10 on your computer, you can download the official Instagram app for Windows from Microsoft Store. This app has all the features in your mobile Instagram app. 

Post to Instagram from PC-3

You can upload multiple photos to your Instagram post. Of course, you can also upload videos the same way as you do on Instagram mobile app. It works better if it is a Windows tablet or Windows PC with touch screen. 

Method 4: Post Photos on Instagram on Computer with Android PC Emulator

BlueStacks is a powerful Android PC emulator. With it, you'll have an environment like a real Android smartphone, and you can use apps like you're on your phone, so you can post multiple photos to Instagram. There are versions for Mac and PC.


Multiple photos and deep captions are more likely to grow Instagram followers.

Step 1. Download and install BlueStacks through this link on your PC or Mac. After installation, you can sign in to BlueStacks using your Google account.

Step 2. Type "Instagram" in the search bar. When you see the app, click it and then click "Install." Accept the terms. 

Post to Instagram from PC-4

Step 3. Once installed, open Instagram and click "sign-in". Sign in to Instagram to view your feed. Then you can post to Instagram as you do it on an Android phone. 

You can add a caption to the photo. To finally post the photo to Instagram, click the selection icon in the upper right corner.

Method 5: Post to Instagram with Social Scheduling App

There are a number of services that allow you to post on Instagram by PC, speeding up the work and also allowing you to schedule posts. I will just list a few for your preference. 


A free tool for scheduling Instagram posts, Buffer is a tool for managing social media. That is, it is also possible to create publications for Facebook and Twitter, among others. On Instagram, you can create posts just for the feed and they must be single image or video.

Buffer also has an artificial intelligence system that checks the times at which your posts receive the most engagement and sets up a calendar automatically. Click on the link to access Buffer and start using it.


Competing directly with Buffer, Hootsuite was one of the first applications to manage multiple social media accounts. It is one that allows you to schedule publications on a large number of networks, including Instagram. In addition to allowing you to post to Instagram on your PC, Hootsuite lets you search shareable content and track topics and keywords of interest to your business. 

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