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How do I Automatically Post from Facebook to Instagram in 2021?

How to cross-post between Facebook and Instagram? Here’s a complete guide to post from Facebook to Instagram quickly and grow your likes and followers.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Rainer

Using Facebook and Instagram to engage with your audience is a great strategy. But, coming up with unique content ideas for each platform on a regular basis might feel like an endless fight. For many marketers, automated third party post from Facebook to Instagram have proven to be huge time savings. Since purchasing the image-sharing network Instagram, Facebook has been developing new and improved methods to connect the two services.

Post from Facebook to Instagram

They allow you to build and manage Instagram ad campaigns directly from Facebook Ad Manager. Both platforms share a common advertising platform as well as capabilities like audience targeting.
But did you know that you can post directly from Facebook to Instagram? Even better, there is a relatively easy method that will save you time and money. You've come to the correct spot if this is something that interests you.
We'll go through how to post to Instagram from Facebook page and its advantages in this article. We'll also go through additional options for accomplishing the same thing with third-party software.

Why Should You Cross-Posting from Facebook to Instagram

Cross-posting is a simple solution that allows you to post from Facebook to Instagram (Also, you can share Facebook story to Instagram). You can make one post and share it on two platforms at the same time. You can enjoy the following benefits by using the cross-posting feature.
1. Your brand's message will be consistent if you share the same material on Facebook and Instagram.
2. It's crucial to keep your social media accounts updated if you want to attract more followers and expand your online profile.
3. When you cross-post, you only have to write one great post, giving you more time to operate your business.

How to Post from Facebook to Instagram

Are you wondering how do I automatically post from Facebook to Instagram? Creating a post from Facebook to Instagram is a simple and easy process; make sure you have your Facebook login details. With three simple steps mentioned down below, you can automatically post from Facebook to Instagram:
1. Link Facebook with Instagram
Follow these steps to link your Facebook account with Instagram:
Step 1: Launch Instagram and click on your account profile.
Step 2: Open Settings by clicking on the three bars.

Post from Facebook to Instagram - open Instagram settings

Step 3: Click on Accounts and select Linked Accounts.

Link Facebook Account to Instagram

Step 4: To link your Facebook account to Instagram, tap on Facebook and log in to your Facebook account. (Can refer to: How to Log in Instagram with Facebook.)

Log in Instagram to Your Facebook Account

2. Create an Image Post
To create a post from Facebook to Instagram, follow these steps:
Step 1: Open Facebook and go to the Create post option.

Create Image Post to Link to Instagram

Step 2: Upload a single image to create an image post.

1. You will be able to post this image on Instagram. Make sure you write a caption for this image that is suitable for both platforms.
2. Directly add hashtags to your Facebook post. If you don't want hashtags in your Facebook post, you may edit your Instagram post later and add them individually. You may also delete the hashtags once you've published the FB post.

3. Publish to Facebook and Instagram
To publish a post from Facebook to Instagram, follow these steps:
Step 1: Create a post on Facebook by using the above method.
Step 2: Check the cross-post option on Instagram, and this will allow you to post from Facebook to Instagram directly.

Publish to Facebook and Instagram

Limitations of creating a cross-post from Facebook to Instagram 

  • Your post will not appear on Instagram if you choose the Post later option.

  • You can't post photos taller than 4:3 ratios as they aren't supported by Instagram and get cropped.

  • You can't cross-post multiple images.

  • Cross-posting doesn't work for an account that has enabled two-factor authentication.

  • If a post has already been published on your Facebook page, you won't be able to share it on Instagram.

How to Make the IG Posts That from Facebook Successful

Instagram has around 1.16 billion monthly visitors. An average user spends about 8 minutes each day on this app, and 500 million people use Stories every day. Instagram has a lot of influencers who have a lot of followers, too. With the correct strategy between Facebook and Instagram, you can also become an influential brand. To stay relevant to current followers while also attracting new followers and get more likes, you need to upload the appropriate content. A successful Instagram post from Facebook would bring your Facebook influence to Instagram, leading to a high number of likes, followers, views and engagement. To make it more effective, you can also use a third-party app like GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to make your Instagram posts successful.

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How to get free Instagram followers:
You can quickly get followers and likes by following these steps:
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Create an Account to Get Free Followers on Instagram

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You can post to Instagram from the Facebook page and then use the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita app to increase your reach. If you want to increase your Instagram followers and likes instantly, you can also purchase the premium packages from the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita app. This app is so efficient that it doesn't get detected by Instagram, and there is no chance of getting your account banned due to suspicious activity.


Creating a cross post from Facebook to Instagram is time-saving and helps you post consistent content on Facebook and Instagram. It also keeps your account active and increases your exposure. That's why we've supplied you with step-by-step instructions on how to publish from one social network to another seamlessly. However, if you want to compete with the Instagram giants with followers and likes in a million, we suggest using the GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita app. This app provides 100% real and active followers to its users. Moreover, there is no chance of getting scammed as this is a very secure app, and you can increase free Instagram followers and likes in no time.

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