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My Ex Broke Up with Me But Stalks My Instagram: Why & What to Do

Are you bothered by the question, "Why is my ex stalking my Instagram?" Here’re 3 reasons to understand your "my ex still stalks my Instagram" question.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Joy

Ghosting each other on Instagram is a common thing to do after a breakup, mostly to let your ex know you're never getting back together, or not to show that you're desperate for attention or stalking. But, one day, you saw a familiar avatar still watching you. Or you might find an apparently unknown Instagram account stalking every story you post. Is this a junk account or an ex? The creepy account, with a strange name, spies on you with very little effort: no photos, no followings, no followers. Then you might say to your friend, “What should I do if my ex still stalks my Instagram?”

My EX Still Stalks My Instagram

You are definitely not the only one following this type of issue. For example, on quora, there are a lot of questions like, "Why is my ex stalking my Instagram?" No worries. The article answers these questions from 3 aspects. You can get an overview from the following table of contents.

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What Does It Mean If My EX Still Stalks My Instagram? 3 Reasons

Whether you're newly single or have been broken up with your ex for a while, you're wondering what it would mean if your ex is still following, watching, and stalking you on Instagram. Do they still love you? Or does your story automatically pop up in front of your ex because of the continuity of Instagram stories? Actually, it can mean a lot of things, or even mean nothing at all. Based on a break-up timing analysis, it is concluded that there are 3 common reasons why your ex is stalking your Instagram. 

1. Have uncontrollable emotions when you're newly single

Chances are, your ex is just as madly upset about the breakup as you are, so she or he may be tempted to do something impulsive. The emotions may even have risen to levels she/he herself/himself had never experienced before. It's like your ex's hormones are talking and telling her she needs to keep an eye on you.

Sometimes, even though your ex may have said a lot of mean and horrible things to you during the breakup, she/he may not be able to control her/his emotions, which means she/he may want to spend endless hours on Instagram trying to connect with you, but this is done indirectly by quietly stalking you.

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2. Your ex is curious about you for a short time after the breakup

What does it mean if my ex still stalks my Instagram after a long breakup? Your ex is totally committed to the relationship, she/he is probably just curious to know what you're doing after the breakup. When you ask your mutual friends if they know why your ex stalks you, they may tell you that she/he just wants to know how interesting your life is and how much it has changed because she’s/he's no longer a part of your life. Honestly, we're all curious about the ex's life as we want to see how much impact we have on their lives. 

My Ex Broke Up with Me But Stalks My Instagram

3. It's become a habit to stalk your IG for a long time

If your ex followed you every day for a long time after the breakup, she/he might have gotten into the habit of checking up on you as an integral part of her/his daily routine. Habits are not easily broken, and she/he may still feel a connection to some extent that continues. But note that it doesn't necessarily mean she/he wants you back or has a crush on you. This could be an itch from your ex and you are relieving for the time being.

What to Do If My EX Boyfriend Stalks My Instagram? 5 Methods

When you understand why your ex follows you on Instagram, you may be confused about what to do next. An "ex" is someone who knows you, knows where you live, where you work, where you go to school. They are familiar with all of your social profiles and know how to find you, whether online or in real life.

Whether your ex is just curious about you or behaves in ways that interfere with your current life, it can have some bad effects on your mind and body. If you suffer from headaches, dizziness, lack of appetite, weight fluctuations, depression, anger, anxiety, etc., If you're fretting about this: my ex-boyfriend stalks my Instagram, check out the tips below to find out what to do.

  • Tell your best friends or family members. Having a solid support base is usually an important first step.

  • Directly tell the stalker in writing form to stop their behavior.

  • If you feel that your life is seriously disturbed, just block or report your ex stalker on Instagram.

  • Your ex may try to contact you through bogus accounts, and you will break them by setting your social profile to private and change your password.

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How Often Does My EX Stalk My Instagram after A Breakup?

On a Reddit forum, someone described a problem: Even though my ex-boyfriend and I have been apart for 7 years, I considered us very seriously. We talked about getting married, starting a family, etc. He's been married for a year or two now, and I'm getting married next month, but recently I found out that he and his wife were having their first child. I'm not an Instagram friend of either of them, but I can't help checking his wife's Instagram account and Facebook every other week or so. I'm not jealous, just very interested. Is that normal?

From the above analysis of why your ex stalks you on Instagram, we can see that this situation is actually normal. There was a graduate student who did a really interesting study that found that over 88 percent of people follow their exes on Instagram after a breakup. Some followed their exes at least three times a week, and some followed them daily.

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How Do I Know If My EX Broke Up with Me But Stalks My Instagram?

Instagram itself can't help you know who is stalking you, who is following you at specific times, who is unfollowing you, who has a crush on you, and who has seen your profile and stories. This is where the question arises: how do I know if my ex broke up with me but stalks my Instagram.

My EX Boyfriend Stalks My Instagram

Here are a few recommended Instagram stalker apps you can try, such as FindMyStalker, Stalker Reports, Profile Plus, etc. To timely find your unfollowers, fake accounts on Instagram, you can also try these best apps for tracking your Instagram.

Bottom Line:

Hope this article can help you effectively solve the "my ex still stalks my Instagram'' problem. If you're stalking your ex, you can also check to see if these are your reasons. In fact, sometimes there's nothing wrong with stalking the ex's status, but if it prevents you from recovering from the pain of the relationship, you're creating an unhealthy cycle. 

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