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Top 10 Most Viewed Reels on Instagram till Now | Increase Your Instagram Reels Views Free

Do you know the most viewed reel on Instagram till now? Curious or not? This blog list the top 10 most viewed reels on Instagram. Just click to check.

Updated 2022-02-21 16:10:47 | by Cracy

Instagram reel is a hot function used by Instagram users after the ban of TikTok in some leading countries. It is a 10-15 second short video similar to TikTok. You can record many creative and eye-catching moments. In just a few short years since the feature was launched, a large quantity of people have participated in the event and gained a huge sense of accomplishment. Do you want to know what is the most viewed reel on Instagram so far? What are the top 10 most viewed Instagram reels? What are the video formats of these most popular reels? Curious? This article will introduce you the top ten most viewed reels on Instagram and also be a navigation to help you get Instagram reels views free.

Most Viewed Reel on Instagram

Why Instagram Reels Get Popularity Among Users

In this fast-paced era, people like to watch short videos, such as TikTok, Instagram reels and so on. Instagram reels are mostly funny videos or clips, which can save their time and relax themselves. Therefore, Instagram reel is quite popular among users. Instagram reels allows you to create videos with effects, audio, and creative tools. If you use this function well, you will get more chances to reach new audience and develop your brands and business to a larger stage.

Imagine you are a celebrity on Instagram, digital marketers and brands official will ask for cooperation day by day. And you will be a professional promoter and make a fortune on Instagram easily and instantly. Posting Instagram reels is a great way to attract views and reach new audience. So, there are more and more active users in enjoying publishing Instagram reels.

Top 10 Most Viewed Reels on Instagram Till Now: Khaby Wins

Since Instagram reels launched, there have been many highly viewed reels videos. Do you curious about the most viewed Instagram reel? Why does it get millions of views? Let’s get the answers. In this article, Top 10 most viewed reels on Instagram till now will be listed.

Top 1: Learn From Khaby - 286 Million Views

This is the most viewed reels on Instagram. Khaby creates a video with an iron. Till now, it owns 12.2 million likes and more than 286 million views on Instagram. How does it become the most viewed Instagram reels? Go and find the secret.

Most Viewed Reel on Instagram

Top 2: Blink and Express - 259 Million

Talent has nothing to do with age. This Indian girl made it. She makes an Instagram reel in a super expressive way, which makes it be the second most viewed reels on Instagram. With Instagram views increase, Instagram reels likes increase free easily as well.

Most Viewed Instagram Reel

Top 3: One Word - Happiness - 144 Million

This reel video depicts a beautiful pool of orange fish coming to eat and has got more than 144 million views and 9 million likes. It is the No.3 most viewed Instagram reel.

No.3 Most Viewed Reel on Instagram

Top 4: Do Things in the Right Way - 136 Million

Top 5: Sista! It was Mine - 131 Million

Top 6: Who said 3 blind mice can’t #glitch - 127 Million

Top 7: Lol! Open the door this way - 117 Million

Top 8: GTA with Dog - 113 Million

Top 9: Only works with toothpaste - 113 Million

Top 10: Batman maintenance team! - 112 Million

Above is the overview of the top 10 most viewed Instagram reels till now. If are interested in any one of them, just go to Instagram and search or Google it, you can see the detailed info of each most viewed Instagram reel video.

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How to Increase Instagram Reels Views and Gain More

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Be the Most Viewed Reel On Instagram

The End

As you can infer from the top 10 most viewed reels on Instagram, most of them are normal and humorous videos. So, if you want to become get attention on Instagram reels, create funny and novel Instagram reels first. Then use a tool to boost your Instagram reels views, let your reel be the most viewed reel on Instagram in 2022. Download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita and get free Instagram views daily on reels now.

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