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5 Best Free Apps to Manage & Grow Instagram Followers Fast

How to manage Instagram followers? the article lists 5 best free manage Instagram followers apps fast and grow 1000+ IG followers by the way.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Grace

Increasing followers is always what Instagram users want. Trying kinds of useful and effective methods, you gain a certain quantity of followers over time. But after building a large number of followers on Instagram, what should you do next to improve your account? That is to manage Instagram followers

With a large audience base, you need to choose which user to follow or unfollow. At this time, you need a third-party app to help you manage followers on Instagram with less effort and time. You can improve your account accordingly. This article lists 5 best apps to manage Instagram followers effectively and improve your account with more Instagram followers. 

Manage Grow Instagram Followers App

Title List

1. InsPlus - Best App to Manage Instagram Followers

Want to bulk follow and unfollow via an app? InsPlus is what you need. It is the best app to manage Instagram followers, which is designed to see insights of your followers and unfollowers. It shows lists of only follower, only following, and mutual following. You can add followers or unfollow others in bulk. It enables you to view stories secretly and profile pictures even if they are hidden. 

Best App to Manage Instagram Followers - InsPlus


Like analysis. See the most liked posts and shared time.

Secret story viewing. Owners cannot see the stories you’re watching.

See unfollowers, mutual followers, and users you don’t follow.

Bulk follow and unfollow.

Missed follow requests. Show those who do not respond to a follow request.

HD profile photo. View the profile picture of the person you want, even if the profile is hidden.

2. Follower Analyzer for Instagram - Manage Several Instagram Accounts 

Follower Analyzer for Instagram supports several accounts. If you have more than one Instagram account to manage, it is a convenient app to manage Instagram followers. It has a list of users who follow and unfollow you. It shows followers who never or always like or comment on your posts, etc. 

Manage Followers on Instagram - Followers Analyzer for Instsagram

The most distinguished function of this app is to allow you to analyze any of your friend accounts to see their stats. You can learn from their good posts or profiles to improve your account. Get it now and you can unlock other users’ secrets.


Show followers and unfollowers.

Track new followers and view fans.

See your top liked and commented posts.

View your top watched video.

Search posts near your location.

Analyze the account of your friends or user you follow. 

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3. InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita - Manage & Increase Instagram Followers App 

When you manage Instagram followers, you need to increase followers as much as possible at the same time. What’s the fastest way to increase Instagram followers? Use InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita - a free followers app that hacks Instagram followers and gives quick access to huge followers. It runs on Android, iOS, and PC. It is very safe as you can get followers and likes with no login, survey, and verification. It offers real and high-quality followers without limit. Besides, it also helps you get free likes as well.  

GetInsitaInsbottleGetInsita: Best Instagram Followers & Likes App
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  • Organic daily IG followers & likes with various subscriptions.
  • Instant delivery and 24/7 customer support.

How to get free followers and likes? You can get coins by following others or liking others’ posts. Then use these coins to get followers and likes. These followers and likes will be sent to your account organically and naturally. If you want to learn detailed steps to get followers and likes on InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita, watch the video below.


Totally free. Every user can get hundreds of coins by following, logging, and so on. Use these coins to get unlimited Instagram followers and likes without a penny.

Increase followers automatically. After you publish a task with coins on this Instagram auto followers app, you will get followers or likes. You can see followers increasing in the task list which would occur within 24 hours. 

No password. After logging into this app via your email, you just need to add your Instagram username. Then you can begin to get followers and likes for your Instagram account.

Support multiple accounts. InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita supports up to 5 accounts. If you have more than one account, you can use this app to get followers and likes for every account.

4. Followers Chief - Well-designed Manage Instagram Followers App

Available on Android and iPhone, Followers Chief is a wonderful app to manage Instagram followers. You are allowed to add an unlimited number of accounts. All statistics of your followers and unfollowers insight are available, including users who stop following you. It's a great app to see who unfollow you quickly and remove them easily. With the statistics, you can get rid of unfollowers and follow back easily. 

Well-designed App to Manage Instagram Followers - Followers Chief

The most different point lies in that you can see your popularity score and status based on your followers insight. You can manage Instagram followers and improve your account according to this app. It also allows users to boost profiles and generate mass follows. This app has no ads.  


Show unfollowers and followers who don’t follow you back.

Give statistics of your followers and unfollowers insight.

Your most liked and commented photos.

Fast unfollow up to 200 hundred followers at once.

Show your popularity score and status and share it with friends.

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5. FollowMeter - Powerful Track Instagram Followers App

FollowMeter is a powerful manage Instagram followers app with a simple interface. You can track followers and unfollowers, know your follower growth, and discover ghost followers. You can also get access to deep insights into your Instagram account, such as who view your stories the most, who are your top likers, and who are your secret admirers. And you can add as many accounts as you would like to track. The paid version offers more features than the free version.

Powerful Manage Instagram Followers App - FollowMeter


Show your new followers, unfollowers, and users not following you back.

Show numbers of followers lost.

Show your stories and which stories are doing best.

Show story viewers and divide them into followers and non-followers.

Track unfollowers and who blocked your account.

Discover ghost followers and secret admirers.

Show top likers and commenters.

Give insights into your account engagement and what needs improvement.

Get more exposure by adding your account to the discover section. 

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Bottom Line

You can see your followers and followings on your profile on Instagram app easily. But more information you want, such as who you don’t follow back and who don’t follow you, is not available. How to manage followers on Instagram? Using manage Instagram followers app is a useful method. 

The above 5 apps almost have one function in common: showing insights of your followers. So you can see detailed information about your followers and unfollowers. Based on the information, you can manage Instagram followers and improve your account with ease. InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita is a wonderful app that assists you to manage and gain followers fast. Every app has its own unique feature. Choose one that meets your demand and learn how to use an app to manage Instagram followers easily.  

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