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Expand Your Account with More Male Instagram Followers

More and more brands expect to get male Instagram followers. This article is going to tell you 4 ways to do it.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

Social media makes it possible for people to be more expressive than before, which contributes to shattering the gender stereotype. 

On the other hand, some brands, feminine and neutral stereotyped brands, in particular, have sniffed this change, so they become much more ambitious to expand their market on Instagram, reaching out for male Instagram followers

But how can your brand increase male Instagram followers? This article is going to tell you 3 sympathetic ways and the fastest way to do it. 

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The Value of Male Instagram Followers

Before we talk about how to attract more male followers, it’s better for you to understand the value of male Instagram followers, though talking about gender is always sensitive. 

Luckily, brands only follow money regardless of gender, so you should be free of worries about discrimination or inequality.

Guess you have heard a lot about the cliche of women’s purchasing power. But you can also profit a lot if you can attract more male Instagram followers for your brand. 

In order to help you realize the value of male Instagram followers, let’s look at three aspects:

Firstly, from the chart of the Statista Website, you can easily know that on the platform, male Instagram users are less than female Instagram users.


Secondly, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, American men’s median usual weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary are more than women's at different age periods. 

Besides, when men are over 25 years old, the median weekly salary has reached 1,137 dollars, very close to the highest median weekly salary 1232 dollars at 45 years old. 


Thirdly, you know what? On Instagram, the number of people from 20 to 49 years old is the largest. 

Thus, the number of male Instagram followers from 20 to 49 should also be the largest among all the men on Instagram.


Consequently, though male Instagram users are less than female users, they remain to be the most potential consumer group aged from 20 to 45 with more median usual weekly earnings. 

4 Ways to Get Male Instagram Followers

Now, you have realized how important the male Instagram followers it is. However, men are different from several decades ago. You have to be sympathetic with them. The following paragraphs will tell you how to do it.

1. Integrate Your Brand with More Characteristics

Traditionally, brands that focus on masculinity profit a lot from male customers, such as on Instagram the cigarette brand accounts, the game brand accounts, the car brand accounts, etc. They have the highest male Instagram followers.

 QQ图片20210208145132 1.png

But nowadays something has changed. Owing to a much more diverse and open modern society, people nowadays refuse to label themselves. 

A man can express himself in various ways. It was impossible to see men using cosmetics but we often see male cosmetic influencers today. Moreover, men are liberated from the role in the family and start to focus more on their interests, such as art and cooking. 

Those accounts even have famous male Instagram followers, for example, Justin Bieber is a follower of 

QQ图片20210218174200 1.png

Therefore, your brand should have more characteristics rather than limited to the conventional image of a man. 

After all, the more you understand your followers, the more they’ll feel connected with your brand, thus, the more male Instagram followers you’ll get. 

Moreover, your brand can become the account with the highest male Instagram followers and even attracts famous male Instagram followers if you really understand them.

2. Provide a Sense of Belonging

While there will always be women following manly stereotyped brands on Instagram, the chance to see male Instagram followers on the list of girl-oriented brands is nearly none, let alone famous male Instagram followers. 

Hope you don’t misinterpret it as contempt for women. The truth is that male Instagram followers suffer a lot from the social expectation to be masculine and tough. 

Women can behave like a man but men are scorned to behave like a woman. Even though the gender stereotype is quivering, men still tend to be isolated and discriminated against if they behave like a woman.

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Men feel lonely when they deviate from social expectations. To alleviate their anxiety, you can open a new Instagram account targeting only male Instagram followers. 

Nike did it for its female Instagram followers and your brand can do the same for your male Instagram followers. In this way, you have successfully conveyed the message that there should be a spot for male Instagram followers in your brand.

More importantly, you build a community to fight against the stereotype and give them a sense of belonging. Probably your compassion can help you become the account with the highest male Instagram followers and even attracts famous male Instagram followers. 

3. Feature Gender-Neutral Branding

Since it is difficult to promote female stereotyped brands, you should find a way to balance the male and female elements. 

Gender-neutral branding can be one of your choices. The rise of gender-neutral branding stems from the largest group on Instagram - the Millennials and Generation - Z, who value more individuality with a high acceptance of the concept of gender fluidity and gay followers on Instagram


To target the male Instagram followers among the group, your product can be deprived of gender but focuses more on functionality. 

To advertise to the male Instagram followers among the group, your posts should lean to a neutral color pattern captioned in a neutral tone.

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How to Get Male Instagram Followers with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita

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The Bottom Line

The stereotype of man is gradually falling apart since more and more people discover who they are with social media. Their needs have created a new opportunity for many brands to expand their market. But to get male Instagram followers is not easy. You have to choose the right way. 

Using sympathetic strategies to connect with your male Instagram followers is one way. 

Using GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita is another way, the fastest way to get your male Instagram followers

It can even help your brand become the account with the highest male Instagram followers. Furthermore, your brand attracts famous male Instagram followers with such a large follower base. 

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