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How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram - Get Back the Lost Followers for Instagram

Why am I losing Instagram followers? How to see who unfollowed you on Instagram? Ways to get back the lost followers for Instagram in 3 steps.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Ann

It must be an unpleasant thing to receive notifications that someone unfollows you on Instagram. To protect your good mood and others’ privacy, Instagram hides the information from you when people unfollowed your account. However, lost followers for Instagram will not only lead to a decrease in the likes, views, and comments of your videos, pictures, stories, and reels, it also damages your confidence, popularity, and sense of social approval. Especially for commercial users, the lost followers on Instagram will directly affect their brand awareness and product sales. 

Lost Followers on Instagram

So as to prevent it happened again, you have to figure out why to lose Instagram followers, how to stop going worse and how to get Instagram followers back to the initial number. Keep reading for the details.

Why Am I Losing Followers on Instagram?

Why am I losing so many followers on Instagram?” It's quite annoying to see others’ followers growing steadily while yours are on the contrary way. Calm down, you can dig out the behind reasons timely to stop losing more in later periods. 

So why do you lose followers on Instagram? The reasons are diverse, such as violation content, others’ reports, unfollow games, boring content, irregular updates, repeated hashtags, terrible captions, or no response to the comments. All reasons can be concluded into two categories that you were punished by the Instagram official or you were abandoned by the unfollowed followers. 

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

What Can Cause a Shadow Ban & What Is the Trigger?

Shadowban is a common punishment approach that Instagram uses to prevent your content been seen. If your activity on Instagram violates the community guidelines, you’ll be shadow-banned without warning.

Community Guidelines:

  • No Repeated & Reported Stuff. Repetitive hashtags can be taken as a spam tactic. And if your content was reported, you’ll 90% to get shadowbanned at once.

  • No Spam. Don’t be so naive as to think that Instagram has no idea about you are using bots to automate content, engagements, and even “Follow/Unfollow”, which are the worst methods to boost followers just like submitting unwanted commercial emails, website links, and comments, 

  • No Illegal Dispute Content. Your posts need to obey the rules of intellectual property. Contents with terrorism hate, crime, sexual services, firearms, and drugs are also prohibited. It is also banned to show hate speech, bullying, and abuse in your caption, video, or pictures.

  • No Inappropriate Imagery. You are not allowed to show nudity in posts with a sexual purpose. And pictures of self-injury and graphic violence are forbidden.

Warm Notice: If the circumstances are serious, you may also encounter removing posts and disabling accounts. 

You’ll never know you’ve been shadow-banned when you lost followers for Instagram. So search your account with the hashtag to check if it has been hidden by the Instagram official.

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram?

Of course, you may be curious about who unfollowed you on Instagram. But how to find them out?

If you only have a few followers, it is possible to manually see who unfollowed you on Instagram. You just need to swipe down the “Followers” list in your account profile to see who is not here anymore. 

But if you have thousands of followers, the manual way will be time-consuming and less effective. You can use Follower Meter to help you check the lost followers for Instagram, which is designed to track your unfollowers for free. 

Step 1: After you log in and give permission to your Instagram account, this app will automatically track who unfollowed you. 

Lost Followers for Instagram

Step 2: Tap the entry of "Unfollowers" to see the specific unfollowed users' accounts. 

Then, you can go to check their posts to find out what kind of people unfollowed you. Next, go back to your content to see if your posts covered the unfollowers’ interests and demands.

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How to Get Back Lost Followers on Instagram to the Initial Number?

Since you’ve clearly known the reasons for losing followers on Instagram, then you have to stop existing followers unfollowing constantly. 

2 ways will offer assistance as below.

Way 1: Remove the Shadow Ban

First, take a break from Instagram for one or two weeks. After that, cease cheating the IG algorithm by using bots, automation, and engagement pods. Then, check your past posts to remove those content that violated the community guidelines, not forget the captions.

Way 2: Properly Organized Content

Set up a theme to target followers in your niche, and then post great content, describing them with relevant hashtags. Do more interactions with your followers such as asking questions through captions, hacking poll votes, and replying to comments in time. Keep posting consistently but not too much, at most 2 posts per day.

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Random Follower Options

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The Bottom Line

What can you do with the lost followers for Instagram? Follow the steps: Find out the reasons for losing followers. After that, get answers on how to see who unfollowed you on Instagram. Finally, remove the shadowban and supply the lost followers on Instagram with GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. As long as you react to the situation quickly enough, it won’t cause much loss.

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