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Link Tree for Instagram - How to Make IG Linktree & Get Views Clicks

Are you struggling to add more links on Instagram? Read the article to know how to make a linktree on Instagram and get views vs clicks with simple steps.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

Instagram has a restricted limit on the number of links. You can add one link in your Instagram bio, which is not enough if you want to drive more traffic to your website via the social media platform. How to get out of this kind of situation? Fortunately, there are more solutions than questions. Here comes the link tree for Instagram, with which you can add multiple links on Instagram and drive traffic to your site at your disposal. The blog is going to show you how to make a linktree on Instagram step by step.

How to Make a Linktree on Instagram

What Is Link Tree for Instagram

Link tree for Instagram, as its name suggests, is made of multiple links and accessible from the Instagram bio. These links can lead to your blog, store, other social platforms, or other sites you wish for more traffic and a higher conversion rate. If you want to share your own blog or do business on Instagram, a link tree is necessary and effective.

Why You Need to Use Link Tree on Instagram

You know that Instagram allows you to add only 1 link to your Instagram bio. But many Instagram accounts, especially business accounts, are willing to add multiple links in their bio to promote their products or share various content easily. That’s the reason why the link tree is being designed. After using linktree on Instagram, there are more benefits than you’ve imagined.

1. Add as many links as you wish on Instagram

2. Drive traffic to your sites, like blog, other platforms, or store

3. Increase conversion rate as more people click on your links

4. Earn money if you promote products by link tree

How to Make a Linktree on Instagram

There is more than one tool that can be applied to make a link tree on Instagram. The article chooses the most popular and reliable tool Linktree as an example and gives steps about how to use linktree on Instagram bio.

What Is Linktree?

Linktree, as a brand name, is a free popular online link-in-bio tool on the market, allowing you to create a personalized and easily customizable page with multiple links you want to share with the audience. You can use Linktree to add links on many platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and more without payment.

You can add links to everywhere you want, latest videos, blogs, sites... Creating a linktree takes seconds with the tool. Besides, it has a simple drag-and-drop editor to help you manage your content effortlessly. Privacy is guaranteed on the website as it doesn’t track any personal data on your visitors. You could try the online tool without any worry.

Steps to Make a Linktree on Instagram

Linktree is designed to help you add link tree on Instagram with easy steps with a domain authority of 90. Follow the instruction below to add a link tree on Instagram bio now.

Step 1: Visit the site Tap the “GET STARTED FOR FREE” button to register and log into the site with your email and username. Then type your full name and choose up to 3 categories to describe your linktree, which is used for customizing your linktree experience based on what you select.

Step 2: Choose an option between 2 plans on Linktree: free and Pro one ($6/mo). Then add your linktree by typing title and corresponding link. The number of links is unlimited.

Make a Linktree on Instagram

Step 3: Add your bio description and select a theme for your linktree. Then you can copy the linktree URL into your Instagram bio. The following is an example of linktree URL.

Example of Linktree for Instagram

A surprising thing is that you don’t have to update your Instagram bio link every time when you change, add or delete some link. When you log into the Linktree site and update your site, the link on your IG bio will update automatically. Besides, you can share your link tree anywhere by copying your linktree URL or download the linktree QR code.

Note: Linktree for Instagram is not omnipotent. If you find that one day your Instagram linktree links cannot be opened, don’t be frustrated. It may occur when Instagram has banned it or marked it as spam. So remember to check your own linktree frequently.

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How to Gain More Linktree Views & Clicks on IG

After creating Instagram linktree, you could monitor its main data like views and clicks to adjust your Instagram link tree accordingly on the Linktree site. How to get more Instagram link tree views and clicks? The first method is to design an attractive linktree page and the second one is to get Instagram followers for more views.

1. Design Attractive Linktree Page on Instagram

Making linktree on Instagram is an easy thing. But creating an attractive linktree on Instagram is not an easy thing. With so much visual contents on Instagram and other social media platforms, how to make your linktree page attractive and gain more views and clicks? Small details make a difference. Learn what you should keep in remind when creating linktree page.

A. Find and start more link settings. After clicking “Add New Link”, you can see that you can edit the title and URL of a link. More options are available.

  • Leap link: temporarily forward all visitors directly to a destination, bypassing your linktree altogether. But you can only have one active leap link at any time.

  • Add thumbnail: add a thumbnail or icon to a link that appears next to the link title.

  • Priority link: highlight your most important links with priority links.

  • Schedule link: schedule when your links go live.

  • Links analytics: check how many times the link has been clicked.

Except for adding ordinary links, you can add more link formats. You could click the icon for adding a header, “Support Me” Link or “Request” link to enrich your link tree form.

B. Fill in the details on the linktree page which contains more than links only.

  • Pick a creative image as your profile picture, like your brand pic, or other meaningful images. After deciding the profile pic, then add your profile title to show your name, brand name, or so.

  • Write a brief bio with characters no more than 80 to give an introduction concisely.

  • Choose a beautiful theme at last. There are some pre-designed themes. If you are not fond of these themes, you could create a theme on your own and customize it.

Choose Theme for Linktree

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In the End

The above is all about link tree for Instagram and how to make linktree on Instagram. Follow steps to create a linktree on IG bio instantly to drive more traffic to your site effortlessly. And use GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to get real free Instagram followers and get linktree views and clicks.

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