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All You Should Know About Why You Getting Less Likes on Instagram 2021

You may be confronted with getting less likes on Instagram but don’t know why and how to solve it. Don’t worry. This guide will show you.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Neal

Why am I suddenly getting less likes on Instagram?” With Instagram algorithm updating at any time, it may be a problem for you to figure out. But through our studies on Instagram algorithm for a long time, we can guide you on how Instagram works and what Instagram likes. Besides, we also studied other factors that could have influences on Instagram likes. In this article, I will tell you the reasons why you get less likes on Instagram, as well as some actionable actions to stop it.

1. Hashtags Go Useless?

We all know that using trending hashtags can increase the visibility of our posts. But now, it may lead to some bad influences on the reach of our posts. Sometimes it happens inadvertently. Why? According to the latest updating on Instagram, some hashtags, offensive or sensitive, will violate the rules of Instagram. If you add anyone violating to your post, all hashtags of this post will go useless, far from what you expected. Of course, you will get Instagram no likes 2021.

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But if you just want to know that why you get less likes on Instagram, then check the following to know more!

How to stop it?

Before adding, please consider the hashtags violating the rules or not, whether there may be some sensitive factors in it. Sometimes, words referring to race, nation, religion, and gender are more likely to be violating. Besides, you can try to search for targeted hashtags on Instagram. When you see this warning, don’t use it!

Why am I Getting Less Likes on Instagram 2020

2. Auto Actions Mean Nothing

Since the most famous auto tool, Instagress was banned, it gives a sign that Instagram doesn’t like auto tools. Meanwhile the platform policy of Instagram, clearly states this point too. Although you may hear of some auto service tools that can simplify your daily operation on Instagram, never try to use them. Instagram is smart enough to detect your cheating actions. So once you use the auto tool, your account is likely to be punished, reducing your visibility, reach, etc… Then you will get a sudden drop in Instagram likes 2020 & 2021.

Why am I Suddenly Getting Less Likes on Instagram 2020

How to stop it?

Don’t use any auto tools intentionally or not. If you always forget to post in time, you can use the tool just for notification instead of tools that help you auto-post. And keep it in your mind that Instagram likes real interaction among people. Every action on Instagram, liking a post, following someone, or giving a comment must be done by yourself. Thus, if you want to use a growth service for Instagram, please pay more attention to choosing them. Here is a recommended one, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita which owns over 5M+ active users. You can get 10K, 20K+ Instagram followers free & instantly.

3. Never Act Like Spam

If your account act like spam, Instagram is likely to limit the reach. Thus, it is common to get Instagram no likes 2021. Here I make a list of actions likely to be considered spam. You can think about whether you have done any one of these.

  • Add too many hashtags to your post

  • Plenty of auto-replies in your comment area

  • Like or follow too many in a short time

  • Post too many in a day

  • Plenty of bots come to follow you

According to the spam actions, there are also some tips you may need:

  • Add proper hashtags (No violation > Relevance > Quantity)

  • Put hashtags in the subject of posts instead of comments

  • Like no more than 60 posts in one hour; for new users, like no more than 30

  • Share no more than 5 posts per day. You’d better post regularly

  • You need organic Instagram likes and followers from real people

4. If Reported Several Times

If you find a sudden drop in Instagram likes, you need to figure out whether your account is reported several times and banned by Instagram. There is an easy way to help you test that. You just need to share a post with some uncommon hashtags. Let multiple users search the hashtags one by one to find your post. If your post can be found in every result, it shows that you are not banned by Instagram. If not, you should consider improving your account’s health.

How to stop it?

The best way is to avoid this. Nobody can see when Instagram will remove this limit to your account. You’d better do the right things that Instagram likes and post healthy photos so that there is no chance to be reported.

5. Two Changes in Home Feed

Change 1. In the past, Instagram would show you the latest posts in the order of time. But now, it has changed. You may not see the latest posts on your first page of home feed. Instead, posts most relevant to your interest or posts from people you interact most with will show in your first view.

Change 2. Now you can even see posts 2 days ago in home feed. It means that more posts will show in users’ home feed.

Why am I Suddenly Getting Less Likes on Instagram

These two changes seem not so friendly to people who don’t concentrate on building relationships with followers. If there is not a strong relationship between you and your followers, they are likely not to see your posts in time, even all the time.

How to stop it?

The more interactions you make, the more reach you will get. Try to keep in touch with your followers in daily communication, liking them, giving comments, or tagging them in your posts. And if you can’t give what your current followers’ interest, you can find the new to build relationships. Add some trusted hashtags to your post, and you will be seen by new users. These two ways will contribute to getting more likes.

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6. IG Stories Change Users

Because of the great success IG Stories go towards, posts in home feed don’t draw attention as much as before. So considering the influence of IG stories, if you never try it, there is no denying that you will get less likes of your home feed posts, even Instagram followers getting less.

How to stop it?

Take advantage of IG stories. When you post a new photo, you can share it to IG stories to tell your followers. Worth mentioning, you need to make these two posts different enough.

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7. Irregular Posting Loses Reach

People are easy to get used to your posting time. It is equally easy to forget that. If you don’t have a regular time to build relationships with your followers, you may let them forget you in such the following lists. Furthermore, your irregular actions will not gain favor from Instagram. In that way, you will get less likes on Instagram obviously.

How to stop it?

Set notification of posting so that you won’t forget. And you can prepare enough posts for several days, a week or a month in advance.

8. Low-Quality Content Not Work

You should know that people will never waste a second to view your post if your posts can’t move them, not to mention liking your posts. On the contrary, they will never be stingy to like your posts that interest them, either. If you get less engagement on Instagram, you need to think about whether your posts go low-quality.

There is another case you may confront. If your followers are here for your photo of delicious food, you start to post landscape. Do you think they will still be here? Besides, according to the Instagram algorithm, these landscape posts are likely not to be shown to your followers who like food photos.

How to stop it?

On the one hand, you need to improve your quality of posts.

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On the other, go to find your most liked posts. Then you will know what your followers interest and meet their needs.

9. Best Way to Stop Less Likes on Instagram

If you are looking for the best way to stop the sudden drop in Instagram likesGetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, one of the best apps to increase 100% real Instagram likes for free, can be the one. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, available on Android, iOS, and PC, guarantees the safety and privacy of your Instagram account so that you can get free 1K IG likes instantly. Importantly, using GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita will never violate any rules on Instagram. Why?

  • All likes are from 100% real people instead of bots

  • All actions are done by hand instead of auto-actions

  • All likes grow gradually instead of in a greatly short time

How to Use GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to Get Real Likes on Instagram?

Step 1. Download and install it on your devices.

Step 2. After registering, log in to your account and enter an IG account with a username.

Step 3. Publish a task of increasing likes and wait for your likes.

Stop Sudden Drop in Instagram Likes 2020

GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita will deliver your Instagram likes instantly, within 24 hours.  Besides, you can check the process on GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita App.

Bottom Line

"Why am I getting less likes on Instagram 2021?" It may be caused by your unawareness of Instagram's aims to build real and active relationships among people. It requires all your Instagram likes from real people and real actions. If you think it hard to choose a way to stop getting less likes on Instagram, just try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. You don’t need to figure out why your likes are limited. Instead, you just need to take 3 easy steps and you can get plenty of free likes from others. So why not try it?

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