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IG Safety Tips 2021: Is Instagram Safe for Kids? [Bonus]

Is Instagram safe for kids? This blog shares useful Instagram safety tips for kids on how to get safe Instagram followers, to keep teens safe on Instagram.

Updated 2022-06-30 13:35:24 | by Wisdom

Are you on Instagram today? How about your kids, are there on Instagram right now?
How can anyone not love Instagram? Here there are more than 1 billion users, from all walks of life in every corner of the world, who make friends, socialize, share cool photos and videos with each other, and follow accounts of amazing artists and the most popular superstars. Instagram has become one of the most popular apps for teenagers. But as a parent, you may have a question lingering in mind, is Instagram safe for kids

Parents find their kids, many are minors under the age of 18, are daily active users on Instagram. As with their parents, kids find Instagram interesting, and very helpful to relieve bad emotions and pressures from school. However, like any other social media tools, Instagram is likely to cause safety concerns to kids, who may be badly influenced or misled by a lot of mature content, or harassed by strange followers. So we come up with this article to share useful Instagram safety tips for kids.

Is Instagram Safe for Kids to Use

Is Instagram Safe for Kids?

When your kid hangs out with friends, or he/she is taking a selfie, there're good chances that pictures will end up on social media, like Instagram. That’s a teen’s daily life, no big deal at all. So before we ask, is instagram safe for kids? We should first figure out why teens love Instagram, and what are the risks kids using Instagram?

Why Do Teens Love Instagram?

  1. Everyone has an Instagram account. There are a lot of reasons that people, including teens, love Instagram. Most importantly, now everyone is using Instagram. It will be not cool if a teen does not have an Instagram account. Having not Instagram means having not friends. Thus, some users even give a try on the Instagram hack app, aiming to grow followers overnight ASAP.
    2. Instagram is easy to post and share. Instagram is probably the best image/video-sharing platform. You can post pictures and images or videos up to 60 seconds anytime on Instagram. Customize the picture or video with a wide range of filters on Instagram. And add captions to tell your feelings. Teens also love sharing everyday moments with friends and followers via “stories”. What’s more, to download private IG Stories is also available on Instagram.
    3. Easily get inspired and explore the world with just a phone. The celebrities, popular bloggers and some of the most inspiring people are here on Instagram to keep teens updated with what is popular and most inspiring content. Teens will then learn, get inspired, and see what’s going on all around the world. 

What Are the Risks in Using Instagram – Is Instagram Safe for Kids?

As with all other social media, the things interest teens on Instagram can also cause trouble. There is surely no inherent danger like physical injury, but the misbehavior, inappropriate images or videos like mature contents can have a big impact on the self-esteem of many teens or capture kids’ attention and induce them to imitate. As we all know children can learn by imitation.

Instagram Safety Tips

Here below are some significant risks that parents should consider if your kids are using Instagram.
1. Although Instagram allows only people above the age of 13 to use it, it actually doesn’t always ask users to verify their age. So there are many kids who are under 13 also using Instagram, with or without parents’ permission.
2. Mature contents including Instaporn, swearing, and substance are easily found on Instagram with only a few clicks. Some kids may follow only their friends and family members, and don’t search for any certain keywords. So they may see only the images shared by their friends. But most teens are very curious and look for more. So here come the sexual comments, mature topics on suicide, anorexia, and so forth. Is Instagram safe for kids then?
3. Connecting strangers can be risky to kids. There are many cheats and fake accounts on Instagram. These accounts may follow your kids, and ask them to follow back. Just like using fake Instagram followers apps, those uncertified people are likely to share inappropriate photos like taking drugs and other misbehavior, which are definitely risky to kids. Even if the kids don’t follow back the strangers, these anonymous individuals may send direct messages to kids.
After knowing the risks to kids on Instagram, do you have the answer to the question “is Instagram safe for kids”? From my point of view, Instagram is not safe for kids under 18. Furthermore, we can see that the “kids-unfriendly” posts and contents are the main issue result in the risks and troubles. Therefore, the followers are significant to a kid’s safety on Instagram.
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IG Safety Tips: Safe Instagram Followers

The purpose of this blog is not to ask parents to forbid their kids to use Instagram, but to provide useful Instagram safety tips to help children stay safe on Instagram.
Is Instagram safe for kids? It is obviously no. So to reduce the likelihood of the risks on Instagram, and give teens a better and safer experience, parents are suggested to keep your kid's account private, so that only the people you approve can see/share your kid’s post. Follow your kids, and their friends. And monitor your kids’ feeds.
It is also very important to check your kid’s followers. As we mentioned above, a child’s Instagram followers, the people that the kid don’t know may reach out to he/she directly by sending messages or asking him/her to follow back. So it is necessary for kids to block unknown or harassing followers. Ask your kid to remove the tag and ignore the inappropriate messages sent from a stranger.
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Instagram can be fun and inspire us in everyday life. However, is Instagram safe for kids? In fact this app is very likely to expose children to inappropriate contents, which are, most of the time, shared or sent by their followers. Your kids can be harassed at the moment. So we recommend GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, a safe Instagram followers app, with which, you can help your kids get real, safe and high-quality followers on Instagram quickly. Moreover, it is totally free of charge.

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