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Boom Your Instagram Followers with iPhone Related Posts [Free]

Attract plenty of iPhone Instagram followers fast & free by optimizing your Instagram posts with iPhone-related posts.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Gracie

iPhone users make up a large proportion of Instagram users. If you are posting about iPhone on Instagram, promoting an iPhone-related product on Instagram, or just need iPhone Instagram followers, and you want to increase your Instagram followers on iPhone quickly for free, then optimizing your posts with iPhone-related topics is a good choice, which can provide iPhone Instagram users with tips and news and meet their demands for individuation. 

iPhone Instagram Followers

Posting on topics related to iPhone helps you get numerous free iPhone Instagram followers. Below are some tips for account management and your posts about iPhone.

1. Make Your Account More Specialized for iPhone Instagram Followers

If you decide to boom your followers with iPhone-related posts, then you have to make your account more specialized. To start with, optimize your profile. You can add what your posts are mainly about and your website to your Bio if you have. Then, if you can find a partner or a cooperative brand, they can help to build your credibility in this field. Besides, interaction with your followers is important. You should remember to reply to the comments of your posts that are related to iPhone. Your words in comments can also help you build your credibility.

2. Shoot on iPhone for Instagram Followers

When you post on Instagram about iPhone, you should pay attention to Instagram hashtags. A hashtag is a metadata tag that is prefaced by the hash symbol, #. It shows the metadata of the topic of your posts. Hashtags are now widely used on Instagram to classify photos or videos and attract Instagram users to enjoy the content they’re interested in. Therefore, when you post about iPhone for Instagram followers, you have to add a hashtag that is related to iPhone to get more viewers of your post.

#shotoniphone is the most popular hashtag on Instagram about iPhone. It suggests that iPhone Instagram users are interested in photos and videos shot on iPhone. So, posting these photos and videos is a good method to accumulate free Instagram followers on iPhone.

Among all the photos and videos on Instagram shot on iPhone, scenery shots are at the top. They are a big attraction, and posting beautiful scenery shots with hashtag #shotoniphone will certainly make your iPhone Instagram followers increase.

For this topic, tutorials for shooting wonderful photos and videos on iPhone are also popular. You can search on the Internet to find various kinds of tutorials about shooting photos and videos on iPhone or write your own opinions and suggestions about mobile photography on iPhone, and then post them on your Instagram. These attractive posts will bring you a lot of iPhone Instagram followers soon.

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4. Recommend iPhone Cases to Attract iPhone Instagram Followers

Photos of iPhone cases also enjoy great heat. More than 10.7 million posts on Instagram are about iPhone cases. Cases are first designed to protect mobile phones from being broken, but now, it is more like decoration. Every year, Apple company just releases one new iPhone, which means most iPhone users have to use the same iPhone with the only color difference. As a result, those decorations, like cases, which make iPhones more personalized, become very hot.

iPhone Instagram Followers: iPhone Case

Elaborately taken iPhone case photos with hashtag #caseiphone are always welcomed by iPhone Instagram users. They can help you get free Instagram followers on iPhone. More importantly, it’s better to find a brand to cooperate with if you want to post iPhone cases. A good cooperative brand will make your followers increase more quickly, and provide you with extra income.

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5. Make or Collect iPhone Wallpapers That Bring Instagram Followers

As another decoration for personalization, wallpapers are also frequently seen in posts about iPhone. Actually, making wallpapers doesn’t need you to be very good at designing or painting, because there are plenty of pictures on the Internet without copyright restrictions, like pictures and videos on, and you can simply download and edit them to make iPhone wallpapers and post with hashtag #iphonewallpaper to get free Instagram Followers on iOS.

However, you should pay attention to the photo download on Instagram. We all know that photos and videos on Instagram cannot be downloaded by default. You have to post some methods to download photos on Instagram so that your followers can download your photo. The posts of download methods help you gain more followers as well.

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6. Post iPhone Review Videos to Gain More iPhone Instagram Followers

Whenever people want to switch from other mobile phones to the new iPhone or replace the old iPhone with a new one, they want some helpful iPhone reviews for reference to decide whether they should buy the new iPhone. Good review videos can be very helpful to your iPhone Instagram followers. But as you know, a review video is hard to make.

So, if you are very interested, you can make the video yourself. You should put the key advantages and disadvantages in your video, and make sure your reviews are impartial without likes or dislikes of the brand. If you are not good at making review videos, you can repost the review videos of other review video creators with their permission.

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7. Gather iOS Tips for Your iPhone Instagram Followers

iPhone provides users with so many functions in various aspects, but most iPhone users only use half of their phones’ functions. There are many features of iPhone that they have never used or even heard about, like staying close to share Wi-Fi passwords, creating a password in a note, shaking to undo, and so on. Posting iOS tips on Instagram will bring a big rise in your iPhone Instagram followers.

Take shortcuts for example. iPhone has various shortcuts in Shortcuts app. The Shortcuts app is a feature of iPhone released in 2018 which only had a few shortcuts then. Now, Shortcuts app provides users with all kinds of shortcuts, and it allows users to download shortcuts made by other people as well as to make their own shortcuts. You can find some shortcuts made by other people or make some useful shortcuts by yourself to post them on your Instagram to get iPhone Instagram followers.

iPhone Instagram Followers: Shortcuts

It should be noted that you have to provide a download link for the shortcuts in you posts.

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8. Release iPhone News & Promotions to Increase Instagram Followers

iPhone Instagram users care a lot about the news of Apple products and iPhone promotions. Every year, Apple company will release many new products, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, and accessories. Before those new products are released, much unconfirmed news has already revealed some details of the products.

If you want to post news on your Instagram, you need to be very careful. Although news can boom your iPhone Instagram followers, it may also have a bad effect on your credibility if it’s finally proved wrong. In this case, you must choose as carefully as possible to make sure it is true before posting or reposting news videos or pictures.

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iPhone users can be a large part of your Instagram followers. Many of them care about iPhone-related Instagram posts. You just need to post tagged beautiful or helpful photos and videos about iPhone, and then you can get more free iPhone Instagram followers. These followers can be easily kept and will continue growing if you keep producing high-quality iPhone-related Instagram posts.

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