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The Ultimate Guide to iOS 14 Home Screen Setup You Need in 2021

How to set up home screen on iOS 14? The article tells you the ultimate guide to iOS 14 home screen setup, including app library and widgets.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

Recently, Apple just published its latest operating system iOS 14, which has gotten large attention for its great changes and new features. There are so much information and discussions about iOS 14 home screen setup and others on social media, including one of the most popular online communities, Reddit. Many of you may be curious about it. So we sort out content about the home screen and write this article to share with you the ultimate guide to the iOS home screen setup.

Guide to iOS 14 Home Screen Setup


Title List

Part 1: Guide to New Features of iOS 14 Home Screen Setup

Apple updates its operating system from many aspects. It makes some small but efficient changes and allows you to set up the home screen in an aesthetic way to your heart’s content. The first is iOS 14 home screen widget setup. Widgets can be changed or added as you want. Second, App Library is a new function used to sort out different kinds of apps in a clean way.
1. iOS home screen app library
Now there are always kinds of apps installed on your phone, especially social media apps. Are you feeling disturbing to organize your apps in a convenient way? iOS 14, offering a new way to organize apps in a roundabout way, could help you out of the problem. With the app library, you can quickly find and open the app you want to use. In the app library, all your apps will be divided into different kinds of folders, for example, Instagram and GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, an Instagram followers app are divided into one category: social media. Of course, you can change the name at your pleasure.iOS 14 Home Screen Setup Aesthetic

There are certain apps that you want to use once or twice. But downloading an app occupies a certain space. iOS 14 provides a good solution: App Clips, which allows you to give access to an app and complete transactions and basic tasks without downloading the app. You can trigger App Clips in different ways: a web link, a text message, a QR code, or NFC tag.
How to use the app library?
At first, trigger your iPhone’s “jiggle mode”. Then tap the row of dots at the bottom of the screen and uncheck home screen pages to keep apps from your typical view. Then apps are inside the App Library, which you’ll see by swiping right past the last page of your home screen.

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2. iOS 14 home screen widgets 
iOS 14 has been introduced a fresh design for all of its widgets. Less transparency, more spacing, and richer content, these changes make widgets more useful and aesthetic.
iOS 14 has provided three sizes for widgets: small, medium, and large size. Different sizes contain different amounts of information. You can choose one kind and put your favorite widgets together according to your own demand. It also shows your relevant and useful widget on your home screen based on Siri Intelligence and your usage habits.

iOS 14 Home Screen Setup - Widgets

How to add widgets to the home screen on iOS 14?
1. Tap and hod on your home screen until the icon begins to wiggle.
2. Tap “+” in the top left corner.
3. Scroll through to find a widget you’ll use.
4. Choose and tap the widget.
5. Tap Add Widgets, and drag the widget into place.

Part 2: Guide to Customize iOS 14 Home Screen Setup

Everyone has personal habits. iOS 14 provides more chances for you to reorganize the home screen with a personalized setup. The article shows you how to customize the iOS 14 home screen setup.

Customize iOS 14 Home Screen

Customize wallpaper
Apple provides various high-quality wallpapers, and iOS 14 has quick access to find a wallpaper you like. Live or dynamic wallpapers, you can choose one kind you like. The following are steps to customize wallpaper.
1. Open a photo you wish to use.
2. Tap the “share” button, scroll down, and tap “use as wallpaper”.
3. Swipe, pinch, and zoom to set the picture as you like.
4. Tap “set” and choose your photo as a lock screen or home screen.

Customize icons
Creating icons for apps is one of the amazing functions on iOS 14, which is very simple. Before create and use icons, you need to prepare an image first. Steps to set custom icons for apps on iOS 14 are as follows.

1. Download the Shortcuts app, hit the “+” icon, and click “add action”.
2. Open an app you want to change and rename it.
3. Tap the icon under Home Screen Name and Icon.
4. Select an image you want to use for the app and tap “Add”.

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Bottom Line

That’s all about iOS 14 home screen setup ideas. You can try different widgets setup, choose ones you like, and display them on the home screen. Use app library to divide apps into different kinds and clean your home screen. Customize your iOS 14 home screen setup to fit your style.

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