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Step-by-Step Tutorial about How to Make Useful Automations in iOS 14

Check out this guide to see how to make useful iOS 14 shortcut automation to enjoy the iPhone experience 50 times better.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Thea

Siri Shortcuts have been around since iOS 13, but Automations is insanely updated with the release of iOS 14. Automation is a great way to simplify your life and the best method to unload your mental burden of repeated tasks. The automation feature in iOS 14 is regarded as real automation. It makes your iPhone iPad experience dozens of times better.

iOS 14 Siri Shortcuts Automation.png

In this guide, we run through how to create the most useful Shortcut Automations.

Create iOS 14 Background Automations Without Confirmation

A welcome change in iOS 14 Shortcuts automation is that iOS 14 makes it for certain automation to run entirely in the background without user confirmation.

When you open the Shortcuts app, you’ll see a tab at the bottom, in the middle, called Automations. There are two types of automation: Personal Automations and Home Hubs. A Home Hub is the automation that can work for everyone in your home with an Apple device, which requires an iCloud account to get it started. And personal automation is customized automation based on your personal preferences.

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iOS 14 Siri Shortcut Automation – Battery Full Charge Notification

There are multiple conditions under which automation can be triggered. Time of Day, Alarm, Arrive/Leave from a location, Before I Commute, Email, Message, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, App, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, Battery Level, and Charger. Here we take how to create battery charge shortcut automation in iOS 14 as an example.

Battery management is a never-ending potential crisis. To make sure you are on the safe side, you may not want to go out with less than 100% battery. And even carry a fully charged mobile power bank. Indeed, constantly checking your charging iPhone is a hassle. Fortunately, iOS 14 makes this easy, which enables your iPhone to automatically tell you when it is fully charged so that you can stop monitoring your battery level all the time.

Now, let’s check out this iPhone automation where you can make a Siri Shortcut Automation give you a notification when your iPhone battery charges to 100%.

Step 1. Open Shortcuts, then tap the "Automation" tab along the bottom. Then, tap "Create Personal Automation."

Set Your Battery Level Automation - Step 1.png

Step 2. Scroll down and select "Battery Level" from the list of options. On the Battery Level setup screen, move the slider to the far right, then ensure "Equals 100%" is selected. Then, hit the "Next” button.

Set iOS 14 Battery Level Automation – Step 2.png

You can set any percentage based on your preference. 

Step 3. Add the action that will be performed once your battery reaches the set level. Search for and select "Show Notification". By default, the notification will say "Hello World," but you can change that to anything, make it say whatever you want it to be. Just tap "Hello World," delete the text, then type in your personalized alert.

Set iOS 14 Battery Level Automation – Step 3.png

Step 4. Disable the slider next to "Ask Before Running," then tap "Don't Ask" on the pop-up.

Set iOS 14 Battery Level Automation – Step 4.png

By default, the notification will play a sound when it hits 100% (unless your iPhone is muted). Besides, you can customize what happens when your iPhone battery reaches 100%. You can set a vibration, notification sound, play music, etc.

Automation: The Future Development Trend

Things that can save people's time and cost are a popular trend today. You see, iOS 14 is continuously being updated and improved to simplify and facilitate your life. For sure, in addition to the pursuit of automation in the mobile phone industry, other aspects of automation are also urgently needed. For example, self-driving cars, home automation robots, or social application automation, such as automatic message reply, automatic birthday greetings, Instagram auto followers, an automatic increase of YouTube subscribers, etc.

The Bottom Line

Every year the business giant Apple held a press release to introduce their new iOS systems and their new generation of iPhone iPad, which influence reaches every walks of your life. The success of iOS 14 is not baseless. Its roots in the large demands of its consumers. Likewise, the success on Instagram, which roots in the huge number of real active followers.

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