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Detailed Tutorials of How to Use iOS App Library on Your iPhone

iOS 14 app library is a tool to help you organize your apps. Just check this article to know more detailed information about how to use it!

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Sydny

If you are a loyal iOS user, you may have found that it lacks app organization functions before iOS 14 comes, which brought you many inconveniences. Fortunately, iOS 14 provides this function to users, and you can use the app library to manage your apps, including having different folders, hiding apps on your home screen so on.

In this article, it will give you detailed tutorials and an introduction to the iOS 14 app library. You will understand every function of it clearly after reading this article, also you will know how to use iOS 14 app library quickly.

  iOS 14 App Library

Title List

What Is iOS 14 App Library?

iOS 14 App Library is one separated area. All your apps will be classified into 4 square boxes automatically, each of these 4 boxes will show 3 app big icons together with a little four-icon composed of four apps. You can find it while scrolling to the right of your last home screen. With App Library, you can simply manage your apps on your iPhone, also, you will have a more convenient experience.

What Are the Functions & How to Use iOS 14 App Library Step by Step?

Automatic Organization

iOS 14 App Library has the function of the automatic organization. It can organize your app on your iPhone into different square boxes. While using App Library, you will find that there are some different folders that have different names. 'Suggestions' always appears on the upper left side, and it holds some apps such as weather, location, and some other apps which you are likely to use every day. If you often use the iPhone, your behaviors of using apps will be recorded, it will become smarter to calculate your behaviors and organize your apps that you often use more accurate into 'Suggestions'. You don't have to spend much time finding apps that you often use, you just scroll to App Library, and you will see these apps that you often use are in the 'Suggestion' folder.

iOS 14 App Library iPhone Organize

In the upper right, there is one folder named 'Recently Added'. It is obvious that this folder is for the apps that you recently added to App Library. Also, there are some other folders such as Games, Productivity, Health & Fitness, and so on, iOS App Library automatically decides which folders an app belongs to. Sometimes, you may see there are a little four icons in the lower right of a folder, if you want to see all the apps in this folder, you can click these four icons.

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Hide Apps on Home Page

Besides organizing apps automatically, iOS 14 App Library can help you hide apps on the home page. That means, you can remove your apps on your home page, but this app won't be uninstalled, it just is moved to App Library and you can find it in App Library.

How to hide apps on the home page?

1. Long press the app that you want to hide

2. Click 'Remove App'

3. Click 'Move to App Library'

How to Use App Library

If you don't want to hide some apps in App Library, just long press the app icon in App Library, and tap ' add to home screen'

Besides, if you don't want your home screen to holder too many apps, you can just have some settings to let the newly installed app showing in the App Library only.

1. Go to Settings, and click 'Home Screen'

2. Choose 'App Library Only'

Use App Library iOS 14

Searching for Apps in iOS 14 App Library

If you think finding an app through opening every folder is too troublesome in App Library, you can search apps in App Library.

How to search for apps in the App Library?

1. Click the search box, and you will see many apps arranged by alphabet A to Z of names. 

2. Enter the app name that you want to find, click the search icon, and you can find the app easily and quickly.

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App Library iOS 14

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, more and more apps appear to meet user’s needs, iOS App Library gives users the convenience to organize apps on their iPhones. Especially there are many social media apps appearing, and App Library can organize them well automatically. For example, apps related to Instagram, App Library can organize it into the social media folder.

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