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How to Make Interactive Instagram Story to Engage Audiences

It is helpful to have an interactive Instagram Story to attract more followers. This article tells how to engage audiences with Interactive Instagram Story ideas.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Jane

In this modern world, people are more connected to social media applications rather than real-life interactions. Instagram, along with other social sites, has been a widely-used application all around the globe for 7 years. People use it as a source of business and entertainment, and Instagram stories play a huge part in this scenario.

Interactive Instagram Story

People try to make them engaging in order to attract more audiences to their pages and have entertaining interactions. An interactive Instagram story can play a share in promoting different brands on your page. This can bring you lots of exposure, recognition, money, and fame at the same time.

As a blogger, an interactive Instagram post and story can not only bring entertainment for yourself and your audiences but grow influence on Instagram. This article will show 6 best interactive Instagram story ideas that you can follow to interact with audiences.

6 Interactive Instagram Story Ideas to Boost Engagement

If you officially know how to boost your engagement via interactive Instagram story, it will make your job way easier. Here, we will recognize different tricks to increase your story reach.

Instagram Story Stickers

Different Instagram influencers use story stickers to promote their page and engage more people. There are few story ideas for getting Instagram followers free.


You can get to know your audiences in a better way through a poll. Ask them their opinions with a YES or NO poll. It will urge them to answer and engage with you.

Interactive Instagram Story Ideas - Poll

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Taking a quiz can keep your audiences engaging and interested in your Interactive Instagram stories. It is also a good exercise for the brain. Although, make sure to keep the quiz interesting and easy.

Interactive Instagram Story Ideas - Quiz

This or That Templates

This or That template is a much beneficial way to engage people. They also get to know you more, and it also increases the reach as people also want to share their opinions on their stories.

Interactive Instagram Story Ideas - This or That Template

Instagram Prompts

Using prompts is an easy way to gain people’s attention towards you. You can create the following prompts in your interactive Instagram story.

Hold to Read

You can try adding a long message in your story and ask viewers to hold for reading more.

Tap for More

You can create an engaging story by asking a question and add "Tap for more," where the next story indicates the complete answer.

Get Ready To

“Get Ready To” prompt creates a curiosity in viewers to know the matter. You can prepare your viewers to turn their sounds on or take a screenshot of the next story.

Interactive Instagram Story Ideas - Prompts

Screenshotable Stories

Creating screenshotable stories is also a way to create interaction with the audience. You can do the following tactics:

Fill in the Blanks

You can create “Fill in the blanks” templates that help people to introduce their hobbies, habits, or favorite movies. This can create engagement as well as a great source of knowledge about your audience.

Interactive Instagram Story Ideas - Fill the Blanks


Posting aesthetic wallpapers on your interactive Instagram story can bring many other people to your profile. This will make them obsess over you and is very helpful for reach purposes.

Interactive Instagram Story Ideas - Wallpaper

Story Contest

You can make interactive games on Instagram and pull off a contest for your audiences. Also, you can give prizes to some people who fill out the survey.

Interactive Instagram Story Ideas - Story Contest

Sharing Recipes of Tasty Food

Most people love to eat and are extremely foody. You can take advantage of this and create short recipe videos. You can try famous dishes from different regions, so it covers the majority audience. This is an interactive way to attract people to your page and stick to it for a long while.

Interactive Instagram Story Ideas - Sharing Recipes of Tasty Food

Go Live with the Interesting Talk

InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsitaYou can try another hack to go live once in a while. However, just going live will not be life and quite boring. Try speaking on trending topics, give the audience useful information, sing a song, or anything that catches their glimpse. People also share interesting live sessions in messages with their friends. This can bring you a lot of viewers and visitors to your profile.

Interactive Instagram Story Ideas - Live Story

Use Trending Hashtags

Using hashtags is a key to getting the audience to your social media profiles who are not following you. You can use hashtags of any current hot topic and create stories on it. Most people like to check trendy hashtags when looking for informational content on that topic. This will surely bring reach to your stories and more followers with time.

Trending Hashtag

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How Do You Get More Followers with Interactive Instagram Story

Followers and fame through their work and content mean a lot to influencers and bloggers. Here, we will explain how people get instant followers with their interactive games on Instagram.

Different hacks on interactive Instagram story can bring a lot of recognition and prosperity to your life as an influencer. You can create different polls, attractive quotes, hashtags, and quizzes to attract the majority to your page. Speaking on a trending topic and using its hashtags also brings lots of curious audiences to your page.

Tips to Gain Followers with Interactive Instagram Story

You can also follow some tips for gaining followers in an easy way. Following are some ways to get your desired number of followers in no time.

Posting with Consistence

One rule for interacting with more people towards you is to post your content consistently. It is also significant to post at the right time when there will be more reach. If you post regularly, it will bring people towards you steadily.

It makes people accept that you are a growing influencer who has a lot to share and post. You don’t have to prioritize quantity over quality, obviously, but you need to ensure people that you are committed to your presence and there is always an active signal on your account.

Experimenting with a Different Kind of Content

You can experiment with different types of content rather than sticking to one type of entertainment. Try providing funny videos, fashion content, beauty tips and videos, recipes, and art and craft videos. This makes any channel an all-rounder and automatically targets a larger audience as people of different interests watch your videos.

Organizing Stories in Highlights

If you are creating stories on different and interesting topics, make sure to add them to your story highlights as well. Since stories have a 24-hour lifespan, people can miss some of your content. Create an organized series of different courses of content for people to watch it later. This will make people reach your account again and again to watch their preferable content.

How to Get Instagram Followers More Effectively

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How to Get Instagram Followers Free

Wrapping Up

The article explains the need to make interactive Instagram story for engaging people towards your pictures and content. Here are some ideas elaborated to make your stories attractive to the majority. Later, the article explained tips to gain followers, which include patience and constant efforts. If you are unable to gain an audience after all your efforts, you can use InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita app. It helps gain likes and followers by abiding by the user's privacy. Anybody looking for ideas and tips will surely gain knowledge from this article.

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