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Top 5 Instagress Alternatives to Increase Real Instagram Followers and Likes

Here are the best 5 Instagress alternatives to get real Instagram followers & likes and grow your account. These services like Instagress even perform better!

Updated 2022-12-28 14:16:26 | by Vita

Instagress was an Instagram automation service on the cloud for quick Instagram growth. It exploited the Instagram algorithm and used machine learning bots to like or comment on others’ posts on behalf of the assigned Instagram account. In this way, users could achieve a wider Instagram reach and eventually boost Instagram followers.

Instagress Alternative

However, this ever long-lasting Instagram server finally come to an end, which is reportedly is the result of Instagram's strict crackdown on bots and fake accounts. The closure of Instagress shows that how essential it is to avoid bot Instagram growth tools. But as you may expect, using third-party Instagram growth services is still a cool idea since there are a few high-quality Instagress alternatives. Here are such 5 top-grade services like Instagress with better performance.

The 5 Best Instagress Alternatives 2023

1. GetInsta

GetInsta is an excellent instant Instagram growth service. Different from the likes of Instagress that run with bots, GetInsta offers real Instagram followers and likes from engaged Instagram users, to boost up growth more effectively. It’s rather simple to start organic Instagram growth with GetInsta, and the following are highly customized plans. Choose your plan and quickly get more Instagram followers every day!

GetInsta is beneficial to a superior Instagram growth the same as you have with regular strategies, but at a dramatically rapid tempo. How can GetInsta achieve this goal better? Behind this healthy Instagram growth service, its massive Instagram user database and strong delivery algorithm change the game.

Reasons to Choose GetInsta:

  • Real Instagram followers and likes

  • Fast delivery within minutes

  • No password, no survey, and no risk

  • Instant, Daily, and Auto Instagram growth plans

  • Mobile-friendly apps, alongside free Instagram followers and likes


  • You need firstly earn coins if you want to get free Instagram followers and likes via its apps.

Warm Tips: You can also visit to buy Instagram followers or purchase Instagram likes. More plans are at your orders. Besides, GetInsta rolls out Android and iOS apps like Instagress, which offer 100, 500, 1K, and 5K followers free trials for you who prefer free Instagram followers. Free download this app:

GetInsitaGetInsmartaGetInsita: Best Instagram Followers & Likes App
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  • Organic daily IG followers & likes with various subscriptions.
  • Instant delivery and 24/7 customer support.

2. Followers Gallery

It’s glad to see that more Instagress alternatives are weighing on real and organic growing, and Followers Gallery is a new-brand one among the selections. Thanks to its real Instagram users community, on Followers Gallery, you can rack up Instagram engagement and growth with assurance. With a few clicks away, you will facilely get Instagram followers likes. The authenticity and interaction are well guaranteed.

Instagress Replacement - Followers Gallery

Reasons to Choose Followers Gallery:

  • Genuine Instagram followers and likes

  • Real-time delivery within 24 hours

  • 100% safe to use, no ads, no pop-ups, and no risks

  • Automatic Instagram follower plan to save time for you

  • Unlimited Insta free followers via the iOS and Android app


  • Limited Instagram growth plans

  • Registration required to use the service

Follower Gallery is available as a mobile app:

3. Kicksta

Kicksta is broadly deemed to be a strong Instagress competitor and alternative because of the similar growth mode. It utilizes an exclusive AI-powered technology as it claims, to automatically like others’ photos on behalf of your account. This approach contributes to a dramatically high reach on Instagram and would bring Instagram followers who are attracted by your “like” action. If you are looking for an Instagress style service, Kicksta may be your destination.

Instagress Alternative - Kicksta

Reasons to Choose Kicksta:

  • Organic growth mode powered by its unique technologies

  • No spam, no bots, and no ghost Instagram followers

  • Highly tailored Instagram growth plans

  • Advanced filter and targeting options

  • Online dashboard to track your growth progress


  • It doesn’t guarantee the number of new followers

  • Expensive plans above average prices

  • No free trial and no mobile version

4. Buzzoid

Many users take fast delivery as an important factor when choosing Instagress alternatives, so here comes an optimized option, Buzzoid. This website promises to deliver all Instagram followers and likes you order within one hour. Besides industry-leading delivery, Buzzoid also helps users buy Instagram followers safely. Buzzoid has responsive consumer support to answer any question on this service.

Instagress Alternative - Buzziod

Reasons to Choose Buzzoid:

  • Super-fast delivery speed

  • Additional Instagram views service

  • No password required

  • Responsive 24/7 support


  • The authenticity of followers & likes is unverified

  • No free trial

  • Loads of negative feedback on the Internet

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5. Growthoid

Backed by cutting-edge AI technology, Growthoid is widely acclaimed for its advanced Instagram growth method and real Instagram followers. Growthoid manually targets similar Instagram profiles to engage your account with users who are more likely to show interest in your content. This approach helps attain more long-lasting engagement and interactive Instagram followers. Notwithstanding, Growthoid doesn’t promise a certain tier or number of new Instagram followers since this type of growth mode mostly depends on higher engagement to draw people’s attention and gain the possibility of being followed.

Instagress Alternative - Growthoid

Reasons to Choose Growthoid:

  • Advanced and organic Instagram growth algorithm

  • Real and highly engaged Instagram followers

  • No risks, no bots


  • No free trial

  • Slower follower growth than other products

Specs Comparison of the 5 Instagress Alternatives

After going into each option, this post summarizes the differences in key features of these 5 Instagram growth services similar to Instagress. You may take a quick look at the table to sort out the best-fitting one for yourself more easily.

Instagress AlternativeOrganic Ins GrowthReal Followers & LikesFree Plans



Mobile App Support
Followers GalleryYesYesYes$24.98Yes
KickstaYesYesNoMinimum to $49No 
GrowthoidYesYesNoMinimum to $49No 

The Bottom Line

It’s regretful that the evergreen Instagress finally fails to escape from falling, but luckily there are still many good Instagress alternatives at your service. Once you choose the right tools and use them properly, you will have more chances to achieve marketing success within the Instagram ecosystem. The 5 websites are good options. Remarkably, GetInsta offers top followers app that enables you to enjoy fast Instagram growing on the move. Directly download the app version:

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