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Instagram Wont Connect to Facebook - How to Fix It?

What to do when your Instagram won’t connect to Facebook? This article will provide some practical solutions to help you fix the issue.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Sydny

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram almost a decade ago, the two social media platforms have been integrated to support each other and successfully accelerated collaborative business growth. The unified social networks allow users to log in to Instagram with Facebook and vice versa. Besides that, you can share posts on both platforms without hassle. 

Despite the convenience, many people still report that Instagram won’t connect to Facebook recently. This issue mostly happens when you want to share posts across Instagram and Facebook, or sometimes Instagram won’t connect to Facebook page. Either way, it implies the improper link of your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

While the integration of Instagram and Facebook seems to be temperamental at some point, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. If you have been experiencing the problem for a while, here are the possible causes for the issue and several ways to fix it. Just keep reading to learn how to sort them out!

Instagram Wont Connect to Facebook

Why Instagram Won't Connect to Facebook?

Before moving on to the solutions, let’s identify the causes first. There might be multiple reasons why Instagram won’t connect to Facebook, and some commonly seen causes are:

Account connection

This is the most direct reason for the issue. To share a post across Instagram and Facebook, you will need to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Either you haven’t successfully connected your Instagram account to Facebook, or the interlink is temporarily not working at the moment.

Cookies and cache

When your Instagram won’t connect to Facebook, the piled-up cookies and cache of the apps might have caused the issue. Cookies and caches are the files and data stored in your browser or mobile devices. When they get corrupted over time, they tend to cause different issues. 

Instagram settings

If you can log in to Instagram and Facebook with your account, but still can not share a post from Instagram to Facebook, you may look into your account settings for sharing a post. You will need to enable the sharing option when you want to share a post from Instagram. It’s usually a prompt that informs you to allow for sharing and you might have skipped it.

Apps error/bug

When Instagram won’t connect to Facebook, it could be the errors or bugs of the two apps. If you haven’t updated Instagram or Facebook for a while, the old version could have caused different errors. Additionally, there may be bugs unfixed and they could have caused the issue.

Facebook is down

Sometimes you can't connect Instagram to Facebook simply because the problem is with Facebook, not you. There’s a chance that Facebook may be down briefly when you share the post. Besides that, Facebook is finicky when it comes to account management, your account could have been banned accidentally for unknown reasons that prevent you from posting.

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How to Solve the Problem of Instagram Won't Connect to Facebook?

Now you know all the possible causes when Instagram won’t connect to Facebook, it’s time to fix it with solutions accordingly! Here is a guide to help you sort out the issue step by step. Just apply the solutions from the first one to the last.

Log out and log back in 

When Instagram won’t connect to Facebook, the first thing to do is to log out both apps and log back in again. This is the simplest solution to the issue and proved to be a quick fix. After you have log back into both apps, make sure your Instagram and Facebook are linked, as usual, then try to share images from Instagram to Instagram again to see if the issue is resolved. 

Check account connection

If the quick fix above can’t seem to help, it’s better to review the connection between Facebook and Instagram accounts, see if they are properly linked. To do so, simply follow the steps below. 

Step 1. On the Instagram profile page, tap the Hamburger menu.

Step 2. Select Settings > Account Center, tap on “Accounts and profiles.”

Can t Connect Instagram to Facebook Page

Step 3. Check if both accounts appear in the Account Center.

Step 4. Tap on the “Logging in across accounts” to see if you have allowed one account to log in to the other.

Link/unlink the Facebook account 

If you have reviewed the connection, and your Facebook account is linked to each other as normal, but still find Instagram won’t connect to Facebook, you may try to link and unlink the accounts to see if that helps. Here’s how to do it in simple steps.

Step 1. On the Instagram profile page, tap the Hamburger menu in the top right.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Account Center, tap on “Accounts and profiles.”

Step 3. Tap your Facebook account and select “Remove From Account Center.”

Can't Connect Instagram to Facebook

Step 4. Tap “Continue” proceed to remove your Facebook account from the Account Center.

Step 5. Go back to “Account Center”, tap “Add Accounts” to link your Facebook again.

By linking and unlinking your Facebook accounts to Instagram, you should be able to fix the issue. If not, just keep reading and apply the next solution.

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Review Sharing option

If you have successfully linked your Facebook to Instagram account, but Instagram won’t connect to Facebook, it’s time to review the Sharing option. You may follow these steps to enable the Instagram Stories and Posts sharing to Facebook:

Step 1. On the Instagram profile page, tap the Hamburger menu in the top right.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Account Center. Choose “Story and post sharing.”

Step 3. Tap on Instagram account name. Review if your Facebook account is selected under the “Share to.”

Instagram Won’t Connect to Facebook Page

Step 4. Toggle on the button of “Your Instagram story” and “Your Instagram story” to allow cross-platform sharing. 

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Clear cache and data

If the steps above can’t seem to help, try to clear cache and data for both apps. Just follow the steps below to clear cache for Facebook and Instagram.

iOS: Settings > General > Storage > Facebook/Instagram. Delete both apps to clear cache and data on iPhone. Install them from the App store later.

Android: Settings > Apps > See all apps > Storage and cache > clear storage and cache.

You can also uninstall the apps directly and get a clean install without cache and data. 

Change password

When you have tried out all the ways above, but Instagram won’t connect to Facebook, you may change the password for both apps to see if that helps. 

Facebook: Go to Settings >  Security and Login, and change the password, and log back in.

Instagram: Go to  Settings > Security > Password, change the password, and log back in. 

Get help from Support

If none of the above seem to do the tricks, it’s time to turn to the expert. You may try to contact the support team from Facebook or Instagram for further help.

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Sum Up 

When Instagram won’t connect to Facebook, there could be multiple reasons. In most cases, it has something to do with the connection between your Facebook and Instagram accounts. But rest assured, with this guide, you can surely resolve the issue step by step easily! When you try to post across Instagram and Facebook to increase the reach and boost visibility, why not try GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita for a better chance? The follower's app is currently the best third-party app to help you get 10K Instagram followers for free and safe!  

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