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Use Free Instagram Views App to Boost Reels, Stories, Posts

How to use free Instagram views app to get 5k real views? Want to get real and organic Instagram reels views, story views, and post views? This passage can help you.

Updated 2022-02-16 13:19:14 | by Gary

Instagram views represent how much exposure you’ve got. And views can pretty much equal the sales if you get enough of them. Nowadays Instagram users are not just longing for views for their posts, reels views are gradually becoming the major demand. So, what are the sustainable/quick ways to boost your Instagram views for reels, stories, and posts? Instagram views app can help. Let’s dive in and see 2 practical methods that can bring fast 5k quality views for you.

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How Do Instagram Views Benefit You?

Instagram views to some degree reflect the traffic you are receiving. Likes and followers are all based on Instagram views, no views no transformations. And among all kinds of IG views, Instagram Reels Views Matter Especially. BTW, if you wish to get a large number of Instagram views, buying Instagram views at cheap prices is way more efficient than any other method. Please weigh the degree of urgency and make the best decision according to your condition.

  • What Is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels according to the Instagram official, is an editable 15-second multi-clip video with background music, effects, and more creative tools. Inevitably, you may relate this feature to TikTok, but they work kinda differently. Instagram builds this feature more naturally with its other features, to make a mature & harmonious community.

  • How can Instagram Views Benefit You?

Views equal to exposure. More views, more likes, and more followers. And Instagram Reels views prove themselves to be the most valuable type of views by their ability to trigger interactions. Basically, there are two simple ways to gain more Instagram Reels views instantly: 1. Share your Reels to the Explore. 2. Share your Reels with your followers by posting one to your Feed.

Anyway, Reels can promote your brand, expand your Instagram followers, and bound you closer with your followers. And Reels views can catalyst more Instagram users from following you, and hasten the process of making deals.

3 Freeways to Increase Instagram Reels Views Tricks [Slow Yet Sustainable]

This part is about 3 practical ways to obtain more Instagram views. All of them can quickly answer the question - how to boost Instagram views.

Trick One: Share Your Reels to the Explore

Firstly, you need to set your account as Public. And the operations to share a reel is easy, when you are creating a reel and are about to finish it, you can just click on the Share button to send it to the Explore page. The Explore page is where you can earn extra views from worldwide Instagram users.

Trick Two: Edit Your Reels with Creative Tools

#1. Use what’s trending - sounds, hashtags, etc.

Use Trendy Music to Get More Reels Views

Works quite similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels got its preferences on music. So you gotta have a good sense of what’s hitting and also, judge if this very music compatible with your theme. And if you can do a good job, then your audience will be very fond of your reels.

Hashtags play a crucial role in helping your Reels rank. The Instagram algorithm favors the hashtags strategies for them can help the algorithm recognize your content. 

#2. Add effects and filters

Use Effects for More Instagram Reels Views

Another way to make your reels distinguished is by using stylish effects and filters to your reels. Effects are quite convenient tools to help users automatically adopt edits to their Reels with selected music. And using the same effects and filters just like the top influencers is a good way of catching up. 

#3. Use ‘SEO’ strategies

Similar to the mighty Google search engine, Instagram has adopted the keyword detection system. KEYWORD, the core conception of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is once a strategy that has been pursued by millions due to the marvelous results it brings. Basically, it helps the algorithm to do the recognized job. Once we know the mechanism, it is effortless to use keywords to improve your content.

But as an age-old SEOer, there are some taboos that I want to warn you:

1. Don’t insert too many keywords in your captions

2. Use long-tail keywords to enrich your content

3. Use keyword plus URL to strengthen your other content

Trick Three: Instagram Views App

Here comes the least arduous method to bring you 5k free views at once - Instagram views apps. The question is about picking the right Instagram views app out of the futile, bot, and inactive ones. Lucky you, today’s recommendation will surely meet your demands. Let’s see the app and learn how to use it to hack 1k views in one minute.

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Use Instagram followers and likes app to Fast Get 5K Free Views for Reels, Stories, and Posts

100% green, stable reap of free Instagram views, GetInsta is right now the best free followers, likes, views app for Instagram.

GetInsta promises that it only delivers real and free Instagram followers, likes, and views to you. And this is well-founded since what supports GetInsta is the harmonious community built inside where real Instagram users register and do follow-for-follow with each other. GetInsta promises that it won’t send you bot views like its competitors do, conversely, it delivers organic followers that will interact with your activities - no matter reels or stories and counted as valid views. 

Now please follow the guidance to finish the in-app tasks, or you may not get the right number of views.

GetInsitaGetInsmartaGetInsita: Best Instagram Followers & Likes App
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  • How to Get 1K Reels Views with GetInsta?

Step 1. Download GetInsta from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Step 2. Get free coins by finishing the tasks. Unlimited coins are generated in your liking and following others’ posts or accounts.

Step 3. GetInsta prepares a surprising box for you, opening which can bring you random coins. Please back to GetInsta every now and then and make no waste of the awards.

Step 4. Go to the Store to exchange free Instagram likes, followers. Given that all the followers you get are real and interactive, so basically the followers you obtain are equal to Instagram views.


This passage gives 3 instant tricks to help you obtain Instagram views. Including the content method, app method, and SEO strategy method. But generally speaking, Instagram views app - GetInsta is the most effective Instagram views apk that brings real views quickly. Please don't hesitate to download it and give it a try.

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