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The Best Instagram Video Dimensions & Size Guide for 2021 and One Bonus Tip

Instagram business rises when you have good content to engage with the audience. In this article, we will teach you various dimensions for Instagram videos. 

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Albert

Social media sites continue to emerge with new features that keep on adding to give users the best social media practices. Likewise, Instagram has evolved into a much-advanced platform with an increase in video popularity. The business accounts, brands, and individuals are learning video optimization for better engagement. 

Instagram video dimensions give the screen real estate for the followers. These dimensions are ideal for most mobile devices to ensure that your video or gif shows up decently across different screen resolutions and operating systems. To make sure you are uploading the highest quality video on Instagram, you will need to follow the right video settings. In this article, we will provide your best Instagram video dimensions and size guide. 

Instagram Videos Dimensions, Aspect Ratio and Sizes

What Is Instagram Video Dimensions & Aspect Ratio?

Like other social media platforms, Instagram also has some video dimensions and aspect ratios. Instagram video dimensions make sure that the video you uploaded appears high-quality and professional. 

It is an important element for all the creators to increase engagement on Instagram from the viewers. When you use third-party apps to create Instagram videos on your device, then you need to correct and align the elements. Instagram has different video sizes and aspect ratios because of the increasing popularity of video. That is why you need to keep track of all of the right Instagram video dimensions 2021

Filming and uploading a video might seem an easy task, but there are some other things too to consider. Instagram video dimensions and aspect ratio determines how the video will be shown to the audience. 

Instagram Video Dimensions Guide #1 - IGTV videos

The long-video service IGTV is an enticing option for both viewers and creators. IGTV videos start to play automatically as soon as the users approach the IGTV platform and are watched in a vertical feed. The first point to keep in mind is that your IGTV Instagram video size for 10 minutes is under 650MB, and 3.6 GB for videos less than 60 minutes. 

IGTV Video Dimensions, Aspect Ratio and Length

The video format should be MP4. The Instagram video dimensions for IGTV video should be 1080 x 1920 pixels, whereas an aspect ratio of 9:16. These are the perfect dimensions when you choose the IGTV platform for your videos. Moreover, the user can also add an interactive cover photo for IGTV in a suggested aspect ratio of 1:1.55 with the dimension of 420 x 654 pixels.

IGTV Video Cover Dimensions and Aspect Ratio

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Instagram Video Dimensions Guide #2 - Instagram Stories

Need a call for action from your viewers/followers? Instagram stories are perfect for sharing casual thoughts and engaging with the audience. The maximum video story length is 15 seconds, but Instagram will automatically clip it into segments in case it exceeds the limit.  The Instagram video dimensions for stories are 1080 x 1920, with an aspect ratio of 9:16. 

Instagram Story Dimensions

The accepted video formats for the Instagram story are MP4, MOV, and GIF. However, the file size can be 4 GB maximum. If you shoot an Instagram story video with a custom setup, then use an editing app to apply the correct dimensions. It is crucial to have a perfect video with exact dimensions to hack Instagram Story viewers and ensure maximum engagement on the Instagram story.

Instagram Video Dimensions Guide #3 - Instagram Live Videos 

Instagram live videos are equivalent to post video stories, but they offer more engagement with your followers. It is considered to be a more unique and personal way. However, the users can not edit the Instagram live videos while broadcasting. These are popular to host Q&As, promote sales, etc. 

Instagram Live Video Dimensions

To get the maximum results, your live Instagram video size should have an aspect ratio of 9:16. Set the Instagram video dimensions as 1080 x 1920 pixels. After the broadcast, the users are also provided with an option to save it to your camera roll or share it to your story. 

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Instagram Video Dimensions Guide #4 - Instagram Reels

Just like Tik Tok, Instagram has recently introduced Reels, which is the new video feature. It allows the users to create a 30 seconds video clip to share on your profile. They might mean adding new thumbnail templates to your business or brand's guidelines. 

Instagram Reels Dimensions, Length and Aspect Ratio

Instagram reels are perfect for sharing short behind-the-scenes clips or unrehearsed peeks at your workplace. The Instagram video dimensions for reels are designed to be viewed as 1080 x 1920 with a 9:16 aspect ratio. 

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The Bottom Line

We have ended the discussion on the point that Instagram is arguably one of the most popular social media platforms to broaden businesses. It has provided you an opportunity to upload videos with the defined Instagram video dimensions to maintain the quality and views from the audience. Furthermore, a bonus tip is provided at the end to help the users in gaining more followers and likes. 

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