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Top New Instagram Updates and Features in 2023

Instagram is growing so fast that it’s hard to keep pace with it. So, don’t miss this passage about the latest major Instagram updates and features in 2023!

Updated 2022-12-30 19:21:05 | by Dale

Instagram has already become one of the most popular social platforms for young people. In order to keep up with the era, Instagram updates itself so fast that you can hardly follow its new features if you don't keep an eye on the relative information. So, it's important to keep abreast of the Instagram updates process. Through this passage, you'll be able to know the major changes Instagram brought with its latest update in 2023. Just come and see what kinds of Instagram new features have been released and the tutorial guide of how to use them. In addition, there are tips for you to keep up with every Instagram update!

Instagram Updates

What's New on Instagram Updates 2023

In 2023, Instagram has periodically updated itself with a batch of new features. Let's start at the beginning of the year and go through these new features of Instagram one by one.

Professional Dashboard

The Professional Dashboard is a new central hub where all the creator and business accounts can track performance, access and discover professional tools and explore educational information curated by Instagram - all in one place!

Instagram New Features

To see this page, you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1:  Register a creator or business Instagram account.

Step 2:  Head to your profile page.

Step 3:  Tap “View Professional Dashboard” to get access.

With this dashboard, you can know your Instagram account performance well, you can adjust your post habits according to these statistics, which in return will promote your IG account. While if you don’t know how to upgrade your account’s performance, you can turn your way to Instagram free promotion APK.

Recently Deleted

This new feature of Recently Deleted has finally been released as requested. Deleted stories that are not in your archive will stay in the Recently Deleted folder for up to 24 hours. While everything else - photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos and stories you choose to delete will be automatically moved to the Recently Deleted folder and deleted 30 days later.

New Features of Instagram

During those 30 days, to get here, you need to:

Step 1:  Head to your profile page.

Step 2:  Click on the three lines in the upper right corner and find Settings at the bottom.

Step 3:  Click the Account and you’ll find Recently Deleted.

From there you can either restore or permanently delete them. This feature has been requested for a long time for there’s the situation of been hacked and posts disappeared.

4 People Live Rooms

In early March, Instagram gave you the ability to go Live on Instagram with up to three people. Previously, you could go live with only one other person in a stream, but they’re now letting you “double-up” on your live broadcast.

Instagram New Features 2021

To start a Live Room, you need to:

Step 1:  Swipe left and pick the Live camera option.

Step 2:  Add a title and tap the Rooms icon to add your guests.

Also, there’s a new feature that allows you to mute your microphones and turn off the video during Instagram Live if you like to, then only a profile picture will be left. This kind of 4 people Live Room could help you draw more Instagram live viewers through the people you are connecting with.

Instagram Reels Remix

In early April, Instagram released a new feature for their popular reels - Instagram Reels Remix. Similar features - Duets and Stitch - have been popular on TikTok for some time. The new function allows users to remix other people’s content with theirs and thus make a unique story using the footage from both accounts.

Instagram New Features

To get started, you need to:

Step 1:  Select the video and tap the three dots at the bottom right.

Step 2:  If the user has enabled the Remix feature, click the “Remix This Reel” button.

Step 3:  Record or upload your new Reel which will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Remember that you can’t see the “Remix This Reel” button if the owner of the video has turned off this function. And you can turn off it too if you don’t want your reels been remixed. After you finished your remix and uploaded it successfully, you can download Instagram Reels remixed by your creativity.

Stories Caption Sticker

Users can now add captions to their Instagram Stories with stickers that transcribe speech to text. Automated caption stickers are currently only available in English and select markets, but will soon be made available in different languages and countries. Instagram also plans to release a similar feature for Reels. 

Instagram Updates

To use this sticker, you need to:

Step 1:  Record a video via the Stories or Reels camera, or upload one from your phone's gallery.

Step 2:  Click on the sticker tray and choose the "Captions" sticker.

Step 3:  You can change the caption's style, color and text, as well as its position. Your speech will be converted to text now.

This feature launches for two reasons. One is that in case you are in somewhere that can't have noises, the other is that to give some conveniences to those who can’t hear. Cute Instagram caption ideas will certainly attracting more followers so be sure to take more time on it!

That’s just 5 out of the various Instagram new features 2023 updates that may have an impact on your Instagram life. While if you want to keep up with every Instagram update, keep reading to find the answer.

How to be Informed About Every Instagram Update

In order to keep informed of every Instagram Updates, there are several places you can go.

Instagram authority accounts

There are some official Instagram accounts you can follow, and they all offer updates on features and the guide of how to use new Instagram features from time to time.

@Creators. Provide a wealth of ideas for Instagram Creators.

@instagramforbusiness. Provide a wealth of ideas for Instagram business accounts.

@mosseri - Head of Instagram, posts guides to some of the new features and his daily life.

@vishalshahis - VP of Instagram, posts guides to some of the new features and his daily life.

@justinosofsky - Chief Operating Officer of Instagram, posts guides to some of the new features and her daily life.

Instagram blog

There’s an official site of Instagram, where you can find their updated features in the daily blogs. At the same time, there is a Features section where you can view the features of various Instagram services by category.

Another helpful website is GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita Blog, where you can find all kinds of social tips includes Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and so on. Furthermore, there’s a multiple language section to meet all your needs.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all about the Instagram updates and ways of how to use Instagram new features. Whether it’s the Professional Dashboard, the Live rooms for 4 people or the Reels Remix option, you do need enough followers to interact with you, so GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, a safe and efficient way to increase free followers for Instagram, is especially important at this point. With this App, you can get enough attention for free to make better use of these new features. Also, the accounts and sites mentioned above all post Instagram updates messages from time to time, so follow them to keep up with every Instagram update!

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