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How to Unlock Instagram Private Account: Private Profiles, Photos

How to unlock Instagram private account without human verification? 2 ways show you. Instagram unlock private account app & online free. IG unlock private.

Updated 2022-04-15 10:29:31 | by Dale

What happens when you meet a private Instagram account?

Instagram Unlock Private

When you click into someone’s profile to get the above notification in the picture, that indicates this account has been set as a private Instagram account and you couldn’t see his or her photos and videos under the current circumstances. Then could you unlock Instagram private account and bypass Instagram privacy policy? Sure. In the following, this article lists several methods of Instagram unlock private, including unlock private Instagram without human verification and some unlock private Instagram viewers.

Instagram Unlock Private Account Without Human Verification

Send Follow Request

Private Instagram Account

You are not the only one to be annoyed by this Instagram private feature. The above picture offers a solution to Instagram unlock private account without human verification, and you can follow one to unlock his or her profiles, videos and photos. That’s because a private account could be only viewed by its existing followers or someone they approve. If you have been a follower of the private Instagram account you want to view before, then you won’t be affected by this setting change. If you are not, a follow request is needed.

How to Unlock Private Account Without Human Verification

1. Click into the targeted private Instagram account profile page.

2. Tap ‘Follow’ button on the profile top, then the button would change to ‘Requested’. 

3. Your request will appear in the activity of the private Instagram account. Check the status after a while, you are allowed to view after the owner permits.

Instagram Unlock Private Account Without Human Verification

Use a New Account

Sending a follow request is a way that most people choose, however, there are also many people who want to unblock Instagram private account without someone knowing. As for this, using a new account to unblock private account is the best choice. 

There are two methods: 

  • One is that you can register a new IG account and then send an unknown follow request; 

  • Also, if your friend has followed this private account before, it's a good chance to unblock the private Instagram account with your friend’s IG account. 

Both methods can unlock private Instagram without human verification and without survey. Nobody tells who you are.

Search on Google

Some celebrities also set their IG accounts as private. As your follow request cannot be accepted by them in hours, searching for their username on Google to find their Instagram photos and videos would help you. 

Find the Repost of Private Account

Or some fans or media having access to these private accounts will sometimes forward these photos and videos, maybe you can peek into the targeted Instagram private account from these clues.

tUnlock Private Instagram Online Free

Many people don’t want to follow people to get Instagram unlock private, if you are rightly one of them, or you have tried all the methods above but still can’t unlock Instagram private account, it's time to ask unlock private Instagram apps for help. Here are two IG private viewers allowing you to unlock private Instagram online free safely, without account. 

Unlock Private Instagram Online Free -

The most recommended one is IGmods, an online website available on Android and iOS devices only. It provides viewing private Instagram account, free Instagram followers, likes and other social media services.   

How to Unlock Private Instagram Online Free

1. Click the second icon to the left ’View Private Account’. 

2. Enter right Target Instagram Username, and tap ‘Connect’ and ‘Confirm Account’. 

3. Click ‘Verify Now’ to finish an easy human verification, then you could access the targeted private account’s photos and detailed profiles. 

Unlock Private Instagram Online Free - develops several social media tools, one of which is (Private) Instagram viewers. Private account profiles and photos can all be unlocked here. With a clean page, it’s easy and simple to operate. What’s more, it won’t need your Instagram password or login to work, therefore, to see private Instagram photos without account is possible. You could take a look at how to use this viewer in the upper right corner or follow the following steps:

How to See Private Instagram Photos Without Account

1. Go to and click the first picture at the top, Private Instagram Viewer. 

2. Enter the private Instagram account username and tap connect. 

3. Click ‘Confirm’, then select ‘Unlock Account’ or ’Show Photos’.

4. Continue to click ’Sure, go ahead’ and ‘Verify Now’ to finish a quick anti-spam human verification (complete two offers from the list). 

How to Unlock Private Instagram Online Free

In addition, there are some other online private Instagram viewers to unlock Instagram private accounts, but all these require you to either download apps to finish score tasks or enter your email address on an unknown page to verify whether you are a robot. If you still want to avoid human verification, then just go back to the conventional method above.

Instagram Unlock Private Account App/Viewer

Well, there is also an Instagram unlock private account app recommended to you, which is very useful and convenient when you need to unlock private IG accounts chronically.

UnlockPrivate app

Instagram Unlock Private Account App Viewers - UnlockPrivate

Seen from its name, UnlockPrivate is a mobile application specializing in unlocking private accounts and it’s an unlocking app for Android phones and tablets. And you can get private Instagram profiles in this way. 

How to View Private Accounts With Unlockprivate App

1. Go to and download UnlockPrivate app. Open the private account profile page in your Instagram app.

2. Enter the username of the targeted private account in Unlockprivate app and click ‘View Profile’.

3. Go back to your Instagram app and refresh the private account profile page. Then all private information get accessible.

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End up

This guide shows several ways to unlock private Instagram without human verification, including conventional methods, Instagram unlock private account app and online tools. The most recommended is sending follow request or using an unknown account to view the targeted private account.

There is also a bonus to obtain free Instagram followers steadily. GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita provides unlimited free followers, 100% working. Download GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita now to test it by yourself. It's easier to grow followers from today.

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