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Instagram Follow/Unfollow Limit and How to Bypass IG Unfollow Limit 2021

What is Instagram follow/unfollow limit per day/per hour? The article gives you the answer after testing and a solution to bypass the unfollow limit.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

To provide a better user experience compared with other social platforms, Instagram has been updating its features. To keep an authentic and safe Instagram community, Instagram algorithm plays its role in monitoring users’ activities, including how many accounts you’ve followed and unfollowed. If you reach the follow and unfollow limit on Instagram, your account may be suspended. That’s what anyone wants to face. To prevent the situation, you need to know Instagram follow and unfollow limit 2021. The article shows you the number of follow and unfollow limit on Instagram, and the ultimate method about how to bypass Instagram unfollow limit.

Instagram Unfollow Limit

Instagram Follow/Unfollow Limit [Per Day/ Per Hour]

After testing so many times, we found that the Instagram follow and unfollow limit per day is 100 to 200 accounts based on the above factors. If you want to know how many accounts you could follow and unfollow per hour, the answer for the follow and unfollow limit on Instagram per hour is up to 15 accounts. If you have many inactive or bot accounts and want to unfollow them to boost your account, the constant unfollow activity may keep your account from being blocked or suspended. For example, you could follow and unfollow 50 accounts per day in the first week, 100 accounts per day in the second week, and 150 accounts per day in the third week.

Instagram Follow/Unfollow Limit

If you visit the site of the Instagram help center, you could find that it says that to help reduce spam, it allows anyone to follow less than 7500 people. It means that the follow limit for everyone is 7500 accounts, regardless of how many followers they have. But the rule makes users confused for it doesn’t explain that it is for a daily limit or a monthly limit. 

For this reason, we know that Instagram has set limitations on follow and unfollow activities, we have no idea how many accounts we are permitted to follow and unfollow per day, and even per hour. On Instagram, following and unfollowing is count as the same actions. But Instagram follow and unfollow limit is not a certain number used for everyone. Instead, it depends on many other factors.

1. Age of Your account

Your Instagram account will be seen as an old account as long as you have used it for more than 3 months. The longer you use Instagram, the better. If you continue to improve your Instagram account every day, you’ll get the expected result at last.

2. The account’s activity

You know that Instagram inspects all your activities online. The more active you behave on Instagram, the more activities it inspects, and the more features you could use. That’s beneficial. 

3. Number of followers

Instagram has a greater limit for those who have a large number of followers. The more followers you have, the more activities you are allowed to do.

4. The engagement rate

Engagement is an important meter to estimate the actions you take on Instagram. In summary, there are 4 main elements that affect your Instagram engagement rate: likes, comments, shares, and saves.

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How to Bypass Instagram Unfollow Limit?

Before asking how to solve a problem, you need to know why the problem occurs at first. If you are searching for the answer for the unfollow limit on Instagram, it means that you are doing or will do mass unfollow activity. Generally, we mass unfollow accounts for removing ghost followers that are inactive or have no contribution to our posts and account. There are 2 methods to bypass Instagram unfollow limit.  

Method 1: Keep Unfollowing Small Numbers of Accounts Every Day

We have said that it’s not safe to unfollow many accounts at a time. If you really want to remove those ghost and inactive accounts, just unfollow no more than 100 accounts per day to escape the unfollow limit. The less number of accounts you unfollow every day, the safer your account would be. For example, if you are going to unfollow 300 accounts, you could make a schedule and unfollow 50 accounts every day for a week.

How to Bypass Instagram Unfollow Limit - Unfollow Gradually

Method 2: Get Real Followers Every Day Without Limit

You may aware that the first method is not a healthy way for your insta account. There we show you the most effective way to bypass Instagram unfollow limit radically. That is to get real and targeted followers on Instagram. It seems easy but is hard in reality. One free Instagram followers app gives you a hand - InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita, which creates a platform gathering real users together. If they are interested in your profile, they will follow you instantly. If they are fond of your post, they will like it in a second. It guarantees you real and targeted free Instagram followers in this way. 

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Bottom Line

Above all, the ideal Instagram follow and unfollow limit 2021 per day is about 100 to 200 and up to 15 per hour. The exact number is based on the 4 factors that affect the unfollow limit for your account. How to bypass Instagram unfollow limit when you in need? Gradually get rid of those accounts. Or use Instagram followers mod apk InsBottleGetInsitaGetInsita to get free real followers to save your time and energy. Don’t need to care about the unfollow limit on Instagram anymore. 

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