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Trending on Instagram Today: See Instagram Trending Hashtags, Apps, Topics, & Reels Music

Want to know about what is trending on Instagram today? Go through this article where gives you Instagram trending hashtags, apps, topics, reels music.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:08 | by Wen

People who are serious about growing their Instagram page reach understand how invaluable Instagram trending topics are. Instagram has massively evolved and is now a super popular social site across the globe for several reasons. This makes it an obvious target for marketers, a plethora of businesses, and droves of people looking for different content. If you are one of them, then worry no more. 

In this article, we take you through a complete guide on what is trending on Instagram today

Instagram Trending

Instagram Trending Hashtags Today 

Probably, you are not new to hashtags. They are used in plenty of social sites, including Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags are a combination of letters, symbols, or emojis preceded by the character #. 

Hashtags are useful and help users garner more followers and likes with ease. They help to categorize posts for ease of reach by the audience. The good thing with hashtags is that people can see your hashtagged post irrespective of whether they follow you or not. Therefore, it offers an amazing way to build community online. 

How to Find Trending Hashtags

Finding trending hashtags on Instagram is not as straightforward as it is on other sites. However, it doesn’t mean that you will have a rough experience. Some of the best ways to find trending hashtags on Instagram include:

  • Search for a hashtag using related phrases or similar words. For desktop, enter the phrase preceded by the symbol # in the search box. For mobile phones, enter the word in the search box, then hit “Tags.”

 How to Find Instagram Trending Hashtags

  • Find most related tags- On a hashtag page, you should see the “Related” option with a list of hashtags. 

  • Find the most popular hashtags- Click the “Top” tab, then scroll down to find related hashtags.

  • Check what other tags do the post-use- Select a hashtag and access more details about the post. Here, you will find other tags the post is using. 

10 Instagram Trending Hashtags

Getting viral on Instagram with hashtags depends on the choice of tags. If you angle with the trending hashtags, you will probably be on the right page. The following are 15 Instagram trending hashtags with the most uses and highest engagement. 

1. #love 

2. #photography 

3. #instagood 

4. #tbt 

5. #hair 

6. #dance 

7. #fashion 

8. #art 

9. #LGBTQ 

10. #meme

11. #like4like

12. #followme

13. #lol

14. #instadaily

15. #instamood

Instagram Trending Apps 

Creating excellent Instagram content involves multiple inputs. One invaluable input is Instagram apps. This is why there are plenty of Instagram trending apps. Some of the best Instagram trending apps include:

1. Photo-edit apps

Photo editing apps provide a way to fine-tune photos and make them more eye-catchy. There are several free and premium photo editing apps that you can use to enhance your photos. Some of the finest examples include VSCO, Canva, Snap speed, etc.

Instagram Trending Apps - Photo Editing

2. Video-edit apps 

With video-sharing taking IG by storm, the need for good video editors is inevitable. This explains why video editing apps seamlessly trend on Instagram. Some of the popular video editing apps include InShot, Video Editor-Editing Studio, etc. 

3. Instagram caption & fonts apps

Instagram fonts and captions undoubtedly improve your page reach on Instagram when used wisely.  Some of the best sources include Instagram Fonts, GetinsCaptions, etc.

4. Instagram Followers app

Garnering Instagram followers naturally requires time and dedication. Nowadays, time is of great essence. You can’t afford to take long. Fortunately, technology is rapidly fine-tuning things and Instagram follower apps simplify the way we grow followers and likes. The top tool for this task is nothing else but GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita. This application offers a free platform to grow high-quality Instagram followers Instagram. It is easy to use, 100% safe, and offers instant results.  

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What is Trending on Instagram

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Instagram Trending Topics 

While trending apps are important, Instagram trending topics can be equally important to growing your page reach. Many topics hit Instagram daily. However, not every topic is hot enough to trend. There are short-lived trending topics and those that trend for a long. Here, we take a look at some of the topics trending in 2021.

1. Yoga

Yoga is a popular workout that comes with immense benefits revolving around health and fitness. Following the coronavirus wreck and subsequent lockdowns, scores of people resorted to yoga because of the ease and convenience. According to 2020 data, yoga registered an average daily growth of 68%.

 Instagram Trending Topics - Yoga

2. News and Politics

People want to keep abreast of the developments on various news hitting the headlines across the globe. The coronavirus news, political decisions like the US elections, and sports news, among others. News and politics had an average daily follower growth of 46% in 2020.

3. Cooking

With the coronavirus forcing people to work remotely, droves migrated to online platforms to showcase and fine-tune their cooking skills. In 2020, cooking registered an average daily follower growth of 33%. 

What is Trending on Instagram Today - Cooking

4. Recipes

With people sharing cooking skills online, recipe sharing became inevitable. This explains why the average daily follower growth of recipes in 2020 clocked 31%. 

5. Health

2020 saw the coronavirus pandemic spread its wings across the world. People’s lifestyles also changed. This triggered mass sharing of health information across social platforms, including Instagram. Health saw an average daily growth of 28% of daily Instagram followers

Instagram Trending Reels Music 

Besides leveraging Instagram hot topics, Instagram reels can help you improve your page engagement. Music reels took Instagram by storm since its entry in mid-2020. It provides a way to share short music videos on Instagram for entertainment. If used wisely, music reels can massively boost your engagement. Some of the most trending reels music includes:  

1. ALEX&RUS - Дикая львица (dikaya lvica)

2. Desiigner – Panda

3. MV & Jack Stauber – Buttercup

4. JONY - Love your voice

5. Banana – Conkarach

6. SAINt JHN – Roses

7. Kina - Can We Kiss Forever?

8. Tushal Lall - Harry Potter Music (Indian Version)

9. Willy William – Paris

10. Tokyo Drift - Teriyaki Boyz


 Instagram Trending Reels Music

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Boosting your Instagram page reach requires hard work. One of the best ingredients is using Instagram trending stories, music, and other art. However, you can integrate them with the best free Instagram follower generator and transform your page reach like never before. 

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