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How to Drive Traffic to & from Instagram [2021 Update]

If you want to get Instagram traffic you need to know the real tools and ways. You can read this article to find out everything required.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Kelly

Instagram was launched in 2010. Since then, it has been used by many celebrities, influencers, and businessmen all over the world. Currently, there are 1 billion active users every month on the versatile platform. 

However, to be famous on Instagram, you must gain a significant number of followers. But as the number of active users is so high, attracting only a tiny portion can allow you to promote your brand or product more effectively. 

To attract more followers on Instagram, you must know that there are two types of traffic, external and default traffic. You can either attract traffic to your Instagram or divert traffic from Instagram. 

Attracting an audience to your Instagram includes buying fans from the outside while generating traffic from Instagram requires you to have a well-operated Instagram account. It requires monetization of the audience.

You can attract traffic to your Instagram by using the GetInsta app. Through the app, you can buy hundreds of followers and likes. You can also follow some of our tips to divert your Instagram traffic to your external websites. 

How to Drive Traffic to and from Instagram?

How to Drive Traffic to Instagram?

There are numerous methods through which you can drive traffic to your Instagram profile/page. Some of the most effective ones are specified below. 

Be Consistent

If you want to attract more followers on Instagram, make sure that you are consistent on the platform. If you are an influencer, daily highlight your messages, as this will increase the visibility of your content. If you are a brand, make sure to daily post the content related to your niche. Doing this will increase the engagement of your audience. 

Try to post few times a day, but make sure to don’t overdo it. Also, make sure that you are consistently engaged with your audience by commenting. It will also elevate the engagement rate. 

Both higher visibility and engagement rate will help you attract more Instagram traffic to your profile/page. 

Optimize your IG Page/Profile 

If you want to increase Instagram traffic day by day on your Instagram page/profile, make sure to optimize it. Add a catchy phrase or dynamic pictures related to your target audience in your Instagram bio. Adding multimedia content to your bio will make your page/profile look more catchy, trustworthy. It will allow you to build the identity of your brand. It will also help you grab the users' attention and get more Instagram traffic day by day.

Choose a unique username and profile picture for your brand or Instagram profile, is a must, as a creative username and profile picture can attract more users to the platform. 

Make sure to choose an easy-to-search username, so people can easily find you. All of this will ensure that you get more attention from Instagram users, which will help you generate more Instagram traffic.

Explore Hashtags and Use Them in Your Content

To generate more Instagram traffic, make sure you explore and discover the most popular hashtags related to your target audience, or niche. Using the right hashtags that your audience check can help you to attract more Instagram users to your Instagram page/profile. 

You can find the trending hashtags by using different tools, or you can type “#” and then type the keyword related to your niche, and it will show the trending hashtags. Use them in your content to generate more Instagram traffic. 

Create an Attractive Content

To get more Instagram traffic on your Instagram profile/page, make sure to post visually pleasing content. The users on the platform are attracted to profiles and pages that have unique and visually dynamic content. 

Also, make sure to choose a suitable theme and a color scheme according to your niche. Also, make sure to use attractive fonts in your content. As fonts that are bold and beautiful are more visible, the more visible your content is, the more you will get Instagram traffic. 

Schedule Right Post Time

If you want to generate more Instagram traffic to your page/profile, make sure to post your content at the right time. Most of the users are active between 10 PM – 3 AM CDT, and that is when you should try to post your content. 

In addition to this, Wednesday is the day when most of the users are active. Posting your content at the right time will increase both visibility and engagement. Hence, you will be to attract more audience to your Instagram page/profile. 

Use Traffic Boosters

You can use traffic boosters to increase the traffic on your Instagram. There are numerous traffic boosters, out of which GetInsta is one of the top-notch ones. 

GetInsta is a free app specifically designed for Instagram users to generate more Instagram traffic on their Instagram page/profile. Through GetInsta, you can get real fans which will make your content more visible. Hence, your content will be deemed authentic by other users as well. 

By using GetInsta, you will be able to comply with Instagram’s algorithm. It would increase the engagement rate, visibility. Thus, you will be able to attract harvest more Instagram traffic to your page/profile. With GetInsta, how to increase Instagram traffic is no longer a problem.

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Features of GetInsta

Some of the most popular features of the app are specified below. 

100% Safe

The app is tested and developed by professional developers, ensuring that there are no viruses or malware hidden in the app. It means that you can download the app without any worries. 

The app doesn’t require you to put any passwords or go through any surveys and is 100% safe to use. 

Real Engaged Followers

GetInsta provides you 100%, real followers. All of the followers that you get have authentic Instagram profiles and are not bots. Due to this, your profile remains safe, doesn’t get banned. 

No Followers Drop

The followers that you get through the app aren’t reduced over time. It means that your followers remain your followers no matter what, and you get more likes on your content. It means that how to increase Instagram traffic is pretty easy through GetInsta.

100% Free

The app doesn’t require you to spend any money to get more followers and likes. All of the followers and likes are bought from coins that you can earn within the app. You can earn coins by completing recommended tasks. You also get some coins as you create your account on the app.

Easy to Use

The app is very user-friendly, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the app. 

How to Use The Instagram Traffic Booster

To use GetInsta, all you have to do is follow the below-specified steps. 

Step 1: To use GetInsta, first download it from either Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

Step 2: After downloading the app, open the app, and create an account. Upon creating your account and logging in, you’ll receive about 300 free coins.

Step 3: Add an Instagram account to get free followers and likes.

Step 4: To earn more coins, tap the coin icon at the bottom of the page. Upon clicking you will see a recommended profile and a post. Liking the post will get you 20 coins while following the profile will earn you 100 coins. 

How to Use the Instagram Traffic Booster - Step 4

Step 5: You can also buy followers and likes through real money. To do this, click on the bill icon at the bottom of the page.

How to Use the Instagram Traffic Booster - Step 4

How to Drive Traffic from Instagram

Now that you have learned how you can generate more traffic on Instagram, it’s time to learn about how you can drive traffic from Instagram. 

To drive traffic from Instagram, you have to monetize traffic from a well-operated Instagram account. Some of the effective methods through which you can drive traffic from Instagram are specified below. 

Add Link to Instagram Bio

You can always put a link where you want your Instagram traffic to be diverted, in your bio. As bio is the first thing that users see, adding links here is the most effective way through which you can send your audience to your website.

You can add catchy phrases to call the audience to click the link in your bio. As you can add just one link in your bio, use it effectively. 

Add Link to Instagram Story

You can also add links to your Instagram story to drive traffic from Instagram. You can add the swipe-up feature to your Instagram story. It will allow the audience to be directed to the external website if they ever swiped up. However, to use this feature, you must have a business account with 10k organic followers. 

Add Link to IGTV

To lure your Instagram audience to click on the external link, you can always add external links to IGTV video. It is one of the most effective CTA methods that you can use to drive traffic from Instagram. 

Bonus: How to Track Traffic from Your Instagram 

There are numerous methods and tools through which you can track traffic from your Instagram. 

Track traffic from Instagram posts

You can track traffic from your Instagram posts. To do this, tap the menu icon and then click the insights tab. Inside the tab, you can see how many people visited your profile, viewed your story, and other statistics about your profile. You can also see the number of people that clicked on the link in your bio. 

Track traffic from Instagram stories

You can track traffic from your Instagram stories. To do this, add trackable links to your Instagram stories using the swipe-up feature. 

Track traffic through Google Analytics. 

You can also track traffic through Google Analytics by using UTM’s. UTM is a special code that is attached at the end of the website that you want your users to visit. UTMs allow you to view how much traffic is being generated on your external link. 


The above-specified ways are some of the ways through which you can both attract the audience to Instagram and divert the audience from Instagram. To generate more traffic on your Instagram, make sure to download GetInsta, the best Instagram traffic booster now.

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