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Complete Guide to Tag People on IG & Hide Instagram Tagged Photos

How to tag people on Instagram? How to hide multiple Instagram tagged photos/videos at once from your profile? Read the article to know the method fast.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

Are you trying to use the old method to mention someone in the caption to attract their attention and increase exposure on Instagram? A new and popular method is more effective, that is to tag people on Instagram who will receive a notification and show up your photos or videos in their profile page. It’s a really good way to gain more likes and views. You may ask the question that how to tag people on Instagram if you’ve never tagged someone in your photo or video before? How to view/search Instagram tagged photos? And what if you want to hide Instagram tagged photos from your profile? Read the article to know the related info clearly and quickly.

 Instagram Tagged Photos

How to Tag on Instagram

Before learning how to hide Instagram tagged photos, we’ll show you how to tag Instagram accounts in your photos or videos at first. You can choose to ignore this part if you’ve gained the knowledge.

To give credits to the original user of a post or video, people would mention someone by @ directly followed by their username in the caption or comment. It’s also a way to get their attention as well. Tagging is placed in a photo or video and tagged photos will be displayed on their profiles. And you need to tap the content to see the tagged accounts. Some may be confused about tagging and mentioning on Instagram. Differences between tagging on Instagram and mentioning an account on Instagram are sorted out.

  • You are allowed to tag on Instagram on the photo or video while mentioning someone in the caption or comment.

  • If you tag someone on Instagram in a photo or video, the person you tagged will get a notification in the activity and the photo or video appears on his/her profile. If you mention someone on Instagram, you’ll get a notification in the activity.

  • Tagging on Instagram can be done by the content creator while mentioning an account can be finished by anyone.

  • If someone tags you on Instagram, you have the option to remove your username tag from the post. If someone mentions you, you have no way to delete your username.

It can not denied that tagging people on Instagram is beneficial to your group as it increases exposure and reach to strangers and influencers. So follow the steps to add a tag on Instagram.

Step 1: If you’re going to gap people in a new post, select a photo or video and tap next to write a caption.

Step 2: Then tap the button tag people where you are required to tap the photo to tag people. And type the username of accounts you want to tag that can be moved to any place.

 Tag People on Instagram

If you’d like to add a tag to an existing post, you just need to tap the three dot of your post, tap Edit, and you can tag people quickly.

 Tag People on Instagram to Existing Posts

Being tagged on Instagram is a symbol of influence and popularity on Instagram. You could choose to get thousands of free Instagram followers quickly from now on to tag people without being rejected or hidden and to be tagged for more incredibility.

How to Hide Instagram Tagged Photos

You’ve known that how to tag on Instagram. It’s unavoidable you may be tagged if you are influential and popular enough. And those tagged photos will appear in the tag folder on the profile page. Anyone can view these Instagram tagged photos in your profile if your account is set as public. What if you don’t want your profile to display tagged photos for some reason? You could choose to hide Instagram tagged photos from your profile or remove yourself from the post.  

Step 1: Go to your profile page and tap the tagged photo you want to hide or remove.

Step 2: If you just want to hide or remove one tagged photo, then tap the three dot on the right and tap the Tag options. You can remove yourself from the post or hide the photo from your profile with one.

 How to Hide Instagram Tagged Photos

If you have multiple tagged photos to hide or remove, then tap the Edit button on the top right and select tagged posts. At the bottom of the screen, there are REMOVE and HIDE buttons for you to choose from. If you choose manually approve tags, you’ll be able to manually control tagged posts to show on your profile or not.

Hide Multiple IG Tagged Photos

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How to Manage Instagram Tags

Before changing settings, Instagram allows everyone to tag you and displays tagged photos on Instagram. You have the right to choose a certain group of people to tag you or not in the Settings. To manage tagged photos or videos on Instagram, follow the steps below to change your settings.

Step 1: Launch your Instagram app on your phone, go to your profile, and tap the three line icon.

Step 2: Tap on Settings, Privacy and Tags one by one. You can choose to allow tags from everyone, people you follow, or no one. It’s totally up to you.

Manage Instagram Tagged Photos

Bottom Line

The article has given ways about how to tag on Instagram, how to view and hide Instagram tagged photos, and how to manage them. You can tag people to increase exposure and reach. In turn, you could choose to not be tagged by someone or a group of people.

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