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How to Use Instagram Story Stickers Wisely to Attract More Followers?

Learn how to use the best Instagram story stickers to attract more followers and the No. 1 followers app to take your Instagram to the next level.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Colin

With new features rolling out frequently, sometimes it’s hard to follow the trends on Instagram. Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV, etc., all are packed with features that can make your head spin, particularly with Instagram story stickers, the feature that allows you to showcase the brand aesthetic, create visually appealing content and attract more followers.

While a half-billion people use Instagram Stories every day, the feature remains the most useful marketing tool for businesses and influencers to boost visibility and keep the audience engaged more frequently. Instagram Stories is a vital part of the Instagram content strategy if you want to increase reach and improve brand awareness.

That is to say, when it comes to developing an Instagram Stories strategy, do not ignore Instagram story stickers. They can be the most practical feature that can help you build your audience! If you want to use the best Instagram story stickers for your new stories, this article is precisely what you need. Just read on!

 How To Use Instagram Story Stickers.jpg

Part 1: How to Add Stickers to Instagram Stories?

Before moving on to the specific stickers, let’s see how to add/remove stickers to Instagram stories in simple steps.

Step 1: On your profile, tap the Plus icon and choose “Story.”

Step 2: Tap the photo album and select a photo or video to add to Story.

Step 3: Tap the square smiley icon to choose a sticker. Tap it and add it to your stories.

 How To Add Instagram Story Stickers.jpg

Here’s how to manage the Instagram story stickers.

- Tap on stickers and hold to move to the desired spot.

- Use two fingers to pinch and zoom if you want to rotate or resize.

- To remove a sticker, simply drag and drop it to the bin icon at the bottom of the screen.

Part 2: Ten Best Instagram Story Stickers That Will Bring You More Followers

Now you have learned the basics of adding and managing Instagram story stickers, it’s time to dive into the details. Let’s see the best Instagram story stickers that can help you attract more followers efficiently.

1. Questions Sticker

Question Sticker.jpg

Questions Sticker allows you to write your won question and make the customization on answers. You can even ask your followers to send you a song as a response. Anyone who can see the Questions Sticker can answer your question. It’s one of the most often used Instagram story stickers for brands and influencers to engage with their followers.

2. Polls Sticker

Poll Sticker.jpg

Polls also let you create your question and make customized options  Anyone who can see your story can tap the option to vote in the poll. With poll stickers, brands can get to know what their audiences have in mind by doing consumer research, it’s also one of the most useful Instagram story stickers to boost engagement.

3. Hashtags Sticker

Hashtags Sticker.jpg

Just like regular posts, you can also add hashtags to your Instagram stories. The sticker allows your audience to link directly to the page relevant to the hashtag by tapping on it. Hashtags are the best Instagram story stickers that can help to drive direct traffic to your brand and product-related campaign page.

4. Mention Sticker

Mention Sticker.jpg

With the Mention sticker, you can enter the username of the account you want to tag in your Instagram stories. It could be used for interaction with your audience when posting user-generated content, or a shoutout to the brand with who you collaborate. Mention can help build relationships with brands and influencers and boost the overall reach of stories.

5. GIFs Sticker

GIFs Sticker.jpg

Almost all brands and influencers like to use GIFs to show off personalities. You can either add the trendy GIFs from the sticker gallery or create your own. The GIFs sticker can add so much fun to your brand aesthetic and make your content engaging, which can ultimately get your Instagram stories to stand out from the crowd.

6. Countdown Sticker

Countdown Sticker.jpg

Countdown allows you to set a countdown with a date and time. You can use the countdown sticker to announce the product launch and create anticipation about an event. The countdown is one of the best Instagram story stickers to keep your audience engaged with your awesome events and time-sensitive offers.

7. Location Sticker

Location Sticker.jpg

Like the regular post, you can add a location tag for Instagram stories. Anyone who can see your story can tap the location sticker to view pages for the location. The location sticker is great for the brand to show the store’s exact location, so the potential customers can check out the brick and mortar.

8. Time and Weather Sticker

Time and Weather Sticker.jpg

The sticker allows you to set the current time and weather details for Instagram stories, based on your phone’s location. The sticker may be mainly for improving engagement, but you can use it to add a touch of storytelling that might level up your Instagram stories.

9. Captions Sticker

Caption Sticker.jpg

Captions will automatically transcribe your video’s audio. The feature can simplify communication and can be used for presentation. It’s one of the most practical Instagram story stickers which makes it easier for users like deaf or hard of hearing, non-native English speakers to engage with your stories.

10. Music Sticker

Music Sticker.jpg

Music sticker allows you to add a song or search one for your Instagram stories. As one of the most inspirational Instagram story stickers, music can help you set the mood for your stories. If you want to add a personal touch and convey a feeling to your audience, nothing can be better than a music sticker.

Part 3: Where to Get More Cute Instagram Story Stickers That Attract Followers?

If you want to make your Instagram stories stand out from the crowd, you can use cute Instagram story stickers that are not available on the Instagram platform. Cute Instagram story stickers are normally GIFs that can showcase your brand personality and aesthetic. So how to get stickers for Instagram stories that can attract more followers? Just keep reading.

- Create Your Own Cute Instagram Story stickers

You can create your own cute Instagram story stickers using Giphy, a well-known online library of the best and latest GIFs and animated stickers. There are two ways to create cute stickers on Giphy. You can create it from the webpage with the internal sticker creator feature, or upload a sticker from your files. Before everything else, you will need to create an account on Giphy and get it verified. Besides that, your cute Instagram story stickers created or uploaded need to be verified, too. It usually takes some time and you can search it directly with the name after verification.

 Create Cute Instagram Story Stickers with Giphy.jpg

- Use an Instagram Story stickers app

Alternatively, you can use Instagram story stickers apps to help you get more cute stickers or GIFs. Most Instagram third-party apps like Unfold, Stickers for Snapchat & Instagram, all allow you to create and edit stickers with your creativity. Apart from that, these apps offer tons of cute stickers that are updated constantly, so you’ll never get bored! For instance, Stickers for Snapchat & Instagram offer daily trendy stickers in different styles such as funny, love, meme, mood, and many more!

Part 4: Before You Go

Now you know the best Instagram story stickers that can make engaging content and attract more free Instagram followers, as well as the ways to get more cute stickers, just use them next time to build your audience next time! So what else can you do to increase reach and grow your Instagram? You might want to take a look at GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, the best Instagram followers app that can help you grow your Instagram business.

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