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Optimal Instagram Story Size 2023 & IG Story Safe Zone

What is Instagram Story Size 2023? How to keep your story safe zone? The solution is uncovered in the blog.

Updated 2022-12-01 09:31:32 | by Tom

From sunrise to sunset, 500 million people fetch their smart box, open Instagram, and post their fleeting life moments to the story. From Jan to Dec, 1 billion people regard Instagram stories and images as their indispensable albums.

In your nature, you are an excellent storyteller. In your stories, at your fingertips, free Instagram likes daily means your life attitude and confidence are charming, represents the fun you are willing to share is positive.

Instagram Story Size

On average, every 5 Instagram stories you post will result in 1 DM from the viewers, which means perfect stories can help you get Instagram followers & likes.

Moreover, 70% of Instagram Story views are voiced, so, the official algorithm limits the Instagram Story size/dimension. Now, the problem you may face is what is an optimal Instagram Story size.

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How to Keep Instagram Story Text Content Safe Zone?

The Instagram Story size mainly constrains your visual content, but if there is text information in your Story that needs to be communicated to viewers, your text should stay in the safe zone of Instagram story.

The “safe zone” refers to the frame within which your Instagram Story content isn’t at risk of being cropped by the algorithm. But this mission can be conducted by the Instagram specification when you edit your Story text with stickers, mentions, text, and so on. Instagram will show blue lines if you try to move content out of the safe zone.

How to Keep Instagram Story Safe Zone

However, if you are used to more professional video or image editing, then you need to know the specific value of the Instagram Story safe zone, which is 250px top-bottom-margin.

Keep your Story safe, maintain your Instagram Story information safe zone, attract more followers or strangers to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Instagram Story Size Tips

In addition to following the hard rule mentioned above, the Instagram Story size specifications, and the safe zone rule, the soft rules next help you achieve a safer landing in the Instagram Story game.

  • Faster buffer time span

    Your Story viewers won’t willing to wait too long to see what’s happening, so show your content on the basis of 600px by 1067px (bottom line of Instagram Story size), lower your image resolution without changing the aspect ratio.

  • Safe zone rule

    250px margin, the safe zone margin, is a universal rule for all mobile devices. This rule can ensure that your Story information is complete on different mobile devices.

  • Limit text overlay for ads

    Facebook’s Ad manager could reject your image, and you’ll have to re-design it and re-submit for approval.

  • Count the first few seconds

    It’s crucial to draw and maintain your viewers’ attention. Your content needs to be visually appealing and engaging by using Instagram fonts, colors, music, as well as the location, mention, quiz, poll, and question elements.

Those Instagram Story size tips can help you get lots of free Instagram likes while optimizing your Story quality.

What is Instagram Story Size?

In fact, except for the Instagram Story size, the Instagram algorithm also has standardized specifications for the Instagram photo size limit, post, IGTV, and reels video dimensions.

The chart below lists the Instagram video dimensions specifications on the story.

Instagram Story Size Table - Video

Instagram Story 

Size px

Aspect Ratios




File Size


Video Width

1080 x 1920 pixels

9:16 and

4:5 to 1.91:1

15 secs4 GB500px

What is Instagram Story Size

The chart below lists the Instagram image dimensions specifications on the story.

Instagram Story Size Table - Image

Supported Video TypesVideo QualityAudio QualitySoundCaptions
mp4, .mov

H.264 compression, square pixels, 

fixed frame rate, 

progressive scan

Stereo AAC audio

compression at 128kbps


Not available;

subtitles or captions must be part of the 

video file

In addition to the size specifications, on Instagram, the Story format must be a single image, single video, canvas, or carousel.

And to inspire your creativity when uploading your story, the Instagram official provides various creative tools including stickers, face filters, mentions, poll stickers, boomerang, rewind, animated gif, superzoom, camera effects, text.

And if you have your brand to promote,  the call to action part can be added: apply now, book now, contact us, download, learn more, get showtimes, request times, see menu, shop now, sign up, watch more, listen now, subscribe.

Why Does Instagram Story Size Matter?

For your story, why does selecting dimensions at 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall matter?

Well, reasoningly, most of the time you need to remember that form and content are equally important. A perfect Instagram Story size can allow your Story to spark while avoiding the compulsory safe zone cropping by Instagram algorithm, improving your stories’ conversions, reach, traffic, brand awareness, views, and even store traffic if you are running your business on Instagram.

Apart from the performance improvement purpose, a fact is Instagram Story’s engagement growth outpaced that of its photos in 2019. Since then, a video Story drives more comments and more Instagram followers free than a static image, The final result is that Stories are more likely to be seen than feed posts under the official algorithm monitor.

Why Does Instagram Story Size Matter

Based on the fact above, perceptually, an optimal Instagram Story size can improve your discoverability, grow your community, promote your exclusivity, add you a personalized approach to engagement, and enhance brand awareness.

After understanding the importance of Instagram Story size positively, it's necessary to understand what this element means to your IG from the negative side.

If you upload an Instagram Story and it’s the wrong size, Instagram will automatically crop and zoom in on your content, the Story quality on different ends differs (i.e. the hot pixelated mess), or the image will not cover all the space on the screen.

Final Thoughts

Remember to use the optimal Instagram story size of 1080 x 1920 so that you can achieve the best quality IG stories. The optimal size will ensure that Instagram doesn’t crop and ruin your visuals. Finally, make note of a free Instagram followers app, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, to boost your Story engagement.

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