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Save Instagram Story, Videos, Reels and Photo with Free Instagram Story Saver

How to save Instagram story, reels, videos and photos to your local device before it disappears? This guide teaches you to make Instagram story saver possible.

Updated 2022-06-30 11:07:40 | by Tom

In your stubborn private space among the increasingly public world, Instagram has been more a storybook to archive your moments and memory. The media flowing, your regrets growing, save Instagram story roaring. After all, this guidebook helps you save your fleet moment with Instagram story saver.

Insta Story Saver

Instagram story saver of private account can also be a bonus once you get the guide, save your moment, your Gigante, from now on.

What is Instagram Story Saver?

Instagram story saver is a tool that helps you to download private Instagram stories, videos, reels, highlights and photos. Also called insta story saver, it can be helpful when the IG app’s downloading feature is unavailable.

On Instagram, once you save Instagram stories from the private accounts, you will be tracked by the accounts’ owner. But most of the time, you don’t really wanna leave your footprint on the page, you just want to be an Instagram anonymous story viewer. And that is what Insta story saver can do, it guides you to view private IG stories, videos, highlights, and photos with no tracks.

Instagram Story Viewer

How to Save Instagram Stories/Reels/Videos?

If what you want is just to archive or save your own Instagram stories, reels, videos, and photos, then you can follow the steps to save them to your devices.

Step 1: Browse your Stories in the upper left-hand corner of your feed.

Step 2: Tap More dots next to the Highlight icon.

Step 3: Click Save.

Step 4: Click Save Story to save Instagram story to your local device.

After the 4 easy steps, your stories will appear in your local camera roll.

One thing you need to know is that the steps above can only save yours, only save stories from your IG to the local. As for the Instagram videos, reels, highlights, and photos, Instagram story saver is the best choice.

How to Save Instagram Story with Insta Story Saver?

For Instagram story savers, they are third-party applications, so the applications you need on different devices are different. The guide will help you save Instagram stories or download Instagram stories, reels, videos, highlights, and photos on iOS, Android, and PC.

1. Save Instagram Story on iOS

IG Saver is able to save stories, reels, highlights, images, videos, and music from a private account to your local iPhone devices.

IG Saver

Step 1: Copy the Link on your Instagram story.

Copy Story Link

Step 2: Paste the Story Link to the box. Click Save then.

Paste the Story Link

You can also Use Browse, login in to your IG then, search the story you want to download. Repeat step 2.

Step 3: The story downloading proceeds. Check the download in the task.

Story Downloading

Step 4: Find the story in your camera roll.

Instagram Story Saved

Except for the third-party tool, you can screen record your story using the in-built record function, or, you can carry with shortcuts on your iPhone to make Instagram stories saving happen.

To improve the story quality, many iPhone users would like to download Instagram stories that can activate inspiration. An excellent story can be a helpful Instagram likes booster, but compared with the story inspiration, GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita appears more straightforward when improving free Instagram likes.
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2. Save Instagram Story on Android

Due to the strict software listing rules of the App Store, all its applications are subject to strict restrictions when downloading Instagram stories, videos, and reels private accounts on iPhone, so it is destined that iOS Instagram story savers are not as convenient as Android. 

Instagram Story Saver - StorySave

StorySave is an easy-to-use Saver for Instagram Stories, Posts, and Live Streams. It needs a few permissions to view and save media from Instagram though.

Step 1: Login in with your Instagram account.

Login In With IG

Step 2: Browse your Instagram feeds, download what you want to save.

Step 3: Click the download icon.

Browse Instagram Story Saver

Then, your Instagram story saver downloads private Instagram stories, reels, photos, IGTV to your local Android device. Just find them in your camera roll.

Save Instagram Story

The StorySave requires an IG login to use. You are not allowed to download Post and Story in batches.

3. Save Instagram Story on PC

On pc, saving Instagram story, reel, video, photo or IGTV will be more convenient than on mobile. Besides Chrome Extension, online websites are the best Instagram story saver you can find as well.

  • Chrome Extension - FastSave for Instagram

Step 1: Add FastSave for Instagram Extension to your Chrome.

Instagram Story Saver Extension

Step 2: Open your Instagram feeds.

Step 3: Tap the download icon to save Instagram story, reel, video, photo ...

Instagram Story Saver Chrome

  • Online Tool - Instagram Story Saver Online

Except for the Extension, there are also many online sites to help you save Instagram stories, reels, photos, videos and highlights. Following the steps, you can save any Instagram stories easily.

Step 1: Enter the online Instagram story saver site or Instagram video downloader.

Step 2: Copy and paste the story post URL into the box.

Instagram Story Saver Online

Step 3: Click View, the download page pops up. Tap Download video.

Download Instagram Story Online

You can find the downloaded Instagram stories, reels, photos in your local folder.

Local Instagram Story Saved

No trace left, on Chrome extension and Instagram story saver online, you can download private Instagram stories, photos, reels, and profiles.

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Final Words

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