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How to Create a Poll on Instagram Story [Comprehensive Tips]

Following this blog to see how to create a poll on Instagram story to increase your followers’ engagement and attract more followers.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:06 | by Kevin

As we all know, Instagram stories are placed at the top of Instagram’s interface. An attractive Instagram story would help you increase the time of followers viewing your post. The poll in the Instagram story is one of the newly updated functions of Instagram, which is to make a simple vote and let followers choose.

A poll on the Instagram story would attract followers to read and think about it. Polls like, choices of food flavors, which city do you prefer, etc. are popular with people and they would actively get involved in these easy and interesting polls and share them with other people if they wonder their choices. Then, how to create a poll on Instagram story to increase followers’ engagement and get more Instagram followers and likes? The following content would show you.

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How to Create a Poll on Instagram Story [Step by Step]

The following instructions would show you how to make a vote on Instagram story step by step. Just keep reading this.

Step 1. Open Instagram story and take a photo or video, you can choose one from the gallery of your phone as well.

Step 2. Click the second button with a smile face and find the “Poll”.

How to Make a Poll on Instagram Story - Step 2.png

Step 3. Type your question and set choices, then just publish the poll.

How to Make a Poll on Instagram Story - Step 3.png

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You can check the results after some time. The percentage of the choice, who vote “Yes” or “No”, and how many people have viewed this story would be shown. All the results could be checked by swiping up when viewing the story. The results could be downloaded in the format of a picture and shared with your followers or other social media like Facebook as well.

How to Make a Poll on Instagram Story - Check the Results.png

Your stories could be placed at the Instagram highlight reel for the chances of being exposed to more people and get more views. The steps are shown in the picture below.

1. Find highlight reel.

2. Click the “New” bottom with a “plus” mark.

3. Choose a story or stories that you want to display. The cover and description of the Highlight could be edited by yourself.

4. Publish the Highlight.

How to Make a Poll on Instagram Story - Highlight Reel.png

More Choices About How to Make a Poll on Instagram Story

Actually, Instagram provides not only poll but also question and quiz. You can utilize these three tools according to your content and find the most appropriate one. Here are the detailed instructions about how you can utilize these tools.

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Way 1. Use emoji to create a poll

Choices are not limited to “Yes” or “No”. Set emoji as the choice is also a practical way. Here is how to create an Instagram story poll by emoji:

1. Find the bar with an emoji.

2. Ask a question. Choose the emoji that you want.

3. Post it and wait for followers’ responses.

More Choices About How to Make a Poll on Instagram Story - Way 1.png

Way 2. Set a question or quiz

The following content would show you how to make poll on Instagram story by interesting questions and quiz.

1. Find the “Question” or “Quiz” bar.

2. Set the question and choices in the quiz.

3. Post the question or quiz.

More Choices About How to Make a Poll on Instagram Story - Way 2.png

4. Check the results of questions or quiz.

More Choices About How to Make a Poll on Instagram Story - Way 2 Check Results.png

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The Bottom Line

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