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2021 Brilliant Instagram Story Covers Ideas – Hack 10k IG Followers

Don’t know how to make Instagram story covers? Click here, there’re some brilliant Instagram story covers ideas to help hack 10k IG followers easily.

Updated 2022-06-30 10:34:20 | by Hedy

Instagram is the platform that can help you reach out to a huge audience without a lot of expenses and effort. However, it needs you to have an amazing profile and food content in it along with attractive first impressions of the profile. Instagram story covers are an amazing way to make the profile attractive.

 Instagram Story Covers

So, what most people look for when they search for Instagram story covers, is looking for attractive templates, easy-to-use tools, or other hacks to make the process easier. So, if you are also looking to make your profile and get a lot of followers then you are at the right place. Here we will be discussing everything you need about how to make Instagram story covers.

What Are Instagram Story Covers?

When you open any Instagram profile there are 3 sections of it. On the top, there is a username, display image, and Bio of the profile along with some follower statistics. On the bottom section, there are the posts that the accounts have made. In between these two sections, some circles represent the story highlights.

These circles have some images shown without opening them and those images are the story covers. Making these attractive is very important and that is why everyone must know how to make Instagram story covers. So, here we will be discussing how you can make Instagram story covers free, by using templates, and some other different methods as well.

How to Make Instagram Story Covers – 3 Reliable Methods

Making Instagram story covers is not a difficult thing as long as you know how to make Instagram story covers using different tools. It takes only a little effort; however, the benefits are amazing.

Method 1: Create Instagram Story Covers by Instagram Story Templates

You can create Instagram story covers by using the following Instagram templates.

Tool 1: Sked Social

While it is an all-in-one social media visual tool, you can use it for getting creative with your Instagram story covers to gain free Instagram followers. The best part is that all of the work can be done online and there are a lot of templates that can help you in being productive as well.

 Create Instagram Story Covers by Sked Social

Price: It provides 2 pricing options, one costing $25 a month while the other is $75 a month.


  • You can collaborate with your team and staff here for creating attractive highlight covers.

  • The interface here is very easy to use with a simple and small learning curve.

  • You can use it for other things like posts and stories as well.


  • The free trial only allows you to have 3 social accounts connected.

Tool 2: Easil

If you are in search of an amazing tool that you can use for all of your graphics and visuals needs, then Easil is one of the best choices. It comes with things like templates, posters, flyers, infographics, and all other visual stuff that you will need for creating your Instagram story highlight covers.

 Create Instagram Story Covers by Easil

Price: Easily comes in 2 different packages. One costs $7.5 per month while the better package for enterprises costs $59 per month with a lot of features added as well.


  • If you are looking to maximize professionalism in your work through the Instagram account, then it is the best tool for you.

  • All of the features that you get here are mostly new and innovative, so it provides you with a great feature set.

  • The templates and designs are beautiful making them perfect for most business accounts and individual accounts as well.


  • You can take their design, but the app does not allow you to edit it or use any filter.

Tool 3: Unfold

Unfold is the tool for you that can make your story highlight covers on Instagram speak for the content of your Instagram account. While a lot of celebrities use it, it has also been awarded as the Editor’s Choice by Apple and Best Apps of 2018 by Google.

 Create Instagram Story Covers by Unfold

Price: Unfold costs $12.99 per month.


  • Clean interface

  • Easy to use for Instagram.

  • The designs here are amazing.


  • The test editing options are not great.   

Method 2: Use Canva - Make Instagram Story Covers Free

Canva is an amazing platform when it comes to making Instagram story covers. Here you can make Instagram story covers free to get Instagram free followers. You can start from the black templates, or you have the option to use pre-designed templates as well. The good part is that you can add whatever you want to add here like text, icons, or anything else.

Method 3: Make Instagram Story Covers in the Instagram Application

If you are looking for the easiest method for creating an Instagram highlight cover then using the Instagram application itself may be the right choice. All you need to do is to pick the stories that you want to add to the highlight. Then you can set the text for that highlight. Lastly, you will need to select one of the images to use as the highlight cover and you will be done.

An Easier Way to Hack Followers Instead of Making Instagram Story Covers

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  An Easier Way to Hack Followers Instead of Making Instagram Story Covers - 1

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 An Easier Way to Hack Followers Instead of Making Instagram Story Covers - 2


That’s all for the brilliant Instagram story covers ideas to help you hack 10k IG followers. Having an Instagram profile that attracts a lot of people is necessary whether you are running a business account. What is more important is to have a huge follower base to make your future secure. While getting followers naturally takes a lot of time, you can use simple tricks to get followers instantly. The GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita app is what you can use for getting a lot of followers and also likes. Download it right now!

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