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5 Best Tricks for Instagram Stories Hacks: You Must Know in 2022

Instagram stories are crucial for increasing the audience on your Instagram account so keep reading to find out Instagram stories hack.

Updated 2022-05-17 16:57:08 | by Sydny

The importance of an aesthetic Instagram feed is quite apparent by now, but most people fail to understand that Instagram stories are just as important. If you are not posting any stories, how are you going to keep your audience engaged?

You can boost your Instagram account just by posting stories and engaging with your followers. But, do you know that there are specific hacks that can make this process a little easier for you. So, let’s get right into our sneaky tricks, and Instagram stories hack right away.

Instagram Stories Hack

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Instagram Stories Hack GetInsta

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Hack Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Photo Hack to Get More Views 

If you are constantly uploading photos on your Instagram, but views don't seem to budge, make sure to follow the below-given Instagram hacker stories to increase views on your stories.

Use Instagram Filters 

The best Instagram photo hack has to be the filter one because they add a pizzaz to your photo. Make sure to add the most popular photo filters to your stories and use them to go viral and get more views. 

Instagram Filters- Instagram Stories Hack

Celebrities have also come up with their own Instagram photo filters and you can use those filters too as an Instagram story hack. Also, you can search filters on Instagram to get more. It’s always better to have some fun with your photos on Insta as it can get you lots of views. 

Add Music 

Insta has given us the option of adding music to our photos so why refrain? It is a simple little hack that you can apply to your story photos and get more views without any hassle. Just take your picture and add music to your Instagram video, you can add what you want in the background and it will get you a lot more views than you usually do. What a sneaky little photo hack, right? 

Multiple Photo Stories 

One photo story is good but do you know what’s better? Multiple photos in one story. This is a very simple hack that most influencers use to gain more views. All you need to do is just add more than one picture in the same story with a solid background and that is pretty much it. 

Instagram Stories Text Hack to Give Beautiful Descriptions 

Text stories are just as important as photo stories, and if you have a loyal audience, they are going to read every bit of that text. So, for getting more views on your text stories, follow these easy tricks.

Use the Right Background

Using the right background probably is the best Instagram stories hack for text. When you are uploading a text story, the background is everything because whether your text will be readable or not for the audience is determined by the background. Also, it is better to keep the background brighter yet simple so your followers can read the text properly.  

Shareable Stories

Shareable text stories can also increase your chances of getting more views, and all you need to do is just enable story sharing. When your followers will share your story, more people will be able to view it, and you will get a lot of exposure.

Instagram Stories Hack: Schedule Your Instagram Stories in Advance

Instagram is all about the right post at the right time, and that is precisely what you can do by scheduling your Instagram stories. It is a relatively new feature, but it allows you to schedule your story in advance, so it is uploaded automatically at the entered time.

You are not always available to post stories, and this feature allows you to stay consistent with your stories even if you are consumed in work. By scheduling Instagram stories regularly and choosing the best time to post Instagram stories, you get more exposure and greater views.

There are many apps available online that you can use to schedule your stories quite easily. All you need to do is add your Instagram account to one such app and then schedule it by adding time and date to your story. You will get a notification at the time, and you can decide to either post it or delete it.

Instagram Stories Video Hack to Attract More Audiences

But how can we forget about video Instagram stories hack, as they are the most integral part of your account and can get you quite a lot of views too. Keep reading for Instagram video story hacks.

Add Stickers to Your Video

If you want to be the storyteller everyone listens to, you also need to bring your A-game to your video story. Stickers are the best way to communicate more in less so; make sure to add a few stickers in your story, and yes, they help a lot with getting a newer audience. But, some of the stickers also make your videos slightly blur, so make sure that you are not using those.

Use a Green Screen

To make your Instagram stories even more interesting, you can use the green screen filter, and you can make a video in front of your chosen backdrop without any hassle. It makes things very interesting for your followers and would surely increase views.

The Bottom Line

Instagram stories are all fun and games before you realize that there actually is an algorithm involved, and you need to put some effort into making your stories reach a wider audience. It should not be a hassle now that you know all the Instagram stories and tricks to get some extra views.

But, make sure to pay attention to the content you are posting and always target the audience that could actually be interested in your content. We hope you enjoyed our Instagram stories hacks 2021 and 2022. For some quick views and followers, you can always get help from GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita, so download the app now and enjoy organic followers in no time. 

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