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7 IG Stalker Apps to See Who Stalks Your Instagram Free

How to see who stalks your Instagram free? Use free Instagram stalker app to see who stalks your Instagram or use Ingramer or Insta Stalker to check online.

Updated 2022-06-27 17:35:17 | by Grace

Do you want to know who stalks my Instagram free, who's your IG stalker, who follows and unfollows you, who is a secret admirer of you, and who sees your profile and stories without leaving traces? Well, Instagram cannot help you find the answers but the free Instagram stalker app could. This passage collects 5 useful best Instagram stalker apps free and 2 Insta stalker/viewer sites to help you get insights into "Who stalks my Instagram online free?" 

Cover of Instagram Stalker App

As long as you launch these apps on your phone, there are words “we never say your log info or password” and the like. So you can definitely trust them and use these Instagram stalker checking apps to solve the problem: How to see who stalks your Instagram for free? 

Why You Need the Best Instagram Stalker App to See Who Views Your Instagram Free?

Instagram attaches great importance to every user’s privacy, so it’s not available to check who viewed your account on Instagram. But everyone has a curiosity. Don’t you want to know who stalked your Instagram account? Don’t you want to know who viewed your profile and stories secretly? Don’t you want to know who is your admirer? Yes, you want as you choose to read the article. 

You need to know Instagram stalker apps are't measures to reveal one’s secret. It is for your curiosity particularly. The best part of Instagram stalking app is that you can use these apps to see who stalks your Instagram free, checking who views your profile and stories. In this regard, users are availed to dig into the latent true feelings and real conditions of others. Say, you must have a lot of friends on the followers' list, you could use an Instagram stalker app to see who views your Instagram free, and vice versa, see others' stories, posts without leaving traces.

The next part is about the 5 best Instagram stalker apps to see who views your Instagram free, all safe to use, and never log private info. Can’t wait to use an Instagram stalking app to check Ig stalkers free and know your secret Insta followers? Let's get started!

#1 Profile Plus - Accurate Instagram Stalker App [Android & iOS]

How to see who stalks your Instagram for free? Profile Plus is ready to take analyze your social media accounts rapidly. With it, you can check Instagram stalkers free, tracking those who follow you, unfollow you, and those who do not follow back. Other detailed info, including who blocks your account, who doesn’t follow you back is also available to show you within the app. You can know who has viewed your profile recently. Manage your follower request, view and save Instagram stories, and pin your favorite account... More functions are waiting for you to utilize. A detailed report about your Instagram account can be accessed at any time.

Instagram Stalker App for Android and iOS - Profile Plus

Profile Plus is an accurate analyzer app to analyze your profile. It allows you to get in-app reports and guarantees to give you assistance to succeed in making every follow valuable and reach your goal.

Features of Profile Plus:

  1. Track followers and unfollowers.

  2. Check users who viewed your profile, who blocked your account.

  3. View and save stories and posts.

  4. View statistics for any profile.

  5. Pin profiles that interest you and create your own timeline.

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#2 InReports - Best Ig Stalker & Analyzer App [Android & iOS]

InReports is more than just a simple Instagram Stalker app. It defines itself as follower and story analyzer for Instagram. On the first page, it shows the basic info of your Instagram account: followers, following, posts, likes, comments, videos, new followers, and other detailed info: profile viewers and Insta stalkers for your stories. If you want to watch stories hidden, this Instagram stalking app could help you. On the second page, it shows stories hidden and your active and recent stories.

Best Instagram Stalker App for Android and iOS - InReports

If you’re interested in a user’s profile picture, posts and videos, you can download them with InReports app. On the fourth page, it shows follower insight: top post likers, top story viewers, and ghost followers. All features can be used free except for the 2 important features: profile viewers and story stalkers. 

Features of InReports:

  1. An app to see who views your Instagram free.

  2. Know who watches your stories but not your followers.

  3. See the follower insight: new followers, ghost followers, lost followers...

  4. Watch Instagram stories secretly.

  5. Download posts, profile pictures, and videos.

  6. Show the best sharing time according to your activity.

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#3 FindMyStalker - Safe Instagram Stalker App [Android]

If you are searching for an Instagram stalker app to see who stalks your Instagram free, dig out who viewed your account, and show your photos, FindMyStalker will tell you how to see who stalks your Instagram for free. It claims that it’s the most reliable and accurate results for an Instagram analysis.

With this Instagram stalking app, you can find out your Insta stalkers free. It shows who is your friend, secret admirer, and sneaky followers. The Insta stalker who viewed your profile or photo can be seen clearly as well. You’ll be instantly notified when IG stalkers have visited your profile. It is also an Instagram tracking app. This Instagram stalking app shows insights of your followers: a list of ghost followers, a list of inactive followers. You’ll know who blocked or stopped following you.

Safe Instagram Stalker App for Android - FindMyStalker

Are you interested in how to see who stalks your Instagram for free?

Do you want to know who visited your profile?

Do you want to find out who speaks behind you?

FindMyStalker is such an app to see who views your Instagram free. It has a free version available all the time. If you want to use more features within the app, purchase FindMyStalker Premium version for $2.99/week. The payments will be charged to your Google account when you approve of your purchase.

Features of FindMyStalker:

  1. Instagram Profile stalkers - See who looked at your profile, who checked your photo secretly, and who are your fans, friends, and sneaky followers.

  2. Profile analyze - Show photo and video analysis, including least liked photo and video, most and least commented photo and video.

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#4 Follower Analyzer for Instagram - Free Instagram Stalker App [Android]

Want to know 'who stalks my Instagram free?', Follower Analyzer for Instagram can be taken as an Instagram follower tracker app as well to tell you who are your top liker and commenter. It offers insights into your profile: followers you gain and lose, the number of friends, fans, and non-follow back users. Besides, it shows who likes and comments on your posts most. Are you interested in the data of your friends’ accounts? You can analyze their accounts and unlock secrets to success on Instagram with the free Instagram stalkers app.

Instagram Stalker App Free - Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Features of Follower Analyzer for Instagram: 

  1. Stalk recent followers and unfollowers.

  2. View your top watched video.

  3. View people who are tagged often in your post.

  4. Search posts near your location.

  5. Analyzer other people’s accounts.

#5 Stalker Reports - Best Instagram Stalker Check App [Android]

Stalker Reports detects and sends you a notification instantly when someone sees your profile, block you, and unfollow you on Instagram. It gives insights into your followers and tracks followers increasing or decreasing. Ig stalkers can be discovered with the Instagram stalk check app. Then you could know who is your profile visitors, who are your secret admires, and who are your fans. If you want to download another user’s profile, Stalker Reports helps you to get it instantly.

Instagram Stalker Check App for Android - Stalker Reports

Features of Stalker Reports:

  1. Stalk profile visitors easily.

  2. Show follower analysis.

  3. Download Instagram profiles.

  4. Find who is your secret admirer and who blocks you.

6. Ingramer - Free Instagram Viewer Online

What if you want to be an Ig stalker and view another account's posts, stories, or highlights anonymously? If you are familiar with Instagram, you'd know that as long as you view Instagram content with an account, there must be a record. So how to act as Insta stalkers free? Those online Instagram stalkers/viewers tools work! Here we choose the 2 most useful to help you view someone's Instagram posts, stories, IGTV, or highlights anonymously.

Cover of Ingramer Secret Viewer

Visit the official site of Ingramer and you'll find that it's a multi-functional website, where you can get many free tools and services, including Instagram viewer and Instagram Stories Viewer. The 2 tools can be considered as an Insta stalker, in other words, a private viewer that lets you to see others' IG content without login. The difference lies in that the former allows you to view Instagram posts and the latter to view Instagram posts, even you're blocked by a user. If you want to download them, go to the Downloader tool to save anything you want. What you need to do is to input their username in the search field and click the search button, you can enjoy the content you want to see.

Features of Ingramer (Inflact):

  1. Anonymously watch Instagram stories

  2. Monitor up to 100 profiles

  3. Save and download Instagram stories for watching later

7. Instalkr - Free Instagram Stalker & Viewer

The Insta-Stalker claims to be the best Instagram Story viewer and Insta Stories Stalker & Viewer. it allows you to try the online service to view other people's likes, comments, posts, stories anonymously even if they were deleted. No one will know that you have viewed them as you search for their content without any IG account registration. You're just required to enter an Instagram username. More importantly, you have a chance to get a report of one's profile and make a careful study which is helpful to your business.

Cover of Instalkr Instagram Stalking App

Features of Instalkr:

  1. Anonymously watch Instagram stories, profiles

  2. Monitor the new subscriptions, comments and likes of an Instagram account

  3. Receive daily reports about changes on your target Instagram account

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Bottom Line

Who tries to view my story secretly? Who is my secret admire? How to see who stalks your Instagram for free? If you are curious, try one of the 7 best free Instagram stalker apps, stalker anayzers, and online Instagram viewer tools to reveal the answer. Knowing who’s your secret admirers accurately, you’ll get more genuine friends. Also, do not forget to use GetInsmartaGetInsitaGetInsita to boost your Instagram account to get more and more potential Instagram stalkers free!

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