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4 Free Instagram Spy Apps for Direct Messages, Followers and Others in 2022

What are the Best Instagram Spy Apps? Try the 4 best Instagram spy apps free to spy Instagram direct messages and other activities free.

Updated 2022-01-20 02:10:07 | by Grace

As a well-known social media platform, Instagram has many users who share their life or express their feelings every day. The app, especially favored by young people, keeps updating and adds many useful features, such as Reels, IGTV, shoutout, etc. Some parents maybe want to know what their children do on Instagram and make sure they are in a clean and safe online environment. Lovers may be curious about what their boyfriend or girlfriend share. There is a kind of spy app that does help you to know someone's account activity on Instagram easily - the Instagram spy app. To give you more choices, we choose 4 free Instagram spy apps that work well.

Instagram Spy App

What’s the Instagram Spy App?

The Instagram spy app is used to check someone's activity on Instagram secretly. An Instagram spy app has the following functions:

  • Remotely track and view private Instagram messages in an invisible mode to know what they’re talking about on Instagram direct messages with others and who’re their friends.

  • See posts, including images and videos, on Instagram to know their interests.

  • Find lost smartphone by real-time GPS location.

Do Instagram spy apps work? The answer is yes. You could download an Instagram spy app to protect your children from others who may cause negative effects, know what your lovers share on Instagram to know them better, and more. 

Some may try to hack an Instagram account online to know someone's activity. But we have to admit that it's not an ideal way. Besides, most sites require users to finish meaningless surveys or download a useless app. That makes no sense.

Warm Note: Instagram is a huge online circle for users to share their life or feelings. But actually, nearly fourth of the users try to hide their accounts. If you want to hack these Instagram accounts with many followers, which can give you the motivation to reach more free Instagram followers. Luckily, there is the most suitable method for you to achieve your goal.

MobileSpyFree - Free Instagram Spy App 

MobileSpyFree app allows users to check others’ Instagram activities without any hassle. It means that your target will not get a notification and is unaware of the process of spying. You can spy on Instagram dm free. 

Instagram Spy App Free - MobileSpyFree

Apart from spy app for Instagram, MobileSpyFree can be used as a free GPS tracker for you can get a real-time location, check the target’s location history. It help you spy other content on the target’s phone: messages, calls, videos, browsing history... It helps you to get to know another one in a fresh and easy way.

Features of MobileSpyFree:

  • It is totally free to use.

  • It Works on Android and iOS.

  • It has more than 15 features.

  • It allows you to spy several accounts easily.

  • The spy app for Instagram is 100% undetectable.

Thetruthspy - Top Rated Free Instagram Spy App 

To spy on someone’s Instagram activities, try the free Instagram spy app TheTruthSpy to know their secrets without hacking Instagram accounts. It’s one of the best spy apps to protect your children or loved ones. After installing it, you can monitor their conversation with others, and help them if they’re in trouble. Every conversation will be recorded with date and time. Besides, it gives data about the people your kids are chatting with on Instagram, like their name and profile picture. All photos and videos shared on Instagram can be viewed with the spy app.

Instagram Spy App Free - Thetruthspy

Claimed as the top-rated best free phone spy app, TheTruthSpy offers more than 15 premium free spyingn features: tracking GPS location, spying text message, call, social media, browsing history... You can monitor almost everything on phone with 0 cost. Of course, it is a hidden spy app running in the background in an invisible way. Nobody will come to know about it.  

Features of TheTruthSpy:

  • Run in the background and be undetectable.

  • Track all chats and direct messages on Instagram.

  • View all photos and videos shared on Instagram.

  • Create a backup of all your Instagram data.

  • Compatible with Android and iOS.

Instagram gives you more chances to be an influencer and make money on Instagram. If you are ready to enter the community of Instagram, tap the following button to try an safe app to start multiple free Instagram followers instant trial to get followers and likes with ease.

iKeyMonitor - Best Instagram Spy App with Free Trial

iKeyMonitor, which works on Android and iPhone, is a well-designed spy app for Instagram with advanced features. With it, you can monitor another one’s Instagram activity from all aspects in a secret way. The following activities are what you can monitor on iKeyMonitor: keystrokes typed on Instagram, Instagram messages received and sent, screenshots of photos and chats, date and time stamp. It allows spying call logs, messages, websites visited, GPS, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. It can be used as a phone tracking app as well.

Instagram Spy App Free - iKeyMonitor

Except for spy others’ Instagram activities on Instagram, you could install it on your own phone for another function. It could back up your Instagram chats online. If you accidentally delete some important messages, you can restore them. Or if your phone gets lost or stolen, it could help you find it.

Features of iKeyMonitor: 

  • Track messages, photos, and keystrokes on Instagram.

  • Allow multiple users and admins in IKeyMonitor.

  • Enable you to delete iKeyMonitor account easily.

  • Create Geo-fencing function to set a defined area.

  • Guarantee 30-day money back.

  • Add IP restrictions and security questions to prevent others from hacking into your account.

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PhoneSpector - Best Instagram Spy App for Parents

PhoneSpector is n newly designed product intended to help parents to keep their children safe and help employers monitor employees to maintain productivity. As the best Instagram spy app for parents, PhoneSpector allows parents to track their children’s activities on Instagram, including seeing their Direct messages, posts, photos, videos. Parents could make sure that their children aren’t connecting with strangers or exposed to potential Instagram dangers like cyberbullying. 

Instagram Spy App Free - PhoneSpector

PhoneSpector has other functions: Facebook spy app, Snapchat spy app, cell phone spying, and text message spying. With the app, you could gain access to texts, photos, and GPS location of your children or lovers. It is available for Android and iPhone devices. If you download and install the app on Android device, it needs physical access for approximately 45 seconds. For iPhones, Apple ID and password are required.

Features of PhoneSpector:

  • View posts, likes, and comments on Instagram.

  • See all Instagram Direct messages and content.

  • Knowledgeable customer support team.

  • 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Safe to use the Instagram spy app.

Bottom Line

Instagram spy app could help you find what your child or lover is doing on Instagram and know their interests in a stealth mode. Try one of the 4 Instagram spy app free to see someone’s activities on Instagram easily without them knowing.

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